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  1. There is plenty of other time for all that rubbish (the game evolves as the season goes on and teams all change their tactics, so it sounds like a big waste of time) He has had the last 2 months to think about these things, doing it on the first day of training would be a silly time. I would much rather the coach had a presence at training.
  2. What else would you like him doing in mid November?
  3. I doubt we rate Henry at 4 and I doubt Freo would match so that would be a poor move. Also GWS would probably look to trade back in the draft if that was to happen so there isn't necessarily going to be the benefit you are hoping for.
  4. No he doesn't, he rates him at 14 personally. A reminder that this is our view of the best players and doesn't take into account where bids for father-son and Academy players may come, or which clubs have which selections. If you listen to his podcast it will put his opinion into perspective. He is strong that you don't take ruckman early and uses the recent premiership teams to back up his opinion. Most of us don't care too much for his personal rankings, it's his ability to find out which teams are into which players. He is probably the reason you know that Jackson will go top 5.
  5. It's up and running now, can check out all the players and most include short video clips (missing one for Jackson atm) https://www.afl.com.au/draft/prospects
  6. When we first traded for pick 8 he was one of the players mentioned that we were interested in. The latest talk has him going a bit later than that to Freo. Don't think it has anything to do with him being hidden away, he got injured at the nationals and didn't play again after that.
  7. If true I think it's quite telling about the quality of the other candidates for pick 3. I would guess whoever goes pick 3 this year would have been around pick 10 last year.
  8. Melbourne has not ruled out taking Martin in the pre-season draft, although the Demons have said they would only want him if he was interested in playing for them. But Martin has not been willing to meet with them, clearly wishing to ensure he lands at the Blues, who were unable to reach a trade with Gold Coast during the exchange period. When we rule him out we will stop discussing him.
  9. What I take is the club will continue to push for a meeting. If they say to him the day before the draft we are taking you, then he might actually meet with the club. If we paid him a million for a season then he asked to leave, there is no way that would happen without getting a first rounder for him. So I would be more than happy to absorb the cap space for a first rounder. While it is unlikely that we will take him I am glad to hear the club hasn't ruled him out and is still trying to get in touch.
  10. Of course he hasn't, why would he when he is clearly trying to get to Carlton. I don't believe for a second that the club has ruled a line through him, as mentioned in one of the articles we have tried to meet him on numerous occasions. The Demons have said they are not interested in recruiting a player that does not want to be at the club but they are eager to get in front of Martin and put a case to him. They have made several unsuccessful attempts to speak with him so far. Clearly we have not given up.
  11. Has someone told you that? Given that he played in the GF he would still have a fair bit of time off I would imagine.
  12. Why is he off the table? If we want him, we back end some other contracts. His asking price is about what was always expected.
  13. That's a random question and if you changed Spargo to Frisch I am sure the answers you would get would change substantially.
  14. https://www.afl.com.au/video/2019-08-13/draft-prospect-brodie-kemp
  15. Just one thing to keep in mind with this game is he injured his shoulder in the 2nd quarter and played through it. His kicking did seem rushed (specifically in the 3rd quarter), so I am not sure how much this may have had to do with it. Didn't play again for the year after this game due to this injury. Also, you missed Flanders, what did you think of his game?
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