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  1. Horrific ratings! Tom Lynch is a handy player.
  2. No he has fumbled easy balls causing our attacks to break down and kick has been shocking. A player with better awareness would have touhced the ball on the line.
  3. What purpose does a President have being there? Eddie gave his ticket away regardless. Clarkson has a purpose so I don't see what the issue is here.
  4. I think in the current state I would rather watch a good game and lose than watch a boring game and win.
  5. 100% agreed, games at Casey and in Tassie are always terrible to watch because of this. MCG or Marvel are both fine.
  6. You would be happy enough as the opposition with any of them excluding Hurley getting the ball as they are all average kicks and you're every chance of getting it right back. I still would like to see Lever play on a decent opponent and beat them. It seems like as a result of having Lever in the team, we will also need Oscar so I will judge Lever quite harshly because of this. Had a couple of good patches in the pre season, however his skills are still average. I was also a bit critical of his judgement in the Hawthorn game, he went for chest marks on a couple of occasions and the balls got spoiled as a result. Will be interested to see how our backline stacks up once we play a team with dangerous forwards, Round 1 will be a big test for Lever if he is trying to peel off Waterman and assist with Kennedy and Darling.
  7. Because I want to win. Would be very risky to take two low output players over there.
  8. Think he had 1 kick in the first half but had a much better second half and some important touches in scoring chains.
  9. A fairly big issue going into round 1 is who our backup ruckman will be. I was surprised to see the hit-out stats after todays game, it seemed like Ceglar would dominate Jackson, then Jackson would dominate the Hawks backup. Admittedly, I have never been a Weideman fan but was very disappointed with his game, apart from one nice mark. Stats vs Hawthorn: Weideman: 4 kick, 4 handballs, 3 marks, 1 tackle and 2 hit-outs from 65% TOG Jackson: 1 kick, 4 handballs, 1 mark, 4 tackles and 12 hit-outs from 49% TOG Who are you taking?
  10. Disposal has been worse than Langdon, both getting to good positions and providing an outlet.
  11. What? Took it like a boss when nearly any other player would have been down for minutes.
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