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  1. Yes, I remember. I'm glad for Matera's sake it never eventuated.
  2. As reported by North fans on their own forum, they had their best back six in and conceded 20 scoring shots to a third string Melbourne side. I agree that not much can be read into these games, however, their defence doesn't get any better than what they had out there.
  3. Some natural attrition never goes astray.
  4. Great highlights, but missed one of his absolute best against Richmond where he tapped the ball over an opponent's head in the middle of the ground, regained control and ended up goaling from 50.
  5. Just a bit of levity, bloke. I prefer to back people's eyesight and regular watchers of Jackson lauded his leap (as stated in my post). It's not the sort of thing people tend to make up.
  6. Do people ever just watch something with no expectations ? Enjoyed.
  7. He may never play again, but he's the most naturally talented player on our list. I've said it before, he's a better footballer than Tim Kelly. But yes, it means little if those legs don't mend.
  8. The MFC was very good at covering for Hogan throughout his time at Melbourne. He regularly presented them with off-ground challenges regarding his behaviour. And it's not like Freo weren't aware he had issues, which is why Bell nearly backed out at the trade table. While the club would have been happy to retain a fully committed Hogan they knew what they were doing by letting him go.
  9. Clearly Melbourne knew what they were doing when they agreed to trade him with a year still to go on his contract. Some supporters should have a bit more faith in the club's list management decisions and take pause to reflect the next time they're inclined to wail like excitable banshees.
  10. You're a good man, Ron, and looking back at my post in the cool light of the next day it was ridiculously harsh. I was surprised when I reread it.
  11. Point 1. Yes, plainly we agree that we disagree. No, I don't value Watts two kicks per quarter. Nor did his former coach and nor did his new coach, otherwise he wouldn't have had his [censored] kicked to the kerb by the former and he wouldn't have been dropped by the latter. Point 2. Yes, he's OK behind the ball. Thank FFT, as he's useless anywhere else. Point 3. Yes, he has skills. If you need industry sources as validation of Watts' skills give up watching footy. We all know he has skills. Point 4. I doubt Goodwin craves your validation, but I also have zero doubt about his desire for the contest. It hasn't changed. Now, he knows there are degrees of contested beasts, but his ''acceptable level'' in the contest would not have changed. We sucked in the contest in 2019 for a number of reasons and Watts wouldn't have helped that criteria. He's comical. But he still has a belated chance to improve this failing at his current club. Point 5. Why keep bagging him ? If a poor watcher of football makes incorrect assertions about a player, i.e you, I reserve the right to contribute. I responded to drivel, I didn't initiate. You did.
  12. Almost half the competition play finals, so making the 8 isn't being successful. For me success is finishing top 4 at the end of the H&A, because the premier nearly always comes from the top 4. If you finish top 4 you've given yourself what 14 other teams wanted, a realistic chance.
  13. Sure. No-one was as soft as Jurrah. Not even Jackie boy.
  14. You mean he matured after 10 years in the system ? Wow. Good on him. What you, and others, seemingly constantly fail to understand is that his attributes ... weren't ''enough''.
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