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  1. But part of the issue is Hibberd and Jetta look like they are declining rapidly and will never be as good as the once were. Jones also. Lewis is finished now. The only players who have actually come close to improving are Salem, Frost and Hunt. The hope that players like Brayshaw and Petracca elevate their games isn't what it used to be. Weideman was always an unknown and doesn't look as likely as he did at the end of last season. You said in an earlier post that our list management had been good, it's been average at best. We had valuable assets so of course we will get better, but we certainly have not maximized what we had. This is evident by someone like Dunkley or Corey Wagner playing senior football.
  2. I think it's probably Stkilda saying no way the Gold Coast get an early pick and compromise our pick as much as anything.
  3. If you couldn't see that Darcy Moore could play after his 1st season, that's on you. He kicked 5 goals in his 3rd game.
  4. Bit harsh on Lockhart, looked like he was doing a job on Johannisen and kept him relatively quiet. The rest agree on.
  5. Jaded I saw you post earlier he had been good. He was a libaility in the first quarter and shocking again that quarter. Has looked very slow today and with his prior form this season probably should have come through the vfl.
  6. Pathetic from Fritsch, too many players have done those rubbish pointless handballs today which just burn your teammates.
  7. I hope not, if he is a regular without a drastic improvement we will be struggling. He also doesn't fit into our backline with our regular team available. If we have Lever, May, Jetta and Frost all in the team we need some running half backs playing, not another slowish tall player who can't break the game open with his kicking.
  8. It was Lachine Weller and he is a good player, while you wouldn't think he would be worth pick 2 when you look at the players picked that year, I would take him ahead of every other player from pick 2 onwards in the top 10 bar Jaydn Stephenson. GWS got 4 mini draft picks, which they traded for essentially 4 top 3 picks. This is a substantial advantage. GWS also got lucky with a better group of pre-draft players (Treloar, Shiel, Camereon amongst others). By doing this the draft lost elite talent the years while the Gold Coast was at the bottom.
  9. Very, Lynch has kicked 23 more goals and played just 4 more games.
  10. I think it comes down to if you think he has the tools to make it. I can seem him playing good games here and there but can't see him doing it consistently with his attributes. As I've said in previous posts, if you compare him to his draft class of talls he is struggling. Yes it can take some key position players longer to develop, that's why you look at traits such as Moore's athleticism. I just don't see the tools with Weideman, he lumbers like a 203cm ruckman when the ball is 5 meters away. I'm happy that he will get the rest of the season to show what he has got and show some improvement and will avoid commenting on him until the season ends, as I do post about him too often.
  11. Where have I disputed that? You said he often played VFL not that he was an ordinary forward. Moore has elite speed for a tall. Weideman is slow. If you can't see that and are just focusing on stats then that says it all. Moore was always an inconsistent forward and would go missing for large parts of games, however, he always had outstanding athletic traits that suit the modern game.
  12. Moore mostly in the vfl? How do you come to that conclusion? he hardly played a vfl game once he debuted. Daniher kicked bags of 6 and 5 in his 3rd season. Perspective is fine but take off the red and blue glasses.
  13. I agree with your sentiment regarding the personal nature but there has to be an element of analysing a players ability to play football and the attributes they show. One of the issues I have with posts such as yours is that you use a good forward like Tom Hawkins to compare him to. You may be able to mount a case that they have had a comparable first 4 seasons in AFL, but you could easily choose another 10 players with this output that didn't make it. Daniher kicked 43 goals in his 4th season and Darcy Moore always showed elite athleticism which is a weakness of Weideman, so not really the right comparasions. Because of comparasions that are over the top and out of context like this I feel the need to reply with relevant information. It is a forum after all.
  14. The issue is his lack of mobility and he is so one dimensional. Nothing's changed, he has always been this way. If he is not marking it within range he offers little. My concerns have not changed and his season has gone as I expected (I did hope for a lot better after his finals, but this is about right). If we are pinning our hopes on him we are in trouble. If he becomes an AFL standard player it will be a huge bonus as far as I'm concerned.
  15. If he was actually a good kick (as was advertised pre-draft), he might have made it despite his flaws.
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