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  1. 6. Gawn 5. Harmes 4. Oliver 3. Hunt 2. Frost 1. Hore Apologies to Salem, OMac and Jeffy
  2. Just been getting up to speed with this thread and you beat me to it SPC! I was going to go with 'lazy' but the sentiment is the same
  3. Chatting with non-MFC supporters last night at the bar post-match the consistent theme is from them is that we're too polite with no mongrel whatsoever
  4. I watched Bucks on The Front Bar tonight and FMD he's impressive. Pains me to say it but the filth are getting a lot of things right at the moment. And by contrast we're so far off it...
  5. Yep good calls. We seem to put our energy into improving our draft position through each trade period with mixed success in recent years while other clubs have yielded strong results from later picks
  6. Pains me to say it but ANB is nowhere these days. Weid has got to get back to basics and could do with a spell back at Casey however I don't see it happening. Viney might miss with a shoulder, although the longer break could help... A lot of others will continue to get games who probably shouldn't purely due to a lack of alternative options - I say again - who are we going to bring in!?
  7. There was so much turnover of staff and players during the Neeld and Roos years that I would have no idea who's left - but something is rotten at the heart of this club's culture
  8. You're still allowed black coffee and water you say?
  9. Richmond FC - upcoming percentage booster Me - Replaying elimination final MFC - behind closed doors - is something up?
  10. Catching up on the game this morning. The filth look extremely getable right now! Bring on QB is all I have to say!
  11. It's Round 3 and we're chasing Casboult? FMD a month is a long time in football
  12. Nor I, SWYL. "The wasted talent from the past is another ship that has well and truly sailed, but this time last year rookie senior coach Dew and his football manager Jon Haines began to put a series of new platforms in place in the realisation they had not trained hard enough over the summer, specifically where running was concerned. May was stung during 2018 when the players' skinfolds were posted on a wall in the club rooms and his number hovered around 70. Under new high-performance boss Alex Rigby, who replaced Justin Cordy last year, hard running underlined the Gold Coast summer and not one player now sits above a measurement of 50." https://www.smh.com.au/sport/afl/gold-coast-s-steven-bradbury-helping-suns-start-again-20190405-p51b5r.html
  13. Refer to Caroline Wilson's thoughts on 3AW yesterday about how cooked the leadership group at GC was
  14. I heard the Crunch Time interview with Goodwin on SEN this morning. Then flicked over the 3AW to hear what they were saying. I've tried to find it online, but doesn't look like it's been uploaded yet: Caro had some very interesting insights into the skin fold levels, training standards and general attitude of senior players at GC last year. Player's skin folds were published for all (internally) to see which drove a strong push to uplift the training standards, which was met with a lot of resistance and 'complaining' by senior on field leaders. Look - we all hear things around the traps, and this little bit of detail from Caro just further solidifies a lot of the things I and many of us have been hearing about May's approach and where he's at.
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