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  1. Young should have 17 it's what he had at the championships


    GO PHILI! 5 AND 0 without Embid. Epic game against Trailblazers keep it up Phili.
  3. Gould isn't big enough for CHB. He's a half back like Young, was BOG against Vic Country so I'm not sure why he is so low in the draft.
  4. His signing doesn't need to be done for ages he's going to be put in the same rookie rule that nabbed us Wagner and Lockhart.
  5. Are we a chance to knock them off? We played well over there last time without getting the chocolates maybe with the inclusions of Langdon, Tomlinson and our 2 draft picks (unless one of those is Kemp) with only the loss of Frost we can get the chocolates this time. West Coast have gained Kelly but I suspect have lost Rioli. WEST COAST B: HURN, SCHOFIELD, BARRASS HB: SHAPPARD, MCGOVERN, JETTA C : KELLY, SHEED, GAFF HF: SHUEY, DARLING, CRIPPS F: RYAN, KENNEDY, CAMERON FOLL: NAITANUI, YEO, REDDEN IC: HICKEY, PETRUCCLE, COLE, HUTCHINGS Rioli replaces Petruccle if he is somehow allowed to play. MELBOURNE B: JETTA, MAY, HIBBERD HB: HARMES, LEVER, SALEM C : LANGDON, OLIVER, TOMLINSON HF: FRITSCH, T.MCDONALD, PETRACCA F: MELKSHAM, WEIDEMAN, PETTY FOLL: GAWN, VINEY, BRAYSHAW IC: JONES, HUNT, YOUNG, ROBERTSON( OR WHOEVER WE GET AT 8 UNLESS IT'S KEMP) Harmes to tag Shuey. Viney to tag Yeo.
  6. I wouldn't mind Jackson at 8. Big tall CHF is what we need in case Weid doesn't make it. My draft would be. ROWELL ANDERSON YOUNG GREEN SERONG KEMP JACKSON ROBERTSON STEPHENS ASH WEIGHTMAN FLANDERS
  7. Is there anyway you can do that can't find it on Kayo?
  8. Just watched the under 18's vic metro v vic country match and it's worth watching on Kayo. Get excited because Young was BOG. Quality user of the ball and knows how to find it. I can't stress enough that we can't split pick 3. He is a gun. Pick 8 fine but not pick 3. Serong is a good player was very impressive. You know what you get from Rowell and Anderson. Kemp didn't notice him too much. Flanders as I said vanilla for mine. Ash his football brain worries me a little bit but he shows some dash. Flanders is vanilla for mine played as a tagger against vic metro and didn't impress me.
  9. The top 5 seem set Rowell, Anderson, Young, Green, Serong. The next 6 is a bit tricky in Flanders, Ash, Kemp, Robertson, Stephens and Weightman could go anywhere.


    Great to get the win but I think the season is over. Nabbout out with a hammy and Kruse still out with a hammy means it's gonna be tough for the next month or so.
  11. Will Kemp play this season? or is he out for the season? When did he do his knee? I wouldn't mind Kemp being picked by us at 8 there is very little to worry about with knee recos now. One year out and your back on your feet, still prefer Weightman I think you can pick up a small forward at 8 if he is that good.
  12. No No No don't waste a pick on another ruckman. Outside mids and small forwards are what we need. Gawn, Preuss and Bradtke are enough.
  13. LANGDON: See what his outside run makes a difference. T.MCDONALD: Must find 2018 form. GAWN: Can he continue to dominate. OLIVER: Can he get his kick\handball ratio correct. BRAYSHAW: Can he find his 2018 form.
  14. Melksham is in my best 18 how on earth is he depth? DEPTH B: JORDON, O.MCDONALD, J.WAGNER HB: MURRAY?, HORE, KOLODJASHNIJ C : VANDENBERG, SPARROW, BAKER HF: HANNAN, J.SMITH, NEAL-BULLEN F: HUNT, BRADTKE, LOCKHART FOLL: PREUSS, C.WAGNER, SPARGO IC: DUNKLEY, CHANDLER, BEDFORD, NEITSCHKE Jones is on thin ice. I have Martin in my best 18 not sure if we will take him yet. Our 2 draft picks are in the starting 22. Hore, Vandenberg, Hannan, Neal-Bullen and Hunt are proven depth players the rest have plenty to prove.
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