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  1. I'm not interested in wins this year... the season is gone and we are playing atrocious football. What I want to see is cohesion in the group (especially in the forward line), improved skills and to see guys like Brayshaw, Jetta, Harmes, Hibberd and Weideman recapturing their 2018 form. They should also get a couple of games into Jordon, Bedford and Chandler to help them launch into the 2020 season.
  2. Comparison wise, I think Anderson is thought to be in the Bontempelli/Dusty mould who can play fwd/mid, is good overhead, fast, dynamic and similar in height at 188 cm. Rowell is similar to a Shuey/Murphy who can play inside/outside, hard at it with neat skills and good aerobic capacity. As bad as it sounds, i'm hoping the Dees finish 17th so we can secure one of these future stars. But in true Melbourne fashion we will probably start winning games and get pick 4 or 5...lol.
  3. Aint that the truth... stats don't lie, the boy is average!
  4. Preuss did well against Aliir Aliir by staying in the goal square and reducing his intercepting prowess further up the ground. He kicked 2 snags which is better than Weideman's output at this stage, regardless if he can't run out 4 quarters.
  5. Harris Andrew will dominate playing on either T.Mac or Weideman... I think we need to bring in Pruess to nullify his game.
  6. Jones will get to 300. He may not have the impact he once did, but he is still a hell of a lot better then some 18 year old kid who will take years to develop, or a mature age rookie who needs to learn our structures and game plan. It also gives guys like Sparrow, Dunkley and Jordon more time to develop and not thrown in the deep end playing in the First's.
  7. Whenever I head down to training, Max is always the most vocal of all our leaders. He is the one driving the players, encouraging them and telling them where to improve. It's so obvious he should be Captain.
  8. Great effort by our small forwards today in Bedford, Chandler, Lockhart and Wagner! They kept the pressure on all day ensuring the Pies couldn't get the ball outside our forward 50. Lewis looked very poised, and set up a lot of play from the back half.
  9. Umps gave us nothing all day! It really should of been an 80 point annihilation to GWS. I'm losing patience with Brayshaw... What's going on with him?
  10. Better games from the McDonald brothers tonight and Hore keeps getting better each week. He's contested marking is a real strength. Brayshaw looks disinterested and lacking energy. He needs a kick up the bum from Goody!
  11. He picked a fight with the bitumen... Na, he stacked on his face riding his bike.
  12. Melbourne seem to play better when they are underdogs. Season on the line, senior players playing for their career, the club under heavy scrutiny. Should be a cracker! If this doesn't put a rocket up them maybe I should get my friend to send another letter to Goodwin!
  13. I'm feeling surprisingly confident about this game. They've been labelled 'soft' among other things by the media. Our season is on the line here, either win or prepare for 2020... the choice is in the players hands.
  14. Relax ET it's only JLT04... We only need 13 wins to make finals.
  15. It was a tongue in cheek remark on my behalf BAMF... but that's what happens when STJ acts like a lemon.
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