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  1. This is no surprise. Generally there has been a lowering of standards across the board in many occupations. It not only applies to training and education standards but also regulatory authorities. There is a great deal of pressure to pass students or grant registrations in many occupations due to the business driven (profit) ethic that now applies and due to bureaucratic corruption or manipulation. For many overseas students and workers there is an expectation that if you pay for a course or certificate you will pass or be accredited. If this does not happen , there are claims that the particular person or group is being discriminated due to race. Security has been notorious for many years. Many security guards are only guards in name. They have little or no training and many would run the other way to avoid confrontation. Cultural differences are also relevant in how individuals behave in any given situation. But the problem applies in most sectors with a general lowering of standards to accommodate individuals and groups.
  2. Hate to be reminded of this infamous plot orchestrated by certain Board members and sponsors. A disgraceful action to circumvent member democracy and fair play. Only the Hawks and the intervention of Gutnick and Dixon saved us from the ignominy of a merged club
  3. Indeed, OD that is the simple fact.
  4. Probably mate. As I get older I see the sense in Neil Young's lyrics that "Its better to burn out than fade away."" When my time comes, I think I will go for the air injection. And don't believe the myth that Ernest ended it all by shotgun. Far too messy.
  5. Not everyone Jim. For some remaining folk with attention spans longer than a few minutes there are still words in print, called books.
  6. Surely you are too young for a retirement home or time spent commuting between the bowls club, the shopping mall, or the boardwalk ?
  7. In previous years we could allow OMac some slack hoping that the tide would turn and we would begin to see improvement. This year there has been no improvement and the same failings are apparent to all. It is like watching a Jack Watts rerun. Hoping each week to see the potential unlocked but instead seeing the same failings. It all adds up to the same feeling of frustration merging at times with anger when one watches his hesitant bewildered game style. It really is hard to imagine what goes on in his head. All I know is that like Watts, you can't keep selecting a player with little or no intensity at the ball or the opponent.
  8. In regard to The Footy Show, its axing is long overdue. The slide started many years ago due to the tired format and the continuation of the tedious bogan male schoolboy humour of its characters. Its overnight demise can be blamed as much as anything on the past 5 to 10 years of pedalling the same dross every week. Like many, I turned off years ago. The current mob were handed a poisoned chalice. I find it strange that The Front Bar is a hit. The only one I find mildly amusing is Sam Pang who at least has some subtility, but Mick and the other clown are tedious. I also find it strange that we have a game where women and kids make up a huge proportion of the fans (and we have witnessed the raging success of women's footy) , yet we have yet another male bogan footy program in which 3 middle-aged men sit at a fake bar with beers in hand.
  9. Hope you are right Smokey. If so, Goodwin could have communicated the position a little better by stating just what you have stated as the likely scenario. My comments were one of context. We have a club decimated by injuries, operations and a dubious history of injury management. Trengove, Viney, and most recently Smith. There are also others. Players whose footy careers have been jeopardised by being allowed to continue to play with injury.
  10. Agree, you really to have wonder about this stuff. Surely the medical staff are involved ? Sure you need the players input but a bloke like Jack is his own worst enemy. Should be rested and the decision made by medical staff and coach. Leave it up to Jack? You must be joking.
  11. My initial reaction was to think what a load of rubbish. Reason being that our poor form is due to other factors such injuries and inability to implement basic fundamentals such as effective handball and kicking skills, run (both ways) and overlap which exposes our problematic game plan of contested ball and zones. However, when you think about it most other clubs train and play on larger ovals. If you go back many years, clubs like Hawthorn, Richmond, Essendon and Collingwood prospered when they moved away from their small home grounds. The Hawks were a great example. Back in the day, they played hard contested slogging footy which suited the dimensions of their sardine tin ground at Glenferrie. Their stocks improved when they moved to Carlton, not a big ground, but with considerably more space than Glenferrie. I guess North still train on a small ground at Arden Street and they have had many successful years (although they have now fallen off the perch). They also had successful years under Barassi training and playing at Arden Street, when they targeted players under the 10 year rule and picked up a crop of young talent. Richmond also continue to train at Punt Road, although I think it was lengthened at some stage. When they moved their home games to the MCG success soon followed. I am sure there are flaws in this conversation but it is interesting when you look back on history. As we know there other reasons for success, not the least recruiting talent and increasing professionalism on and off the field. I don't see how training on smaller grounds would matter when doing routine training drills but it may have an influence with practice matches. There is no doubt that having state of the art facilities that include excellent training ground/s is important. The Junction Oval has a beautiful large playing surface but the facilities were third world. The Northey and Daniher years at the Junction Oval were marked by mixed success. It is not possible to argue that there is a direct correlation between the size of the training ground and on field success because so many other factors come into play. However, it is clearly important that Melbourne moves to a state of the art training venue that includes an excellent playing surface like the old Junction Oval. Like others, I think it is looking unlikely that any new training venue will be in central Melbourne. The Hawthorn blueprint looks the more practical and likely option, and this road takes us directly to Casey. I will not be going out to Casey to watch the side train but there will be many old and new fans who will due to their place of residence in the the SE suburbs. It was not long ago that many thought that Waverley Park was too far away, but it has become established suburbia. The same with Casey as our metropolitan area continues to expand like our obesity epidemic. .
  12. Continued discussion, speculation, opinion, judgment on this issue is enough to drive you to drink, that's if you don't (like old Ernie), already have or had a problem with the demon drink. In my case, it was hard liquor, but drinking beer???? It really is a crazy crazy world. Now lets talk about the royal baby and whether Meghan is going to abscond with young Percy.
  13. Unbelievable although it has now become believable. However, only a small number of the group are top players or automatic selections. The rest are struggling, what we would call fringe or depth.
  14. Fair enough Wayne. May has been hung, drawn and quartered when not all the facts are known. Like most things, criticism has come about due to context. In his case, he came with great fanfare, and his signing was seen as a coup for the Demons. It reinforced views that this was further proof of the clubs professionalism and emergence as a power club. His price tag reinforced opinion that he had great value and must be a great pick-up. He was seen as the answer to our problems in the back half. There was a huge feel good factor and a fair amount of expectation. The fact that he was an ex-Captain gave him cred as a team leader. However, he rocks up in poor condition, looking like an overweight park footballer. A bad start. According to Saty, he trained his a...off, but then injures his groin. It is a fair supposition to think that the injury was due to his poor condition and the sudden step up and intensity of training. He plays one forgettable game when he is clearly short of a gallop and then disappears into the ether unable to train or play. So for someone that came with fanfare and hype, his start has been a huge disappointment. With players and clubs, fans expect professionalism. Fans don't expect or tolerate players on big coin who appear to be loafing off or lazy. Fans criticisms may be over the top but that is the perception. We have seen too many lazy uncommitted footballers at Melbourne over the years. Whatever the circumstances surrounding May, everyone expects players to be committed, disciplined and fully professional. The jury is out on May and the current perception of him will only change when we see him training and playing to his full capability. .
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