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  1. Better games from the McDonald brothers tonight and Hore keeps getting better each week. He's contested marking is a real strength. Brayshaw looks disinterested and lacking energy. He needs a kick up the bum from Goody!
  2. He picked a fight with the bitumen... Na, he stacked on his face riding his bike.
  3. Melbourne seem to play better when they are underdogs. Season on the line, senior players playing for their career, the club under heavy scrutiny. Should be a cracker! If this doesn't put a rocket up them maybe I should get my friend to send another letter to Goodwin!
  4. I'm feeling surprisingly confident about this game. They've been labelled 'soft' among other things by the media. Our season is on the line here, either win or prepare for 2020... the choice is in the players hands.
  5. Relax ET it's only JLT04... We only need 13 wins to make finals.
  6. It was a tongue in cheek remark on my behalf BAMF... but that's what happens when STJ acts like a lemon.
  7. He's given himself a self-ban for his stupid comments!
  8. Howe was offered unders by Collingwood (the club he grew up supporting) for around $300k at the time. He took it on the premise that he would play a forward role as he hated playing in the backline for Melbourne. Halfway through his first season Howe is played in the backline for the Pies and it's a revelation to the Media. Dunn was going through a lot of personal troubles at the time and that was affecting his decision making on the field and in training. He left because he didn't agree with Roos strategies in Defence and felt like he wasn't given the freedom to take the game on. Dunn pushed the limits of Roos mantra and was given the boot. Congrats to them both on their achievements. Well deserved.
  9. So players can fake getting high contact and your opponent gets a week! AFL is a joke!
  10. Can someone provide an update on Petty? He was so highly rated by the club, but I have barely heard anything on him all pre-season. I can't see him breaking into the back 6 anytime soon with the quality we have down there. Also how is Maynard tracking? is it worth persisting with a 28 year old mid with under 5 games to his name?
  11. A few people on SEN1116 were talking Fritsch up already for All Australian contention. It will be very interesting to see how he goes this year once he's settled in a position. It looks like we will have a few AA's this year in Gawn, Oliver, Brayshaw, T.Mac, May, Jetta and Fritsch.
  12. I was impressed with Hore's intercept marks, however he shanked his kicks every time. Nice to see Hunt find some form again with his run and dash, using his strength's and keeping it simple. Big Preussy looking really dangerous down forward with 2 goals but could of kicked 4.
  13. They must have the work experience kid managing the mics this morning...
  14. The MFC membership is merely a donation on our behalf. In return we get a scarf and a sticker... I understand why MCC members don't buy one. It's like asking people to fork out $85 - $160 extra for the same product with little to no gain in return. If you want our money, then the MFC need to offer dual members extra add ons, or a reduced rate of membership. Hell, even put on a sausage sizzle for dual members one day of the year with a chance to meet the players and i'm sure they will all fork out the extra $85.
  15. Yes, you can choose a standard MFC membership about $85 or a premium membership which is about $160. MCC memberships are another $400 - $700 depending on circumstances.
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