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  1. Interesting topic. Would Freo prefer to move a top 5 pick with a year of development under his belt or surrender an additional top 10 pick in a stronger draft for Hogan? I'm sucked in by the hype of this year's top 10, and would rather have two cracks at this year's crop. I rate Cerra, but imagine walking away with the King brothers after the draft.
  2. I actually don't mind Koladjaksfndhdhdbsnij as a player. He looked good early on, bit has really disappeared with concussion issues. I'd be keen to give him a go. Would be happy with a 3rd round, but would give a second rounder for him if he changed his surname to Smith (just so we didn't have to spell his name on the forum)
  3. http://m.afl.com.au/news/2018-09-26/lions-utility-open-to-exploring-other-options He looks like he is on the move. SA is preference, but open to move anywhere.
  4. I don't want May, especially if it means giving up a top 10 pick we get for losing Hogan. May will be 27 at the start of next season, and will cost a huge chunk of salary cap. Lever, Frost and Omac developing down back. Not to mention Keilty, Petty and Baker all drafted for back half.
  5. Maybe someone can extend an invitation for Caro to be in a podcast on demonland, that's where the real action happens at the club!
  6. We paid pick 66 for Balic last year who could only muster 4 games for a garbage Freo outfit. Kent is probably best 22 in 2018's 4th best side. Pick in the 40s or jam it.
  7. The footy department are not mucking around! Premiership window is open and they make an additional 5 spots on the list. Wow, 7 spots on the list now.
  8. I'm not convinced Hogan will leave, but if we got 2 top 10 picks in this year's draft (Neale pick and their own) and held on to them (not that keen on May) I would probably need to change my underwear.
  9. Good luck to him with his future endeavors. Was a handy player for us when called upon.
  10. Good indigenous players change the game. We have an exceptional leader in Nev Jetta to help out potential draftees adapt to league footy (and of course Melbourne weather for those from up North) Jeffy could still turn it on, but I would love to see Taylor and co find an indigenous gem that helps us become even more deadly when the ball is in out 50 arch.
  11. I get the feeling the Dees will be listening to trade offers to try and push closer to a flag. The list is damn close to winning one. We may part iwth a player or two that we will be unhappy about. I think Garlett, Kent, Hunt, Stretch, JKH will be talked about, and there will be more talk about Tyson and Hogan given they have been linked to move rumours already. Out depth will take a hit this year with Bernie and likely Pedo moving on.
  12. Be the first Grand final party I miss. Have no interest watching this year, just none Will be in the garage playing with the car. (Needs to be in top shape for our GF parade next year)
  13. Season 2018 - a winnable flag First time in my lifetime I actually thought we could beat the other side playing in the Grand final. That's what cuts deep about this loss, if we had beaten West Coast we could have been premiers. This loss is in the top 5 most hurtful of my life. I'm going to lay off the players, because the hurt is too strong to fairly analyze their performance.
  14. Great read. We all lived through those dark days, it is really a blessing that roosy came in and helped set up the blue print for what is the demons today.
  15. Honestly I feel sick just waiting for the game to start. It's a combination of excitement, nerves and probably that huge burger I ate last night. I just can't wait for the first bounce.
  16. Nah, just the one between my legs. Sorry if you can't relate.
  17. In my experience most Cox tend to shrink in stature when it gets frosty, so that might be a good move.
  18. Geez, Collingwood have hit their peak at the right time this year. Going to be near impossible to beat. Honestly didn't rate them at the start of the season but their team is terrifying when clicking.
  19. It's the weirdest stereotype in the league..... Think about it. We are being ripped on for being wealthy, cultured and educated. Jokes on them, these are all compliments as far as I'm concerned.
  20. Do the Freo Dockers have a forum? Might be an idea to engage the purple army to join the cause and use up some food those tickets to support the dees.
  21. They will be without Brad Sheppard who is a very underrated footballer. Sheppard is one of West Coasts top 10 players. He was amongst the best when we played them in round 22, and had played every game this season prior to injury last week. This will force them to make a change, Perhaps Schofield is the likely replacement. This will weaken their speed a tad, Scofield isn't a like for like for Sheppard. I think Dom Tyson wasn't great, but will remain in the side and look to make an impact. No changes.
  22. If it's one thing we prove for the rest of this decade, it's that him leaving us for GWS was the wrong move. We can't do that if we welcome him back. I want him to watch Is rise and have him wish he was a part of it.
  23. Oskar Baker was sitting there next to Clarry, with a great opportunity to be interviewed. Bt looked at him, realized he didn't know who it was and then went looking for someone that he recognized. If BT is going to roam during the finals, he needs to know every player on every list.
  24. Yeah, I did notice his presser seemed a tad salty. I get it would be hard for him after a loss, but they all have extensive media training and Clarko could have been better in that moment Deep down I think Clarko thought they would win it, I think he is grappling with the fact that the next generation of good teams don't include Hawthorn!
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