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  1. I think you are being unrealistic if you didn't think there was going to be hiccups. The club would have been expecting this to happen.
  2. Losing the grand final, that's rough! (GC mid first rounder)
  3. Deakin Smith (or something along those lines) at Dandenong Stingrays.
  4. As a follow up to Cal Twomey's article today (which said we chose between Jackson, Flanders and Young at 3). It seems we threw away the opportunity to draft a top 5 prospects at 8 so that we could address a need. We only ever had one intention with our 2nd pick (which goes away from what the club has always said, take the best available early).
  5. If you're referring to this season, Goodwin said he will play forward in his interview with SEN. 16.20
  6. Knightmare is wrong with his listing. According to this video, he was 198cm in January. He then measured 199cm at the draft camp.
  7. It just shows that they are still incompetent and don't deserve the compensation that they got. They could have easily got this pick for Jack Martin. It's a disgrace.
  8. I thought these picks were reviewable by the AFL at the end of next season, how can they trade it? Looks pathetic by Gold Coast after they declined a similar pick for Jack Martin.
  9. He is a mid/forward, has a loopy kick but love his movement.
  10. Pick 2, 3, 4, 9 and 9. Many recruiters haven't seen close to picks like that. With the picks he has had, it's an okay return. Geelong and Hawthorn's last picks in single digits were in 2006. I would be disappointed if we end up with a player equal to or lesser than Salem or Weideman with our pick 10.
  11. I wouldn't be upset if we got him, I just don't think he is a sure thing like some here think. He has just as many question marks around his game and how it would transition to AFL level as Jackson. The truth is there are big question marks over every candidate for pick 3. None of them really grab my attention and can see the flaws in all of their games. The player I like the most in the top 10 is the player we need the least, Robertson.
  12. Have you just watched his highlights videos? I've seen him miss just as many simple kicks and run himself into trouble then turn it over quite a bit in the games I watched.
  13. It's more about how good of a kick that Dean Cox was. He would be the best kick in our current team.
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