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  1. I admire your commitment but I can see this is wrong instantly. There was a throw against Oliver. The problem with analysing umpiring as you have is that it does not take into account all the non decisions which are just as important. It's fine to say they are all there, but why weren't they when it was our turn. Kennedy's free kick in first quarter happened about 20 more times throughout the game with no decisions.
  2. In the last quarter a bunch but we played McGovern beautifully until then and not many of them that a player like Preuss would have impacted. Our game plan and selecion was fine, we just missed simple goals, nothing to do with selection.
  3. Why is everyone going on about Preuss. How would have he helped on a big ground. McGovern would have had a day out against him.
  4. Even when he doesn't directly he just kills the ball movement, takes so long to get back off a mark and move it on.
  5. I think the issue is the mixed messages coming from people within the club. Mahoney either doesn't know the team rules or is not being honest. Players have made these statements both prior to and post Mahoney's press conference. It is a stupid rule when you have Jordan Lewis coming on TV and admitting he has and most players do drink during rehab, they just don't get caught doing it.
  6. Disagree with you here. Harmes, Viney, Lewis, Gawn and possibly Lever have talked to the media about the issue from my recollection. Multiple players have said we have a team rule that you can't drink while in rehab.
  7. It's worse than that. We were allowed 24 or 26 players on the day and chose to go in with 22. They could have easily had one of the extras on standby or even warm up and come on once the injuries started mounting. Pathetic managment.
  8. He did another interview after the Melbourne game and was a lot more composed. As far as I'm concerned both parties are in the wrong here. You should never be knocking a beer out of someone's hand.
  9. I hope all those posters who try and defend Weideman with the 'he is a young KPP' watched Naughton tonight. That's a pick 9, second year key position player.
  10. Very true. We were bad today, they were just as bad. Game could have gone either way. The first half was close to the worst half of footy I can remember watching. I wasn't a big fan of Goodwin carrying on like that after the game either. I could understand it after our first win but seemed right over the top for the way we played and the quality (or lack of) of opposition that we played. Despite winning, I'm finding it very hard to get excited about our season. Even when we were on top in the game there was no system, it was just repeat inside 50s.
  11. Had to be a score or to the boundary line. No idea what was going through his head.
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