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  1. Scott would be preferable to Troy Chaplain surely....... Fire sale coming out of norf, list rebuild is imminent.
  2. Just keep Jeff White's kids away from Stephen King's kids!!!!
  3. Our percentage reminds me of 1997..... I shudder at the memories of 1997. Honestly we are not playing finals this season, our percentage is diabolical.
  4. Grabbing a teenager with upside might pay dividends down the track. Hirst looks a good selection if he is on the board.
  5. In: Preuss, C. Wagner, Sparrow Out: A.N.B (injured), T. Smith (injured), Stretch (omitted) I think Salem might be ok to go. Other two with knocks look set to miss. Most posters on here have summed up Billy really well so his omission is no surprise. Corey was solid for Casey, and Sparrow has been doing what's been asked of him at Casey. Given our horrendous injury list they are the next names ready to be called. Preuss doesn't require explanation, get him in.
  6. His awareness should increase with experience meaning he will get caught with the footy less and find some space to break the game open. Some encouraging signs from him. Would like to see him retained for another game.
  7. Frost - becoming more valuable Hore - bye bye Lewis We are missing Lever, May, Lewis, Hibbo and Jets from the back half, I have to give credit to Hore and Frost who have been really solid the past few weeks. If our full backline was available I'm wondering if Hore has gone past others for a spot in the best 22. He is getting better by the week.
  8. I hope Goodwin talks about this during his review. Can't let this stuff happen.
  9. Wow, you know our injury list is up there when your vfl team is this light on with AFL players. Spargo not on injury list ....
  10. At this point we are struggling to score so anyone with goal kicking form sounds good to me.
  11. Arguably in our top 5 players at the club now. If he continues to improve he might just be the guy we can't afford to ever lose. We will need some serious cap space in a few years time to keep him with us. I know many have long pined for Kelly after the Salem/Tyson deal, but Salem is a very special player in his own right and one we should be thankful is on our list.
  12. Given the list balance experience wise I think chunk plays on next year. I imagine Jeffy and Lewis are going at years end, leaving a bit of a gap experience wise. Playing 300 in modern footy is quite a feat. If chunk does it we might have to wait a very long time to see it happen again.
  13. Frost - made an impact I know Frost is far from popular on here but you can't deny the impact he had on this game. He was valuable and was there when we needed someone to step up and do something. Salem - a f-ing gun We might be seeing his best footy this season. Very good by foot and hard as nails.
  14. Forward entry dirtier than Ricky Nixon's black book. Just Filthy!!!
  15. The Hawks fan was lucky he wasn't wearing a Geelong jumper. If the offender was in a cats jumper he would have got away with it.... (On a serious note, no need to whack someone even if they are a Hawks supporter and probably deserved it)
  16. Regardless of results he will need to be transitioned out of the side during the season in preparation for 2020 and beyond. In 4-6 weeks we might see some guys come back. That's when we can talk about what we do with Jordie. Until then he is one of the only viable options we have got back there.
  17. 100% agree. That scufff up with scicily showed the Hawks we weren't going to just roll over and take it from them.
  18. Pies are due for a big fall in the upcoming years. He can say what he likes, but a partial rebuild is on the cards for the pies. Second oldest list in the comp and many of those older heads are still crucial pieces to their line up. Dunn will no doubt be sacrificed at seasons end for list balance.
  19. Beating Hawthorn is enjoyable. Beating Hawthorn with Scully in a Hawks jumper is beyond enjoyable!
  20. He is the only shining light up forward. I get the temptation to move him further up the ground but we just don't have anyone capable of doing what he does in the forward half. He is a ripper.
  21. I'm lost for words. Wtf is going on down there??
  22. Adzman

    Gary Pert

    Anyone on here have ties to the club to get Gary Pert on the Demonland podcast to talk about the current position the club is in? Would be interested in listening to his views and some of the Demonland questions about where we are at.
  23. Probably the most unlucky trade haul in AFL history from an injury standpoint. KK, May and Preuss all banged up and on the sidelines. Can't think of a time where a club has brought in 3 players at the trade period only to see them all head to the sidelines injured. It's madness.
  24. What if tinder was around when Robbie Flower was a young buck and we had a team of Robbie Flower's kids running around.
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