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  1. The fact Geelong have been paying over the salary cap for 8 years tells me they only self reported once the AFL HQ finally got wind of it. They should of been fined 500k! It might seem a bit steep, but it's complete rubbish the Geelong finance department didn't pick up on over expenditure.
  2. We all saw the impact Viney had in the 2018 finals after missing most of the season. I have full confidence he'll get back to his best this year. He just needs to fix up his disposal and set shots on goal.
  3. Not really, but we have a chat after training every now and then.
  4. Hunty was one of the first people out there for pre-season coming back with the first to fourth years, and he's rarely missed a training session. I think he's a bit miffed playing with the reserves after all the hard work he's put in on the track over summer. I'm hopeful he'll get his confidence back, because when he was playing HBF in 16/17, breaking lines and doing courageous spoils, he was one of my favourite's to watch.
  5. Harmes, May, Oliver, Jetta, Gawn, Viney, AVB, Tmac and Goody.
  6. From the left - AVB, Jones, Jetta, Gawn, Viney, Tmac and Goody.
  7. You could also argue the same for Buckley, even though he hasn't won a Premiership. He was on the chopping block after years of mediocrity and then went on to playing in a Grand Final (which they should of won) and a Prelim last year. What I noticed with all these coaches is that they realised that over coaching was taking away from their players natural abilities. Let the players play on instinct while having a clear game-plan and you'll win Premierships. Personally, I think we'll play off in a Grand Final this year. The time is right!
  8. LMFAO... sure entertain the idea to be politically correct, but it will never happen. Seriously what crumbs come up with this nonsense?
  9. I've been Texans fan for the past decade. They are the team of the red and the blue, so I figured I'd jump on board with them. I'll be cheering on the 49ers and hoping the Dees can emulate their success in 2020.
  10. I spoke to Tomlinson and Baker after their rehab had finished and can confirm from previous reports that Tomlinson will be back on Friday and Baker told me he's 2 weeks away and eager to join the main group.
  11. I've been down to a few preseason training sessions last year and i'm very confident that both Hunt and O.Mac will be in the team in round 1. Hunt hasn't missed a beat in terms of training and he even came back earlier than required which clearly shows to me anyway that he is doing everything possible for a contract extension. On O.Mac, he's got his mojo back and has bulked up in the upper body and will combine well with the likes of May and Lever. Ideally i'd have Smith take his role but we all know how injury prone Smith is which gives O.Mac the edge over anyone else fighting for his spot. On a different note, has anyone else struggled to find the 3 list spots we'll need to go into this years draft? so far I have Jones, J.Wagner and Baker. Our list is looking very strong.
  12. From watching vision and seeing how he moves I can see a lot of Stef Martin in Jackson. They are both from basketball backgrounds, similar in height and both have great athleticism. What I think we'll get with Jackson is a slightly better version of Martin who can do a bit more up forward. • Martin was a relatively late-bloomer in AFL terms, with basketball occupying most of his sporting life in his late teens. However, a brief taste of Australian Rules had him immediately hooked, and his talent was quickly noticed by AFL scouts. https://www.lions.com.au/player-profile/stefan-martin
  13. I think TMac came fifth... it's hard to see but there's someone just behind Jones with their elbow sticking out. My guess would be Langdon.
  14. To me, Jordon is the least physically developed of the three. I was expecting him to put on a little size over the off season but has come back in much the same shape. Nietchske is quite strong in the legs and was running well in training on Monday. But i'd say Sparrow is the most AFL ready of the three, and he has great size. I'd say he's added another 3-4 kgs to his frame. I could see Jones handing over his position to Sparrow mid way through next season.
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