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  1. Great read. We all lived through those dark days, it is really a blessing that roosy came in and helped set up the blue print for what is the demons today.
  2. Honestly I feel sick just waiting for the game to start. It's a combination of excitement, nerves and probably that huge burger I ate last night. I just can't wait for the first bounce.
  3. Nah, just the one between my legs. Sorry if you can't relate.
  4. In my experience most Cox tend to shrink in stature when it gets frosty, so that might be a good move.
  5. Geez, Collingwood have hit their peak at the right time this year. Going to be near impossible to beat. Honestly didn't rate them at the start of the season but their team is terrifying when clicking.
  6. It's the weirdest stereotype in the league..... Think about it. We are being ripped on for being wealthy, cultured and educated. Jokes on them, these are all compliments as far as I'm concerned.
  7. Do the Freo Dockers have a forum? Might be an idea to engage the purple army to join the cause and use up some food those tickets to support the dees.
  8. They will be without Brad Sheppard who is a very underrated footballer. Sheppard is one of West Coasts top 10 players. He was amongst the best when we played them in round 22, and had played every game this season prior to injury last week. This will force them to make a change, Perhaps Schofield is the likely replacement. This will weaken their speed a tad, Scofield isn't a like for like for Sheppard. I think Dom Tyson wasn't great, but will remain in the side and look to make an impact. No changes.
  9. If it's one thing we prove for the rest of this decade, it's that him leaving us for GWS was the wrong move. We can't do that if we welcome him back. I want him to watch Is rise and have him wish he was a part of it.
  10. Oskar Baker was sitting there next to Clarry, with a great opportunity to be interviewed. Bt looked at him, realized he didn't know who it was and then went looking for someone that he recognized. If BT is going to roam during the finals, he needs to know every player on every list.
  11. Yeah, I did notice his presser seemed a tad salty. I get it would be hard for him after a loss, but they all have extensive media training and Clarko could have been better in that moment Deep down I think Clarko thought they would win it, I think he is grappling with the fact that the next generation of good teams don't include Hawthorn!
  12. Road trip. Who owns a bus? Jump onboard the Dee Bus...... 🚌
  13. Sicily dishes plenty of it, nice to see him on the receiving end for once.
  14. Hawthorn- nanananananana heyeeeah good-bye!
  15. Fair amount of booing? I think they are referring to the weeeeeeed chant that goes up across the ground when he gets the footy. They would know this if they bothered to watch our game last week....
  16. I just hope he is on Kobe's ear telling him to pick the Dee's when the time comes for father son nomination. We need a second coming of the wiz (and not a second purple Jesus). Glad Jeff's heart still beats true for the red and the blue.
  17. Didn't really take much from it. Sounds like they are ready to pack the season in and go hunting for Bambi. And they rip us going to the snow...
  18. Provided everyone pulls up ok go with what's clearly working. In: Blind Optimism Out: Hawthorn
  19. Cats fans have been sensible with their thoughts on the game. Nothing written that's too far from the truth. Scott would be in the hot seat if it were not for his extension. I expect some of their old guard to also retire.
  20. Out baby demons are some of our scariest players. They are not afraid. Is this the hardest football team left in the finals? Even the kids are gladiators!
  21. Harmes should be given a 10 just for smashing selwood all game. He was massive for us.
  22. Don't worry, we have Vandenberg back now. Their outside runners can run all day long........into the Vandenberg brick wall!!
  23. Geez if we got past Geelong and the Hawks dished out that game again then they would be out in straight sets.
  24. Seems to be some bitterness from some opposition supporters now that the demons have climbed out of the gutter. I think for the longest time it has been easy to dismiss the Demons as a non threat, and they have really enjoyed sticking the boot in. All of a sudden the Dees are like the unpopular/unattractive girl at school who develops and overtakes all the mean girls for attention. We are now the threat,and the jealousy of other supporters is real.
  25. Just charge your glass for all those demons fans out there who stuck it out! They have been hard years, but the good times are just around the corner!
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