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  1. He does it every week. Did the same thing to Harmes in the JLT. Should have been a free kick but that's it.
  2. And Dylan Shiel would be a gun if he could occasionally hit a target, would be right at home in our midfield.
  3. Horrific umpiring in what was a good contest. Even the last shot at goal, free kick paid with 1.05 left and doesn't start his approach until there is only 28 seconds left. Jeremy Howe is a better player than Jake Lever.
  4. Go on then, enlighten us on your thoughts. You are a Weideman believer after all.
  5. Tom Culter would be of interest to me, but I haven't watched him that closely and not sure of the reason he can't get a game this season.
  6. That was a great crumb, I was surprised he took it cleanly. I wasn't surprised it ended up in no score.
  7. Glad someone else can see it. I've been on about this for years when half of demonland lauded him as some kind of saviour. With what he has had at his disposal, he has done nothing special. Wouldn't be in the top 8 recruiters.
  8. He was awful, dropped so many marks and left his opponent on the ground each time flying in as a third man. His skills which were good last year continued to be poor tonight.
  9. The trouble is, he is so easy for defenders to play on. You just play a tall on him and take his body. Lost about 4 one on ones with Astbury in the last quarter. He doesn't add anything pressure wise either.
  10. Very generous, competed ok in the air but still gave away a stupid free kick to a wingman 10 meters out on a high ball. Fumbled everything.
  11. This team has never been able to handle any kind of pressure in a game. We hung in there despite showing no composure and eventually they broke it open. You could see it coming the whole time. Brayshaw should be dropped for that effort on Riewoldt, needs to be made an example of. Weideman was horrific, missed the ball trying to handball it and followed it up with a smothered kick. Finally took a good mark then can't hit a 15 meter kick. Fritsch has regressed badly, a liability even within this pathetic team. Hibberd can't hit a target to save himself. There is no passion in the team, Viney gets cleaned up by a 1st year player with a cheap hit of the line, then Petracca has a chance to make him earn it and puts no body on him a minute later. Some players need to take payouts or get out, we are the worst team in the comp.
  12. Would be more likely to be right than Misson. May was supposed to be getting back for this week now he is tracking well and 4 weeks away.
  13. Agree, but this comes back to our poor list management and recruitment and a poor strategy around this. I was very alarmed when Simon Goodwin publicly said something along the lines of 'we don't have inside or outside players in our team'. The best teams do.
  14. No one is expecting this, with all young players you look for glimpses. For example, McKay running down the wing and kicking a great point or taking multiple contested marks. Then Weideman, who is purely a marking player gets the ball on a plater with a free run and jump and can't out mark Billings. If you are not multidimensional (Weideman is no threat to a ground ball and is slow), you need to be amazing at your strength. Weideman double grabs nearly all of his marks.
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