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  1. Without BM there would be no doggies flag, even if he wasn't there when they eonbit. He helped set the foundation there. The work he has down with Harmes has been fantastic and I honestly believe he can have that impact on any players who are willing to listen to him and put the work in.
  2. No idea what is happening in the four walls at the club. Maybe they did review, maybe they didn't. We can Only speculate, either way the results are daggers in the heart of the supporter base so something needs to change quickly. The only thing we can do is start analysing the top 4 draft prospects in the TAC cup because at this rate that's where we are headed this season.
  3. Our trade table returns are looking a tad lean. I hope for the clubs sake there are some performance benchmarks in Lever and May's contracts. If Jetta is out for 10 weeks it's pretty much worth sitting him out for the season.
  4. Just sack him and replace him with a VCR with a Tae Bo workout in it!
  5. At least they didn't send out an email asking us to buy finals tickets when wont be making finals.........
  6. We are not playing finals this season, so why waste valuable game time on Lewis when he will be hanging them up at seasons end. Bring him in against Hawks for a farewell match, then have him down at Casey as an on field coach. If we are going to lose I would at least like us to be playing some untried players like Baker and Chandler to see if they are going to be useful next season.
  7. Out: Finals In: Languishing in the bottom half of the ladder. What a f'ing waste of a season.
  8. We haven't used a 1st round pick for 3 drafts now (2016 Hannan in 3rd, round, 2017 Spargo in 2nd round, 2018 Sparrow in 2nd round) which means we are not in a position to trade out our 1st round pick in 2019 for Langdon (we we're able to go 3 drafts in a row because we took 2x 1st in 2015 which were Clarry and Weed. Collingwood can give up a first round pick, so they are in the box seat at the trade table. He would be a great fit for us, but the Collingwood FC will find a way to get this deal done.
  9. The sand in the hourglass is running out for Billy. Given we are probably the second slowest side in the AFL it's quite telling that stretch isn't part of the coaches current plans. I think there is a place for him in the side, but his next chance might be his last so his next stint needs to be his best footy. I'd like to see him back against the tigers.
  10. Can someone go and open a tinder account for Neita! He should be studded!
  11. That Preuss for Tyson deal looked good this week. Pruess helps us win up in Sydney, and our twos run rings around Tyson in the VFL. Maybe we got one right!
  12. If we keep playing Oscar down back we are going to get fined for tanking again...
  13. Weeds strolling around like he's doing his groceries....
  14. Congratulations to him. He has been one of our shining lights through some dark years.
  15. I still rate Jesse, and honestly believe we would have won the Port and Essendon games if we had him up forward. May and KK may end up being a better package, but as of the end of round 3 the fact is that the subtraction of Jesse and addition of May and KK has not improved our team.
  16. Honestly session this early is ominous. If it works it could get the train back on the rails, but if it's doesn't where do they go from here? I'm hoping that whatever is discussed works, because if it's doesn't I wouldn't be surprised to read the paper next round that the demons are having "boxing sessions" to work out inner frustrations within the playing group.
  17. What's the old saying: Father time is undefeated? Hibbo was huge for us in 2017 but it would be a bit much to ask him to replicate that form with another 2 years of tread of the tyres at the tail end of his career. He is in our best 22, and probably holds that spot this season. Next season is his last contracted season, and his position in the side depends on the development of other players around him and his ability to hold off decline in his game. He will pick up his form this season, but the 2017 form is probably unattainable for him so we need to keep our expectations in check.
  18. Been hard to watch on TV. Not too many winners out there for Casey. Chandler is interesting, will see what the next few weeks look like. Maybe we have found a player in Chandler. Stretch plays against the Swans. I hate to say it but I don't think the club is going to find it too hard to open up list spots ahead of next season.
  19. Trust can be earned and trust can be lost. You can rebuild trust with the footy public. My concern is the love for the club. I'm a 3rd gen demon, and after witnessing the last 15 years of tripe my family and I have started losing that love for the club we have supported our entire lives. And I'm not alone here, I've spoken to so many demon fans who are just over it. My son wants to follow Geelong, and how could I blame him. How many generations of demons fans are we going to keep losing? It's just hard to continue to love a club that doesn't offer the excitement of finals footy and premiership flags.
  20. I'm interested in finding out how many of the 45,000 memberships have been already been microwaved..... Surely we we league in microwaved memberships!
  21. Look, I understand the frustration given a 0-3 start. But let's be honest here, the CEO should be assessed based on off field performance more than on field. Coaching is up in the air, and yes, he has a hand in that part of the business. But from the outside looking in the club has record membership numbers, good sponsors and minimal off field issues since he has taken over.
  22. By the time Lewey is ready to come back season 2019 may have already passed us by. Unfortunate for him because if we are not in a position to play finals it's players like Lewis who will need to make way for younger untried players in preparation for 2020. We have missed him out there, no doubt about it.
  23. Fritsch - our cleanest player His game wasn't world beating but he won some huge 1/1s and his skills in and around the contest and at ground level were excellent. Hunt - Handy up forward. Hunt played well up forward, and deserves his spot in the side. Credit where credit is due, he is trying hard to reinvent himself and signs are promising.
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