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  1. I'm just looking for one thing: For the demons to not be utter garbage!
  2. Another camera angle would show Oliver's lips moving, and lip reading would read something along the lines of "good vision but don't kick it to Neale-Bullen because he can't kick" .....
  3. If we play Spargo in the ruck then we are tanking. Until that happens we are trying to win.
  4. That's a disaster if gold coast lose him after one season.
  5. Not many players have the talent to play two professional sports. Unfortunately injury plagued his time in NBL and AFL. Hope his body is kind to him in his retirement.
  6. Ryder looks spent. Very skillful big man but his body consistently let's him down.
  7. We were rabble when we got a in 2008 yet our pp was at the end of the first round (Sam Blease). If a pp is to be dished out, end of the first round is a good place to start. It's also much easier to deal pick 19 for an established player which is what they need up at the gcs. Pick 1 or 2 are harder to trade.
  8. Sean Charles was a serious talent, people forget what a freak of nature he was. I've still not seen some modern players do what he could do. He was Jurrah before Jurrah. When you look at that list, it's easy to see why our last premiership was in 64.
  9. I think the Dees will be fine here. Sad truth is if our whole team did happen to get rubbed out for a year for doping, we would only drop one ladder position.
  10. I was 100% for sitting Jordie and playing the kids, but half the kids are on the shelf injured and the ones who are fit aren't ready to play seniors. He may as well play the season out before riding off into the sunset. Lewis has been a good get for us, considering we traded Hawthorn picks 48 and 66 for picks 57, 68 and Lewis. Will go down as a win.
  11. We are 17th on the ladder and we are going to turn up our nose at offering Bennell a life line? Our list is clearly not going to win us any silverware, so a base one year deal is worth the risk. Super talented player, doubt he ever makes it back but on the 2% chance he does he is worth the punt.
  12. Oh we have a brand. It's to torture our supporter base decade after decade. If you ask me they have been true to brand this season
  13. Coaches of both sides will be playing to keep their jobs over the next 12 months. Who knows what might have been, reality is both coaches are in the hot seat.
  14. Fritta has got to be one of the smartest forwards on our list. His forward craft is beyond his years. He needs to spend more time forward. Frosty has really grown on me. He still turns it over a fair bit, but he has a unique balance of size strength and most importantly speed. I don't mind him down back to honest. I think he has some value down back.
  15. It's really cool, but not 10 slabs worth of beer cool.... Hoping the club scoops it up and restores it.
  16. The heat is coming for this mob. This performance was a poor one against poor opposition.
  17. Shame we can't trade coaches like other sports have in the past (see Doc Rivers NBA Celtics to Clippers for an example of a contracted coach being traded). Trade Goody to Adelaide for a pick. Given Goody is a young and up and coming coach, I say he would be worth two first rounders (clearly I am kidding here folks, only clarko commands that kind of trade currency)
  18. Good news! If I was him I would be sending anyone iffy in to go under the knife now to get them ready for preseason.
  19. Too many f'ing rules. Just remove all these proposed rules except the salary cap then allow apposing teams a window to a veto on a deal if it's too one sided (ala NBA rules).
  20. I thought the Norm Smith curse was to blame... ..... I can't keep up!
  21. I think we would be on top of the ladder if the out on the full set shots counted as goals. We have had a few of those this season.
  22. Great news! There is a lot to like about Lockhart and he should only get better with more senior games.
  23. Truth is that after a season like this a cull is on the cards. It's a bad time to be out of contract and an even worse time on be on the wrong side of 30. Lewey is clearly in our best 22, but our best 22 sits second last with a garbage percentage. Heads will roll, some justly and some unjustly. Lewey will become of those heads regardless of the next 5 weeks.
  24. He could have been anything!! Instead we sit and wonder what if... Glad to see him playing footy again.
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