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  1. Derek Feldmann brother of Rick. Like his brother never kicked on but a solid defender in the dark days of the late 60s.
  2. Pineapple, I think you getting confused between philanthropy and charity.
  3. Jeff Chapman, a schoolboy star for Carey Grammar. He played first 2 games in 66 as full forward after starring in preseason. Kicked 8 goals in a club practice match on Tassie Johnson. Touted as our new Ron Barassi, due to his guts and determination. Alas he only played the 2 matches. Too slow, poor skills and lacked height and spring. Played on Bob Murray of St Kilda and was given a bath. Played out the season in the 2s and was cleared to Hawthorn but never played a game. Given the hype before the season he was one of the biggest flops of all time. His post footy life was the exact opposite. A highly successful investment manager, owned his own private family company, and a huge philanthropist. Five years ago his wealth was valued at 800 mill.
  4. Perhaps, seems to run in the family. I must admit that in urban environments I always travel with a roll of toilet paper given the unsanitary nature of public toilets. Also to prevent arrest from the constabulary. They need greater ethnicity in the ranks of those in blue. We are in times of change Uncle and our behaviours must change. That includes your local massage joint and even chores and rituals in the Manor. Have you had to stand down the maid or does she have something to fall back on?
  5. The theory is that everyone should feel the pain equally but of course this will never be the case. Alan Joyce from Qantas can give up his salary but he is already a very wealthy man. My experience is that many people with a lot of money are very careful with their spending. They also are on the ones who have a wide range of investments such as property. They are more likely to borrow and borrow large sums. Yet they want to protect their assets and only sell or dispose at a time of their choosing. Money makes money. They have more to gain but also more to lose.
  6. I know I have posted on this technique before, but the Indian squat makes toilet paper redundant. How do you think I coped during the Italian and Spanish Civil Wars, let alone on my hunting and fishing exploits. Clean, hygienic and efficient. And forget the gym. Its a great way to strengthen your quads, improve core strength and lower back, and for old guys like myself, improves balance out of sight. The other benefits include fertilizing your veggie patch, pot plants and roses. Garden paths, front porches, outside the backdoor and driveways should be avoided. . Close to the fence of unpleasant neighbours, preferably close to a back door or open window is therapeutic for controlling anger and mood.
  7. Norm Smith- the Fox or Red Fox ”Checka Hughes” Brian The Doc Roet Brian Dixon -Dicko John Townsend -Towna Big Carl Ditterich Geoff Tunbridge -Tunna Wayne Gordon -Scotchy
  8. Trying to find the accounts? Oops the system crashed and all records erased. Looking to see if there are any IOUs on the back of envelopes or napkins.
  9. Crackers summed up Peter Keenan perfectly.
  10. A positive message from this guy. Will we hear anything from MFC President or CEO ? Or have they been cut already ?
  11. The pity of the postponement of the season is that it delays proper assessment and decisions on players and coach. A little like an aborted early employee performance review. In a normal season the halfway mark would give us a much clearer picture of individual and team performance, and that of the coach. There was a lot to like about our performance but that is balanced against the reappearance of the same old problems and deficiencies as 2019. How long does it take to rectify the same old problems. Can they be rectified with our existing personnel? Sadly, that will probably have to wait until 2021, and, even then, it will be simply be like a restart of 2020. At the same time, some personnel will probably be gone due to the recast footy landscape.
  12. Agree Daisy. As Eddie commented, clubs are going to have rebuild from the ground up. Club survival will be the force that drives change and that change will have to disregard previous arrangements, contracts and preferences regarding players, coaching and support staff. I suspect that someone like Burgess will probably go. I tend to agree (reluctantly) with the velvet sledgehammer that it provides an opportunity to slash support staff. Like many others, the number of support staff seems to have grown exponentially over the last few years. Just look at the numbers in the coaching box and on the ground at quarter time breaks. Lets hope that it provides an opportunity for media outlets to cut footy media scribes and hangers on who make a living talking and writing crap. Far too many second raters making their living their AFL connection. Hopefully, some positives will come from the changes imposed on the industry. At a personal level, it seems heartless as it means that many will lose their jobs and income but that is the case across society. On a macro level, it just seems that there has been a blow-out in folk making a living from AFL and that it is time that the sails are trimmed. Keep safe mate.
  13. Still more upside than many others. Wondering if his concussion issues have affected him physically and mentally. As with everything else at the moment, views and decisions on players and coach are probably going to be delayed for 6-12 months. The impact on clubs, their finances and their viability is going to be huge. As Eddie said yesterday, clubs will have to rebuild from ground up. This will mean massive upheaval and loss of players, coaching and support staff. The club may still exist but it will be a changed organisation.
  14. Time to watch Jimmy Swaggart or join the pentecostals. And after a full conversion, you will be protected by the blood of Jesus. But sorry, no footy.
  15. Lock them up and throwaway the key Lucifer unless you have access to a 303.
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