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  1. The way we are playing ATM, I have no idea when our next win could be. This is the part that scares me.
  2. Wèed needs to go with TMac back in the forward line, play Kelty or Petty down back. Retire Lewis, say goodbye to ANB and work from there.
  3. Season is done, cant believe it. Chaplin at least needs to go.
  4. The marvel universe is ruining football. As for J Hogan, where is he?
  5. If we can fun some crumbers to support him the potential is there
  6. Well he loves horse racing, maybe we can send him to the paddocks. His best days are gone.
  7. Out season 2019 In forward planning for 2020
  8. When do we start tanking? Never thought this thus would need serious consideration.
  9. Game over and lose next week the season
  10. Three biggest problems with the game: Umpiriing Goal Kicking Gillian McLachlan
  11. well thats game over. Thanks for ruining my afternoon Dees!
  12. FMD the bump is dead. That should not be a week even in womens footy.
  13. Season is too long as it is. Have the preseason, play 18 rounds and finals and that would be about right.
  14. Currently $26 in the Brownlow; could be the investment of the year.
  15. Peter Vardy deserves a guernsey, thought he went ok.
  16. Either star the game earlier (10am) or later (8pm) should be considered.
  17. Watching Mary Poppins with the missus. From what I saw the movie will be more interesting.
  18. Would take a practice match win over AFLX anyday!
  19. No way Geelong will finish higher over the Pies. Pies deserve to be favourites
  20. Let them play eachother once and leave it at that. Top 4 finals, 1 v 4 and 2 v 3 knockout then GF. All done within 3 months.
  21. Great write up, fair and balanced. Hope he is right about Oscar Baker.
  22. He could have got injured playing Netball. Didnt Petracca do his finger playing Basketball? Fail to see the difference, Cornes is a [censored].
  23. He strikes me as a combination of Rod Grinter and Neita, I’m not sure why.
  24. He’s an Adelaide Hills boy, there made of the tough stuff. He will be fine.
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