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  1. Can not believe the absolute incapabilities of the MFC to live stream an event. Zurich will want some answers
  2. To all those who wanted spargo rested, a pox on your house. To all those who didn't want Melksham 2 years ago, a pox on your house. To all those who thinks Oscar should be in the twos, a pox on your house. To all those who thinks ANB wasn't worth being in the firsts, a pox on your house. To all those who believe this club was no good, A POX ON YOUR HOUSE. GO DEES
  3. Thought we could put him on Casey’s rookie list, but a big no from me !
  4. You would have to hope we get none of the Sydney v hawks umpires for our first final, it appears it’s all about the third ( green ) team on the park
  5. I believe hogan has no confidence, should be dropped or rested, Garlett lets us down time and again, jkh is pushed off the ball to easily. Hunt was not a patch on last year, someone has told him not to run any more. In : melky, hibbo and hannan, not sure on hunt. Pedo to ffwd
  6. Thought I saw VDB and pedo in the large circle at Adelaide Oval, may be it’s a clue
  7. Unfortunately, it seems that goody is close to neeld with no imagination. I find it interesting that Roos talks on the game, is he is appalled by Melbourne's defence, was he not the guy that set it up. Not sure we will progress up the ladder with such poor coaching, if goody last 2 more years, we will lose some of our young guys to other clubs. But goody may come good, look at the Richmond coach, should have been gone long ago according to the pundits.
  8. I would have thought there is a one word description on this game “outcoached”
  9. Farewell Jack for your very very good, few highlights, wish you all the best at port.
  10. Was thinking maybe we trade watts to port for their picks 30 & 33, then ontrade picks 30, 33 & 35 to Brisbane for their pick 12 which will give Brisbane more than enough points to cover an early bid on Connor Ballenden.
  11. Unbelievable, have you ever watched Taberner play, is not even wafl level, and you want to dump Kent, sheesh what rubbish.
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