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  1. The thread is rescued again Red. Badge of honour goes to dpositive.
  2. Perhaps because he is a philosophical nihilist who still retains loyalty to lost causes. Or maybe he is a skeptic that thinks that 2018 was an aberration and a new beginning. Unlike your conclusion OD, i think that an essential requirement of being a MFC supporter is intelligence. You need intelligence and humility to rationalize and process all the vicissitudes that come with our eternal loyalty.
  3. Interesting but also very encouraging. Yoga, pilates and cross training have been embraced by most elite athletes (all sports) and top professional teams. Definitely the way to go for flexibility and strengthening muscles, ligaments and joints to prevent injury and recurrence of injury. .
  4. That's what I am talking about ! This should keep the thread going into eternity. Red will be pleased, others thoughtful and good old Uncle simply bewildered. it may also bring Biffin back to reality.
  5. Just what you would expect to see, working hard and showing fatigue. And running freely.
  6. Off to The Manor for some R & R ?
  7. definitely at the crossroads. 2020 will be a defining year for him.
  8. Not my style Uncle, i prefer romance and mutual satisfaction. Provided in any good book.
  9. Long may you live and inform this world Red. On a site full of nutters, you are a bastion of sanity.
  10. Shadow, I am an Ernest person that Earns no money and spend my days wondering what could have been. You know that my publishers and friends took all my money. It is true, I find foreign languages alluring particularly after a bottle of tipple. Even if I am only watching late movies on SBS.
  11. Have the regular posters (that have kept this off beat thread going for so many years) died, become disinterested or simply gone away. The only constant seem to be the usual floggings and maid stories, the dedication of thread founder, Redleg, and the droll observations of OD. The thread seems to be irrelevant and passe to the cognoscenti of Demonland. Time to bring down the curtain boys?
  12. Too much spending money! Hopefully not meeting up with Swanny and Dustin who are in a different league.
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