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  1. It's been doing the rounds that only days after Burgess signed with the MFC there was an offer tabled for a significantly larger deal from a bigger EPL club than The Gunners. A potential exit from the MFC contract was explored but not forthcoming, and the offer subsequently did not progress any further. Anyway, our new High Performance Manager has been described as reluctantly being at the MFC.
  2. Caro had Bartlett and the MFC of 2019 squarely in her sights tonight: They did an extra minute or so analysis on Saturday night's game amongst other things that we have all heard before which aren't included here...I'll try to dig that up. NB: It's now a well accepted fact that Caro does not frequent DL.
  3. Forgive me if this is nothing new but it's interesting to note that Misson has seemingly stopped doing the injury updates and insights
  4. Yeah look if that's the choice then of course May comes in. Issue for me is more around the pliable nature of our injury return dates and whether May will actually be available for selection
  5. Oscar stays simply for more match time at AFL level - then we can reassess post-season, probably likewise for JKH. Preuss to stay in purely so Max isn't carrying the full burden - he can only improve surely... Don't really care who comes in - I've lost faith in our injury timeframes now
  6. 6. Gawn 5. Oliver 4. Harmes 3. Frost 2. Fritsch 1. Lewis
  7. The dream scenario is that he can lure his mate the big Rough to come over as goal kicking coach
  8. I just hope like hell he's interested in staying around in some kind of mentoring, development, coaching type role
  9. We're a polite club. Willing to accept mediocrity. Satisfied with making the standard, rather than setting the standard. We seem content with just being in the AFL, with no visible hunger to become elite.
  10. 6. Gawn 5. Petracca 4. Fritsch 3. Harmes 2. Lever 1. Frost Mentions to Oliver and Jetta
  11. I don't know what having an idea about what's important to Paul Roos nor whether I've met him has to do with anything, let alone my post. Only he can answer that and I'm pretty sure (and hopeful) he doesn't frequent DL. Everything I stated is fact. We improved incrementally which was due, in part, to a job of work from Roos. He walked out on his Triple M contract and he goes on On the Couch each week where he gives teasing responses to Gerard's Dorothy Dixers, just as he did in 2013. I'm not sure why you're even taking issue with this and the more I think about it it's scarcely relevant. Please don't call anyone or their posts moronic - we barrack for the same freakin' club - put your manners back in.
  12. 6. Fritsch 5. Oliver 4. Salem 3. May 2. Gawn 1. Lewis
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