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  1. I wonder when people will stop posting about Wines
  2. Doesn't he barrack for Melbourne? Cal that is
  3. http://www.afl.com.au/news/2015-10-23/pie-and-roo-stars-headline-2016-free-agent-list Grimes Jetta Spencer Trengove Watts Bit early but it will be interesting to see how all these go over the next 12 months, for us probably only Jetta can really feel safe about his position.
  4. Like many guys around my age my dad bought me my first cricket bat from his sports shop, the great man himself was working behind the desk.
  5. The opposition have worked out how to play him, basically give him a nudge as the ball is coming in and he can't leap. It takes away his only strength and he's just an average player
  6. Won't be remembered at Geelong, stuffed his chances of becoming a great clubman at Melbourne for one finals win. Stuff him, he left when we needed him the most, hope he doesn't play another game
  7. It's not directly from his management but it's from someone who has been pretty accurate in the past.
  8. Prestia, a lot has to go right for it to come off and it's by no means certain but discussions with his management so far are looking good
  9. He just needs to play his role. Whatever it is...
  10. So Clark received medical advice that he had to leave the club to get better. Of course that didn't stop him coming back to us and using our facilities and getting one on one coaching sessions from our footy and fitness coaches to get him back up to an acceptable level. But his doctor said not to come back? Or was it because the club was offering him about a half of what other clubs were giving? https://www.storyarts.org/library/aesops/stories/boy.html
  11. As part of the agreement with the QB'day game it guarantees an extra game at the G for the Pies which potentially means one week less of travelling interstate. Eddie did it because he was a great deal for Collingwood, not because he was trying to give the MFC a break.
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