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  1. "Wanted to leave" is different to wanted to go home, or am I reading too much into this?
  2. Purple said a week back we'd be favourite if we got May !
  3. Howie's Hangers and Hogan's Heroes....what next ?
  4. Let's just get Dunny back for the Gorilla's 🤣
  5. Freo don't have pick 5, Brisbane do. The only way Freo get 5 off Brisbane is via a Neale trade.
  6. I don't believe the 16 weeks cumulative life time ban applies in AFL, only local leagues?
  7. Wallace said something that makes sense?? What's the world coming to.....
  8. Hilarious Freo won't accept pick 4 for Neale and in the same breath won't offer any more than a first rounder for Hogan 😂
  9. Totally agree. We were rightly praised during the PF lead up week for being open and embracing the experience. Next thing we look petty and that will linger. Need to be bigger than that....
  10. Fair enough. I go very occasionally to watch them and feel some connection but mainly because of the MFC listed players. It does mean something as it's reflective of our depth, add to that the jumper and the demons name and it's hard for me not to feel a bit connected
  11. You're absolutely correct, he is nowhere near what he could be, and even worse, nowhere near what he was
  12. Yep you saw it the way I did too, we need to find some depth to progress with the gains of this year, quickly....
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