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  1. Pound for pound the best 1 on 1 player in the league. Nobody comes close!
  2. I was hoping he would get a crack on the wing in the 1s, but it wasn't to be. Hopefully 2019 is the year he breaks into the side.
  3. I'm glad the vfl was televised this season because watching him in the 2s gave me some faith in his ability. Will benefit from more games and will be certainly be called on if poor form or injuries happen to our back 6.
  4. Must be a big trade week ahead. Got a fair few list spots available now. Can't imagine we will bring in just kids to fill those spots. Preuss, Koladashnij and May must be a lock. Good luck to Dion, hope I he finds his way back to the AFL system.
  5. He would be a depth player much like he is at Essendon.
  6. Liked his vfl form this year. Not sure how out list looks until after trade week. Certainly at least a rookie list option. Could be a late pick for senior list depending on how many list spots and picks we have left after potential trades.
  7. Would rather let him walk for nothing then get screwed by St Kilda. I wouldn't be surprised to see a side like the Gold Coast spend a pick in the 50s in the draft for him if he were forced into the draft.
  8. Lost his spot to the kid from home alone. Will need to change his game if he wants to break back into the side. Still a quality footballer.
  9. To be fair to Jesse Hogan, he has endured more than a young man should. He isn't going home just to be back in WA, he is going home because he lost his father and battled cancer. Totally different to stars swapping states in the past.
  10. Premiership window is open now. No room for players who won't help us hoist that cup. If he can find more opportunities elsewhere and the compensation is suitable I see no reason to hold onto him. I wish him well if he moves.
  11. If you would like an interesting perspective on this trade, have a look at what they are saying at Dockerland about the potential deal. Quite a large number wed to the idea of of waiting until free agency and getting him for nothing next year, or that he is only worth pick 5 if they get a second round pick back, or just worth a first rounder straight up. Some posters see his value, and are salivating. Either way, interesting reading from their perspective. Clearly some think that key forwards must grow on trees....... https://www.dockerland.com/index.php?option=com_kunena&view=topic&catid=1&Itemid=251&id=492595
  12. Be interesting to see how trade week changes the odds.
  13. Would West Coast have used a dual ruck combo if Nic Nat was fit? We will never know. WC winning was a good old fashioned best team on the day scenario. There is nothing about that list or game plan that screams "blueprint". Congratulations to them, they were just very fortunate to play us out West a week before and not today. I think we would have beaten them at the MCG today.
  14. Agree, the compensation for free agents prevents is from access to the top 10 in this draft. Have to play hard ball with Freo. Even if it drags out other deals and we miss a deal for a May we must stand firm.
  15. Dees need to play hardball with Freo. Hearing Luke Darcy's comments about Freo flipping their pick 4 compo from Brisbane for Neale to Port for picks 9&10, and then sending 9&10 to us for Hogan feels a bit light. I think we stay firm and state that pick 4 has to be one of the picks we receive for Hogan. Especially when Freo still have pick 5 this draft and a future first rounder in the cupboard.
  16. Yeah, to the Swans. For family reasons
  17. Halloween is just around the corner. Maybe he is dressed in his 2017 Jack Viney costume.....
  18. With the delistings, retirements and rumors swirling about vanders, Hogan and Kent it makes food sense to lock him up. He could be in the mix for round 1 given the potential list turnover. I'm hoping he has a massive 2019
  19. Family comes first, and this isn't a case of a 21yo chasing a million dollar pay day. He has a fair reason to weigh up his options. Support his decision either way.
  20. Interesting topic. Would Freo prefer to move a top 5 pick with a year of development under his belt or surrender an additional top 10 pick in a stronger draft for Hogan? I'm sucked in by the hype of this year's top 10, and would rather have two cracks at this year's crop. I rate Cerra, but imagine walking away with the King brothers after the draft.
  21. I actually don't mind Koladjaksfndhdhdbsnij as a player. He looked good early on, bit has really disappeared with concussion issues. I'd be keen to give him a go. Would be happy with a 3rd round, but would give a second rounder for him if he changed his surname to Smith (just so we didn't have to spell his name on the forum)
  22. http://m.afl.com.au/news/2018-09-26/lions-utility-open-to-exploring-other-options He looks like he is on the move. SA is preference, but open to move anywhere.
  23. I don't want May, especially if it means giving up a top 10 pick we get for losing Hogan. May will be 27 at the start of next season, and will cost a huge chunk of salary cap. Lever, Frost and Omac developing down back. Not to mention Keilty, Petty and Baker all drafted for back half.
  24. Maybe someone can extend an invitation for Caro to be in a podcast on demonland, that's where the real action happens at the club!
  25. We paid pick 66 for Balic last year who could only muster 4 games for a garbage Freo outfit. Kent is probably best 22 in 2018's 4th best side. Pick in the 40s or jam it.
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