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  1. It’s very concerning how easy we are to play against. It looks like unintelligent football on all levels. Ground, coaching box etc
  2. It’s about having a consistent foundation to build from.
  3. Good to see we maintained our prelim form.
  4. I find it strange we keep bashing him in the media while apparently offering him up for trade. Makes no sense to de value our asset while taking it to market. So. i don't think we are trading him. The footy department have decided they need to scare him into consistent hard work. Whether this is a good tactic or not i am unsure. the extent to which they've taken the idea is impressive, with players believing he's a goner and the industry believing it whole heartedly. We will knock back offers claiming it's not value enough. He will remain.
  5. Am I biased when I find it odd that terry wallace rates their midfield ahead of ours?
  6. All attributable to fatigue. no unreasonable negative pains in the ass please.
  7. Bit hard I would have thought. We were dead all of the last. Zero left to give.
  8. Remember last year when Geelong gave us an absolute bath. Remember this year how had we kicked straight we would have beaten them comfortably. Remember the ball movement in round one that we haven't seen in a decade. Remember finding a way to win against carlton. remember pegging back a four goal lead against freo in the last after an absolute avalanche in the third. remember crying out for some offensive flare under Roos. Improvement.
  9. We missed Lewis I think. We looked a lot more organised in the first two weeks. But we got caught out up the ground a lot today with turn overs and over lap. I'm not sure if we were better placed with frost over o mac today. He did a few good things. Although he's not yet up to it yet o mac seems to understand the synergy of the back line better.
  10. That's true. It seems a fine line. I think with hogan in he will get away with more than he was allowed today. The problem i see is our forward line is very short without hogan and weideman.
  11. All fair points. Does weideman develop faster in the vfl? Also next to hogan is he a liability at all? Pederson and smith aren't key forwards in my mind. They are third forwards in an average side to me. Weideman is a strong second forward if developed correctly. Hogans ability and form straight out of the gates is almost miraculous. It doesn't happen. I wonder if we expect more from weideman because of this.
  12. true we are pushing for finals but our list is a few steps from contending, which is an entirely different situation. I think the fastest way we get there is getting games into our talent, which weideman is. The game was lost in the middle and an inability to navigate their defense effectively with decision making and skills letting us down. We are still going to have flat games like today. The middle of the ladder is as congested as it's ever been which is where we are. Our positive is that we are the youngest team in that pack.
  13. I disagree. He rarely had a one on one contest. All day it was bombed to him and hogan would have been lucky to clunk any of them. he was playing the number one role today, which he isn't ready for. Bringing the ball to ground is a win in a three on one in my opinion. That seems to me like impacting the game. They were playing every player in our third all game. Our forwards were constantly swamped. We didn't adjust well enough and when we tried to our delivery wasn't up to scratch. They defended very well. i think we can afford to carry a few players if it means they develop faster. We aren't winning the flag this year. Next to hogan he looks much better and will learn more than he would in the vfl.
  14. Weideman will be fine. Put some weight on that frame he takes more marks and kicks more goals. The sky isn't falling. It's his second year and he's a key forward. our decision making was poor for most of the game. freo gambled on the contest and it paid off. You can do that with a dominant ruckman. We couldn't combat their spread because we were still in the contest as they were running off with it. we looked young at times and flat at times too. It was good to see us come back and with some better decision making or any one of hogan, Lewis or Gawn we win that one.
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