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  1. Saw something similar. they're considering Young and Stephens with their two picks. Blues expected to take Stephens if Freo go for Robertson. so if we bid on Green we're likely to be able to take our pick from Ash, Kemp, Weightman, Pickett, Robertson
  2. Can't really seeing Jackson play too much next season. i know he's said he wants to play round 1 but i really think if we draft him 2020 will be a development year for him, learning the game and spending a lot of time in the gym. not an issue at all but i don't think you'd draft Jackson if you're looking for instant impact.
  3. Order of preference assuming no split for pick 10 Young Ash Kemp Stephens Robertson Serong Weightman Pickett
  4. Bid on Green matched 3. Jackson 10. Young - Freo take Ash, Robertson - Carlton take Stephens 28 - Taylor
  5. I think there is some chance of getting Kemp at 15 and Pickett at 20 i think most on here would be pretty happy with that result.
  6. There is absolutely no chance the Swans will decide not to bid on Green with their first pick.
  7. Cal Twomey suggesting in his phantom draft that if Serong is there at pick 10 we will take him ahead of picket and that Kemp and Robertson are well and truely still in discussions.
  8. Max isn't a great kick, players can learn to work within their limitations. though i'm not sure Jackson is as bad as is being made out.
  9. Not related to the MFC but geez there is an exciting side building at Freo. add in Young Robertson Henry.
  10. Talking about that game. Young Jackson was very dominant in the ruck, impressive follow up work and played a huge role in the result. he's a bit like Dean Cox. he basically gives you an extra midfielder.
  11. No, we don't. we know our list is a lot better than 17th. though i agree if we take a risk it should only be one pick. if we want Jackson we should go for one of Stephens, Kemp, Ash, etc.
  12. Another thing i'd add is the Giants are crying out for a small forward. so if they do get a bonus top 5 pick that might well be something they look at. Serong is probably one they could take who could make a quick impact as a forward.
  13. MFCSS is strong this year. i can absolutely see us taking both Jackson and Pickett and watching Ash, Stephens and Young go on to become superstars and Kemp win 3 brownlows at the cats.
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