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  1. Honestly session this early is ominous. If it works it could get the train back on the rails, but if it's doesn't where do they go from here? I'm hoping that whatever is discussed works, because if it's doesn't I wouldn't be surprised to read the paper next round that the demons are having "boxing sessions" to work out inner frustrations within the playing group.
  2. What's the old saying: Father time is undefeated? Hibbo was huge for us in 2017 but it would be a bit much to ask him to replicate that form with another 2 years of tread of the tyres at the tail end of his career. He is in our best 22, and probably holds that spot this season. Next season is his last contracted season, and his position in the side depends on the development of other players around him and his ability to hold off decline in his game. He will pick up his form this season, but the 2017 form is probably unattainable for him so we need to keep our expectations in check.
  3. Been hard to watch on TV. Not too many winners out there for Casey. Chandler is interesting, will see what the next few weeks look like. Maybe we have found a player in Chandler. Stretch plays against the Swans. I hate to say it but I don't think the club is going to find it too hard to open up list spots ahead of next season.
  4. Trust can be earned and trust can be lost. You can rebuild trust with the footy public. My concern is the love for the club. I'm a 3rd gen demon, and after witnessing the last 15 years of tripe my family and I have started losing that love for the club we have supported our entire lives. And I'm not alone here, I've spoken to so many demon fans who are just over it. My son wants to follow Geelong, and how could I blame him. How many generations of demons fans are we going to keep losing? It's just hard to continue to love a club that doesn't offer the excitement of finals footy and premiership flags.
  5. I'm interested in finding out how many of the 45,000 memberships have been already been microwaved..... Surely we we league in microwaved memberships!
  6. Look, I understand the frustration given a 0-3 start. But let's be honest here, the CEO should be assessed based on off field performance more than on field. Coaching is up in the air, and yes, he has a hand in that part of the business. But from the outside looking in the club has record membership numbers, good sponsors and minimal off field issues since he has taken over.
  7. By the time Lewey is ready to come back season 2019 may have already passed us by. Unfortunate for him because if we are not in a position to play finals it's players like Lewis who will need to make way for younger untried players in preparation for 2020. We have missed him out there, no doubt about it.
  8. Fritsch - our cleanest player His game wasn't world beating but he won some huge 1/1s and his skills in and around the contest and at ground level were excellent. Hunt - Handy up forward. Hunt played well up forward, and deserves his spot in the side. Credit where credit is due, he is trying hard to reinvent himself and signs are promising.
  9. It's time to have a serious look at players like Keilty, Baker, Petty and maybe even Preuss to see if and where they fit into future plans. I'm not saying "play all the kids" nor am I suggesting playing them all at once, it's just time to start tinkering because it's obvious a number of players on the list are not going to be part of our future. I'm very keen to see who plays well in the vfl this week.
  10. Can Demonland as a collective group replace him as a coach? I think we have some good ideas....... sometimes
  11. When I said I enjoy a 2008 vintage I was referring to my wine and not my football team.....
  12. To be fair, I think the backline being a tad underdone is going to be a relevant talking point regardless of the Essendon result. May and Lever would be in our top 10 paid players and are most certainly best 22. We are really struggling down back, and having those two fit and firing would certainly have made a difference in the early stages of the season. As far as Goody goes, It's a bold approach and I think it shows that he thinks the list is capable of executing his game plan effectively right now. He knows more about where the list is at than I do, so I'm expecting the team to come out swinging on Friday night.
  13. It's just so easy to stick the boots in when a team is down. For all if the excuses we could use, we don't. Richmond lose Rance and the nedia have an excuse for Richmond dropping a game. We play without lever and May down back and are expected to get the win.
  14. I don't think Petracca is the problem. The problem runs deeper than a top pick who hasn't turned out to be a world beater. Our forward entry is dirtier than Donald Trump's black book. I don't know how to fix it, but our entry to our forward line is dirtier than "two girls, one cup".
  15. Check round 22, we were 5th with a record of 14-8. I would take that in a heartbeat right now.
  16. In: 2018 Demons Out: 2019 Demons Honestly, how could we have fallen away this far this quickly! Surely last year's demons are there somewhere.
  17. Harris Andrews at pick 61 looks to be the steal if that draft. ANB and Oscar late suggests we faired ok in that draft.
  18. May's inclusion makes us more aggressive as a team. He is a bull, and will make us harder to play against.
  19. Poor bloke. That's probably curtains on his career.
  20. We have some good players that are down on form, and some good players still to come back into the side. Yesterday was rubbish, but it's a bit too early to can 2019 as a failure. Let's see what happens in the next few weeks.
  21. Joel Smith and KK finished first and second in the 2km time trial for us in the off-season. Neither of these players played yesterday. Both of those players have some knocks on their game, but pace isn't one of them. Baker is also quick and will be an upgrade if he can put the other parts of his game together. I'm not saying we don't need pace, I'm just saying we have options waiting in the wings that would quicken up our best 22. Jake's Jordon was also an outside mid for SA. He doesn't have pace to burn but is an outside running player. We need to get quicker, but there are some small upgrades we can make this season which may have an impact for coming seasons.
  22. Honestly Demonland has a good thing going. I read for more than I post, but can honestly say the mods and contributors to this site do a wonderful job creating this online community. Generally I wish I had more to contribute, and was able to connect with more of you, but I enjoy being relatively passive reading what you all have to contribute.
  23. I liked Fitzy. He was a relaxed easy going fellow whenever I spoke to him at training/events. Nice read, the toenail thing is a tad odd though. I suppose it's more palatable than my mates sending me pics of their excrement.
  24. My family and I are stuck at Sydney airport due to a scheduling snafoo from our travel agent. I won't get there, but would expect something around the 31k mark. Hope those going make it feel like we have 90k there! Carn the Dees!
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