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  1. I don't know what having an idea about what's important to Paul Roos nor whether I've met him has to do with anything, let alone my post. Only he can answer that and I'm pretty sure (and hopeful) he doesn't frequent DL. Everything I stated is fact. We improved incrementally which was due, in part, to a job of work from Roos. He walked out on his Triple M contract and he goes on On the Couch each week where he gives teasing responses to Gerard's Dorothy Dixers, just as he did in 2013. I'm not sure why you're even taking issue with this and the more I think about it it's scarcely relevant. Please don't call anyone or their posts moronic - we barrack for the same freakin' club - put your manners back in.
  2. 6. Fritsch 5. Oliver 4. Salem 3. May 2. Gawn 1. Lewis
  3. I just can't with Max's set shot goal kicking anymore. Ever since the Rd 1 loss to Geelong last year he keeps repeating the same errors from almost identical spots
  4. Can Goodwin just go sit under the Tree of Knowledge already
  5. Absolutely looks it, and such a shame to see. He's been rushed back
  6. The free kick count could be the opposite - we're still butchers in front of goal where it matters
  7. Fritzl down forward for two weeks in a row now - either the Alice heat is getting to Goodwin or he's been reading DL
  8. If it means the Baggers get 2-3 years of incremental improvements, some form of transition arrangement and a year or two of flash in the pan type performances then they can have him! He left MMM this season because they wouldn't meet his pay demands and goes on Fox with flirtatious intent to spruik his services to the highest bidder - let's face it he's a modern day gun for hire.
  9. If Lewis is going to play deep forward he needs to play in front!
  10. We've made it through the first rest day and I think the incredible racing and fascinating results are characterised by the nightmarish first week for some of the GC contenders, sprints and stage finishes that no one could've foreseen , and some of the up and coming next generation riders have announced themselves on the scene. We'll soon be at the foot of the Pyrenees which is where the race will truly begin, for mine. It almost feels like we've had a week's worth of one-day classics in terms of how the stages have unfolded. In a year where the Australian presence is a bit less than in recent years, the performance of many Aussie riders has left a lot to be desired, with Ewan the possible exception. The accepted logic seems to be that Trek are a team with a weak roster that have brought a weak contingent of riders to this years tour and this has significantly curtailed Richie Porte's 2019 chances. I think once we get into the Pyrenees we'll have a clearer idea of this. It's interesting to see that SBS continue to put him forward as a GC contender, understandably as the highest rated Australian, however he seems to barely rate a mention in European or US media. The only thing I do know for certain is that nothing is certain in the Tour and everyone seems to have a different theory on what will play out over the next two weeks. Looking forward to watching the race unfold and dissecting it!
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