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  1. Thought the response was appalling but then started to laugh. Thanks Legion. Humour is going to be a valuable thing over the long winter ahead.
  2. I have had a number of attempts to write something but failed.
  3. How about posting a selfie Uncle ? Just for the sake of authenticity and to provide some light relief to many heavy hearts.
  4. Yep spot on. We knew Barassi demanded supreme fitness when he went to the Blues and North. At North, Brian Dixon preceded Barass. Last year, a past North player told me that despite Dixon's poor coaching record, he was the first coach to get the side fit. He went about transforming attitudes and behaviour on the training track. Although he got little credit, the past player told be that this was important foundation to the successful Barassi years.
  5. Having said what I said, there probably has always been the motivated individual and the pack animal. Back in the 1970s, I remember watching the Hawks do some of their pre-season down at a local athletics track and the difference in attitude between individual and team was marked. Most players including premiership players would not start their warm-up until the fitness guy turned up and blew his whistle. This was the complete opposite to the attitude of athletes in training who started their warm-ups without needing to be told. At the same time, there were a minority of players such as Michael Tuck who were out running laps without anyone telling them to do so.
  6. Nothing is wrong. Maintaining the faith somehow always provides hope. Often it's all we have, but it is fundamental to our existence. Certainly a key requirement to follow the Red and Blue over a lifetime.
  7. This has always surprised me. Fundamental skills can always be improved. Outside of official team training sessions, I wonder how many players take themselves off to practice their skills on their own. In the old days, many footballers from top line to kids would go to the local oval and repeatedly kick for goal on all angles, off both feet or just kick to kick relentlessly until dark. I suspect that most of the time, official training is for the most part the only time players work on their skills. The motivation is team based but how many players are sufficiently self-motivated to work on skill areas themselves?
  8. Every moment of everyday we learn that we can't take anything for granted. Its football only football. Perspective, comes when when you look at the world, most recent examples being Christchurch and Sri Lanka. And that over 60,000 Aussie lost their lives in WW1 and over 150,000 were wounded, gased, or left broken, lives ruined.
  9. Agree, for 4 quarters, week in week out. Could do it in 2 finals but not 3. Wear and tear on players, very taxing over a full game let alone a season.
  10. He may or may not be deluded, but if he is, he joins a significant number on this site who are similarly deluded. I was certainly deluded over summer over our prospects this year, given injuries, operations and all the other things mentioned to-date. I am not his defender but Saty is not a propagandist. If so, who is he spreading propaganda on behalf of? His communication style may rankle but he is a committed supporter, a loyalist and believer, not a bad thing when there is so much negativity.
  11. Thanks Wiseblood and Redleg for your intelligent analysis and reason. Your comments make the site and this post worth visiting. I'm afraid bagging players and coach do nothing for me. One simple issue I have with Viney and Goodwins comments on game plan and contested ball is that all teams play hard contested footy. Some might do it better on any one day, but it has always been a prerequisite for AFL teams, probably always has been. Like kicking and marking the b..... thing. To suggest that this style of footy that MFC play is something different or special or that it gives us an advantage is strange. This year, we have teams that have been just as effective or even more effective than us, but they have a few more strings to their bow than we do. To be a successful coach you need to motivate players but you also need to be very creative and think outside the square. Just as a successful company does not succeed by doing the same thing every day. New ideas, innovation, and change is required from the top down. To stick to the same thing when it is failing is not going to bring rewards. The most successful coaches have always been creative and innovative. Coaches such as Chequer Hughes, Norm Smith, Barassi, Matthews, Clarkson etc all have this in common. And there are many others who seem to be full of ideas and willingness to adopt different game plans, methods, and tactics.
  12. Like May he has talent but will injuries including his concussion allow him to string enough games at a senior level to achieve the consistency required at the senior level ?
  13. Agree Jim, Over 12 months the effectiveness of our game plan has been uncertain. It appears easier for opposition coaches and players to exploit our game plan than the other way around.
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