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  1. Provided everyone pulls up ok go with what's clearly working. In: Blind Optimism Out: Hawthorn
  2. Cats fans have been sensible with their thoughts on the game. Nothing written that's too far from the truth. Scott would be in the hot seat if it were not for his extension. I expect some of their old guard to also retire.
  3. Out baby demons are some of our scariest players. They are not afraid. Is this the hardest football team left in the finals? Even the kids are gladiators!
  4. Harmes should be given a 10 just for smashing selwood all game. He was massive for us.
  5. Don't worry, we have Vandenberg back now. Their outside runners can run all day long........into the Vandenberg brick wall!!
  6. Geez if we got past Geelong and the Hawks dished out that game again then they would be out in straight sets.
  7. Seems to be some bitterness from some opposition supporters now that the demons have climbed out of the gutter. I think for the longest time it has been easy to dismiss the Demons as a non threat, and they have really enjoyed sticking the boot in. All of a sudden the Dees are like the unpopular/unattractive girl at school who develops and overtakes all the mean girls for attention. We are now the threat,and the jealousy of other supporters is real.
  8. Just charge your glass for all those demons fans out there who stuck it out! They have been hard years, but the good times are just around the corner!
  9. I think our list balance is good. If we aren't careful we won't have the right balance of kids coming through in a few years time. I think looking for some quality in the draft and bringing them through longg term prospects will serve the club better rather than tipping up with 1-2 year senior players.
  10. Shame we can't bid on him to force their hand. Hopefully someone else bids on him to force them to cough up market value for him.
  11. Just goes to show us that some things are bigger than footy. Congratulations to her and her partner, always a blessing to hear of such news
  12. People would be screaming his name from the rooftops if he played for a big Vic club. Truth is most of our list is underrated because we don't get prime time games for casual observers to watch. A few Friday night games and people like Omac will start getting the respect they deserve.
  13. Blight will do or say anything to remain relevant. Sadly his rants are more delusional old man and less insightful ex player/coach these days.
  14. The talk nonsense for weeks then wait until last 5 minutes of the trade deadline board....
  15. Adzman

    Lachie Neale

    Yep, totally agree. Bris have built a great list. Geelong are in massive strife come 2020. Just not enough A grade kids down at the cattery
  16. Is it just me, or does anyone else think this thread is going to keep going for a other 5 years until we open a new one called "RIP Ben Cousins" It's beyond sad now, and it looks as though he won't find his way back.
  17. Adzman

    Lachie Neale

    Freos list is in worse shape than Brisbanes. I would be surprised if Freo moved him on. Pick 4 is tempting, but they really need to hold on to their better players unless they plan to bottom out. Can't see Ross Lyon bottoming out for a rebuild.
  18. Given we have 2 list vacancies already, I expect only a few more changes on the senior list. Promoting from rookie list makes sense given our first pick won't be deep until the second round once comp and priority picks get handed out. Would rather run with a Keilty or McKenna type on the senior list for a year than go fishing for raw prospects outside the top 60 picks. Raw prospects are better suited to the rookie list.
  19. There is injury prone, and then there is Freeman. His body just isn't made for AFL football.
  20. A true demon. Bucked the trend when other clubs senior players wouldn't come and play for us. Bernie got his marching orders from radelaide and became a very important player for us. He will he missed! Now send him out to stud and sign his kids up in 18 years.
  21. I'm not embarrassed by anything Bob, I just think it's poor form to go looking for it just for the sake of it. The basis of my post states I'm fine with it, but do it at the time posted and not when the situation suits your point of view. In the interest of holding people to account for posts, I am just letting dysdale know I'm not a fan of the pointless posts of dragging old posts up and taking pot shots at contributors to demonland. I have no issue with Drysdale as a contributor to the forum, and welcome all posts provided they add something.
  22. Can send you one, but you will need to name your next born after me....
  23. And I was just highlighting your idiotic post. Taking a cheap swipe at several demonlanders is not a good move on here, just plain pointless. If you want to highlight a post you disagree with, do it right away and not when the situation suits your point of view.
  24. I left these one's off my previous post. Were you saving these for when we actually made finals? Maybe back your guy in right away instead of combing over old comments to make yourself seem like you have had unwaivering support all season.
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