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  1. I'm not convinced Goodwin will run Gawn/Preuss combo for the rest of the year, meaning we should get to see a Petty/Weed duo up forward due to Weed replacing Preuss. Will be interesting to see how that works.
  2. If CGS get a priority pick I hope it follows the same guidelines we got in 2008 when our priority pick came at the end of the first round (which we used on Sam Blease). As bad as the Suns are, the blues, Saints (and now apparently us) are also in need of top end young talent. Shame Carlton swapped draft picks, they need another top end kid.
  3. Hannan - was he playing??? Hannan obviously is working his way into fitness after a long stint on the sidelines, buts it's been several weeks now and he just looks miles off.
  4. Goddard must be [censored] to suggest that. Clarry is probably one of the top 5 emerging players in the comp, no way Dees trade him.
  5. With Tommy Mac out for the year it's worth trialling the two in tandem for a few weeks. Season is cooked, if we can make it work then the back end of this season is where we find out with little consequences given we cannot play finals.
  6. James Jordons game surprised me. He was draft bolter at pick 33 was very much a Smokey. It's looking like he might be a player, if keeps playing like that he might see himself break into the side by seasons end. I honestly didn't see that coming.
  7. Roo has a great football mind. It's a shame he seems to be heading down the media path because he could make a great coach.
  8. On recent form Carlton are the more in form team. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if the "bound by blue" forums (or whatever they are called) have a "If we lose to Melbourne" thread going about how embarrassing it would be to lose to us right now.
  9. We need to be planning for season 2020 and that begins by avoiding the temptation of playing your Lewis, Smith, Maynard, J Wagner types who should not be on the list next season. Preuss has to come in. I don't care where he plays, we need to find out if this guy can cut it and he needs a 5-6 week stint in the 1s to give us an idea of where he fits in 2020. JKH is in the same boat. Has been teetering on the edge of retaining/delisting for a few seasons now. His VFL form suggests one last stint before a decision is made in his future. Bitter pill to swallow but Petty and Weid will probably get gifted more games even though their form doesn't warrant it. Lever probably gets wrapped in cotton wool so Petty has a role to play. Also, it's time to stop rolling out guys under an injury cloud. In pains me to watch Hibbo at the moment. Never have I seen a guy in such need to rest and recovery. Out: Smith, Hibbo (needs a few weeks to heal) In: Preuss, JKH
  10. Ingerson was A Grade from what I remember. What a cracker of a player he was!
  11. We are paying the price for our deals at the trade table over the past few years. I'm not putting this on all on the trades (form of senior players, injuries and coaching panel have played a part), it's just more that with us giving away so many top end picks it has denied us the opportunity to have a young a-grade talent push through and move the list forward. We have done ok drafting in the middle parts of the draft, picking up some good solid talent who don't have star quality. Having one A grade kid push through the team right now would be really helpful. Instead we paid a heavy proce for the likes of Lever and May who are good footballers but haven't made the side better* *Injuries have stopped the potential of these players making the team better, however when you pay a high price this is the cost to the list if that prize player gets hurt.
  12. Any idea if anyone is live streaming the game?
  13. Agree with you Pman. He has a list that is not yet capable of consist 4 quarter performances yet his side has pinched a few wins and got close to a few more wins. They will have a Brisbane Lions like rise in the coming season or two.
  14. My 2 cents on this: - One more year for Jones. We won't have trouble freeing up lists spots. Jones is ahead of some of the others due to exit the club. - Won't be Captain. I can see Gawn/Viney captaincy time share next season - Transition to forwardline. He is a decent set shot, tackles well and can still find the football when it's in the deck. Can be rotated through middle for small parts of the game if need be.
  15. I think we need to tinker with the list to see what is going to work going forward. That means both winning and losing games as a result of tinkering. I'm not interested in the lowest draft pick, but I'm interested in getting games into players like Baker and Lockhart to see if they can be permanent fixtures next season. I want to play finals, but I would like to play finals next season as a result of tinkering and getting games into players now.
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