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    Lachie Neale

    Freos list is in worse shape than Brisbanes. I would be surprised if Freo moved him on. Pick 4 is tempting, but they really need to hold on to their better players unless they plan to bottom out. Can't see Ross Lyon bottoming out for a rebuild.
  2. Given we have 2 list vacancies already, I expect only a few more changes on the senior list. Promoting from rookie list makes sense given our first pick won't be deep until the second round once comp and priority picks get handed out. Would rather run with a Keilty or McKenna type on the senior list for a year than go fishing for raw prospects outside the top 60 picks. Raw prospects are better suited to the rookie list.
  3. There is injury prone, and then there is Freeman. His body just isn't made for AFL football.
  4. A true demon. Bucked the trend when other clubs senior players wouldn't come and play for us. Bernie got his marching orders from radelaide and became a very important player for us. He will he missed! Now send him out to stud and sign his kids up in 18 years.
  5. I'm not embarrassed by anything Bob, I just think it's poor form to go looking for it just for the sake of it. The basis of my post states I'm fine with it, but do it at the time posted and not when the situation suits your point of view. In the interest of holding people to account for posts, I am just letting dysdale know I'm not a fan of the pointless posts of dragging old posts up and taking pot shots at contributors to demonland. I have no issue with Drysdale as a contributor to the forum, and welcome all posts provided they add something.
  6. Can send you one, but you will need to name your next born after me....
  7. And I was just highlighting your idiotic post. Taking a cheap swipe at several demonlanders is not a good move on here, just plain pointless. If you want to highlight a post you disagree with, do it right away and not when the situation suits your point of view.
  8. I left these one's off my previous post. Were you saving these for when we actually made finals? Maybe back your guy in right away instead of combing over old comments to make yourself seem like you have had unwaivering support all season.
  9. Trac's core strength was great today. He has good hands at ground level and is able to stand up in or break tackles helping our forward momentum. I still think he could be in for a big finals series. Could be his coming of age.
  10. Going to throw a curve, what if Hunt passes his test and plays in VFL unscathed on Saturday? Would you put him on the short list of ins? Geelong aren't known for being a quick team and his pace could be handy against that mob. Could possibly be: Ins: Hannan, Viney, Hunt Out: Kent, Tyson, JKH. Didn't mind JKH today, but I do like hunts pace. The cat's have been a tough assignment for us, I think we need to load up with whatever weapons we have.
  11. He actually might be quicker than Hunt....for real.
  12. GWS spread and run on the outside in honestly terrifying. I don't think we can hold them with one down on the bench, likely to pick us apart in second half.
  13. I have had such a distant relationship with finals given we have been out of it for such a long time. I'm starting to remember the excitement that comes with playing finals footy. One premiership cup, and we are one of eight who get to have a crack at it!
  14. Exactly the reasons why those sides shouldn't be getting priority picks. They would have had better seasons if it was not for the injuries.
  15. As if the on field changes coming weren't enough we now have off field changes also. The entire AFL is looking more and more like Frankenstein's monster...
  16. Your mid tier guys are the guys who will win premierships. If you look at the swans teams of years gone by, and the current tigers team it is these mid tier guys across the ground that get the job done every week without fanfare. It's consistency with those guys that allows them to really put the sword to opponents.
  17. I watched a few doggies games this year due to them getting some good free to air slots and Dahlhouse didn't look anything like he has been in years gone by. Still a good player in his say but he could be on the decline.
  18. Lewis is still the better player out if him and Goddard and I suspect Lewis may struggle to hold his spot at some point next season. Goddard is done methinks
  19. If you want the job done well, send Harmes to him. Harmes is our best run with player right now.
  20. Vandenberg is a gladiator. He is one of the toughest guys in the comp He is the sort of player that gives you confidence going into any battle when he is by your side. If we are to upset anyone, he is the guy we need to be setting the standard when there is some heat in the game.
  21. No tears, but it was the first time I sang the team song with my 3yo son. I'm not one to belt it out unless I'm at the ground, but I couldn't help myself after that win.
  22. I still think he needs to go back a few steps off the mark. Tends to kick too close to the mark off a step and is often miss kicking or having kicks smothered/touched. I really like the tools he has. He could be anything he wanted to be at AFL level, but it's up to him. Some more run could make him elite. Still easily best 22 for me, but other kids have pushed past him with their development which shouldn't happen with his sublime talent.
  23. Winner - Max Gawn Second - Clayton Oliver Third - Angus Brayshaw Fourth - Tom McDonald Fifth - Neville Jetta Sixth - James Harmes Seventh - Jesse Hogan Eight - Nathan Jones Ninth - Jake Melksham Tenth - Christian Salem
  24. The West Coast sookie sookie la la las! If umpiring was the major thing they took away from this game then I feel sorry for them . They got the better number of free kicks like always, and still couldn't get it done. Maybe they should learn the game so they have something to dissect and learn from after each game. They don't hand out premiership cups for who wins the most frees each season!
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