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  1. Here's hoping we're able to re-employ them both at some point. They're assets to the FD and it would be a shame to see them go elsewhere.
  2. Same outcome as the Kevin '07 2020 summit. At least that one actually happened...
  3. Must admit that I haven't been the biggest fan of Riccardo over the journey. For whatever reason I haven't felt able to follow him with the blind loyalty of many other Aussies, which I can't blame people for given just how hard it is for an Australian to break into and then succeed in this sport. I guess I just wanted to see him more in the mould of European drivers that I'm accustomed to, especially those of the 90's that I grew up with. Regardless, I think this move to McLaren will mean we'll finally see his full potential come to life. Initially I had doubts about the merits of leaving a works team, but seeing how his departure from Renault was handled publicly, how McLaren treated Sainz's departure along with how Zak Brown has spoken of Riccardo's signing speaks volumes.
  4. There's a lot of regret with some of our trades IN over the last decade. I think most, if not all, of our trades OUT over the same period have been vindicated.
  5. Yet another F1 plot twist: https://www.bbc.com/sport/formula1/52661201
  6. Anyone who's been listening to MMM's Hot Breakfast the last couple of weeks would've heard McGuire reporting on CFC v RFC as the first match back as if it were gospel. Even if this fixture was already locked in behind closed doors, it's a great play by him to normalise this as the restart game amongst the footy public before the AFL could announce otherwise.
  7. And there was no one in the administrative hierarchy (which the coach is not at the top btw) willing or able to stop it from occurring. Unless they too were equally blind to the mistakes being made. I have little idea about the current make up of the admin and FD staff but gosh I hope there's none left from 2010 - 2013!
  8. Anyone read the articles on the Hun website today? They're saying that Laidley's lifestyle was an open secret in the AFL world... Also FWIW I can only imagine the frustration of some at VicPol that this occurs after such goodwill towards them following the Eastern Fwy incident.
  9. It's been doing the rounds that only days after Burgess signed with the MFC there was an offer tabled for a significantly larger deal from a bigger EPL club than The Gunners. A potential exit from the MFC contract was explored but not forthcoming, and the offer subsequently did not progress any further. Anyway, our new High Performance Manager has been described as reluctantly being at the MFC.
  10. Caro had Bartlett and the MFC of 2019 squarely in her sights tonight: They did an extra minute or so analysis on Saturday night's game amongst other things that we have all heard before which aren't included here...I'll try to dig that up. NB: It's now a well accepted fact that Caro does not frequent DL.
  11. Forgive me if this is nothing new but it's interesting to note that Misson has seemingly stopped doing the injury updates and insights
  12. Yeah look if that's the choice then of course May comes in. Issue for me is more around the pliable nature of our injury return dates and whether May will actually be available for selection
  13. Oscar stays simply for more match time at AFL level - then we can reassess post-season, probably likewise for JKH. Preuss to stay in purely so Max isn't carrying the full burden - he can only improve surely... Don't really care who comes in - I've lost faith in our injury timeframes now
  14. 6. Gawn 5. Oliver 4. Harmes 3. Frost 2. Fritsch 1. Lewis
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