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  1. .....[snip] Melbourne and Fremantle have chatted today. And Fremantle and Jesse are still in contact.
  2. Wagner is doing okay but I don’t think he’s a long term solution
  3. Ladder position - 7th (out first round of finals) Bluey - 1. Clayton Oliver 2. Max Gawn 3. Jesse Hogan Goals - Jesse Hogan (60) Tom McDonald (45) Jeff Garlett (41) Best first year player - Charlie Spargo - 15 games (20 goals) Most improved - the inclusion of Jake lever helps Oscar become one of the AFL's most reliable defenders Disappointment - Dom Tyson finds himself playing at Casey regularly and on the trade block at seasons end
  4. We will be patient with him i'm sure but with Garland going out, Tommy going forward it gives us a bit more depth down back. I think he's definitely someone who looks like he could very easily become a reliable AFL defender
  5. I spoke to someone who is quite involved with talent scouting particularly up in the north east vic area and he said to me Charlie has every attribute of a top 5-10 pick but his height drops him down. I think he'll be a great addition to our forward ranks.
  6. Neville Jetta Oscar McDonald Jake Lever Michael Hibberd Sam Frost Nathan Jones Jayden Hunt Clayton Oliver Alex Neal Bullen Christian Petracca Jesse Hogan James Harmes Jeff Garlett Tom McDonald Tomas Bugg Max Gawn Jack Viney Angus Brayshaw Christian Salem, Dom Tyson, Jordan Lewis, Bernie Vince I think we'll look to hand over the midfield to the younger guys and phase Jones, Vince, Lewis out and into other positions. I think with a full pre season Brayshaw is ready to stand up. I think forward pressure will be a big priority, Bugg, Neal Bullen, Garlett, Harmes are all good in this area and with the two talls it gives us the capacity to play four ground level Backline looks great, three All Australian quality defenders, Oscar a promising up and coming defender, Jones has experience and great ball use and Frost i think will continue to develop in the role.
  7. I reckon Billy is tracking along nicely, he provides the run that we are lacking, he's just not quite damaging enough yet, but i think it'll come.
  8. Really glad he got another chance because he's a ripping bloke but i think also a smart pick up from Port. Worst case scenario they get a great clubman and very strong SANFL performer creating pressure for spots, developing young players and providing leadership. and they're paying him peanuts to do it.
  9. I must admit i wasn't really sure why Richmond weren't giving him much of a look in, but having watched him pretty closely in the VFL finals it's really hard to see one aspect of his game that is AFL standard. He's slow, not a great mark, fades in and out of games, average ball use, doesn't seem to read the game well and was lucky to get on the end of a few easy goals.
  10. Carlton chased him last year but he decided to stay with the Tigers, i wouldn't be surprised if they grab his as a DFA
  11. Had the pleasure of meeting Jeffy towards the end of this season, he's a genuinely lovely bloke who absolutely loves the Dees. Dion can learn a lot from him and hopefully the two will find themselves causing headaches for oppositions sides together next year.
  12. Got Lever for what is about the = of a top 5 pick. very good deal for both parties, i think we come out on top of the deal simply because draft picks carry an element of risk, and we didn't give up an established player. Got Balic for a pick we wouldn't have used, has upside, so definitely won that deal. 4 picks under 47 gives us the change to bring in 4 good prospects through the national draft, i suspect we'll target some speed and skills with these picks and really try and round off our list. I wouldn't rule out making a play for an established back up ruckman incase Max goes down again. I'd say we get a B plus. we did what we set out to do, but nothing more.
  13. We aren't talking about the big scheme of things, we are talking about the website. our website is not nearly as active and up to date as other clubs at this time of year, it's an area the club could clearly improve. I don't think it's whinging to point that out. if a more active and up to date website makes the club more appealing and makes members and supporters feel more engaged and involved with the club more often, that's a good thing. we need that membership base to grow, and sitting on our hands and not pointing out areas we can improve isn't the way to do that. if you don't like the whinging at games, functions, training and on Demonland i'm sure you know the solution to that issue isn't whinging about the whinging on here.
  14. You just whinge and whine about any poster who offer even a slightly negative view of the club or it's players, regardless of how valid their point of view is. virtually every other club website is more up to date and active at this time of year than ours, it's not unreasonable to suggest this is an area the club could improve, especially considering we've had some pretty big stuff happen recently with trade week and Max re-signing. a lot of Demonland viewers are not only long term members but also financial supporters of the club and have a right to regular and up to date information. especially when it's so easy to point to other clubs who are better in this area.
  15. I suspect the speed issue is something we'll look to address in the draft, Hartung i don't think fits the model for the type of players we want or need. He's not a competitor, he isn't a good tackler, he's ball use is very poor at times and his only real AFL asset is his speed, which i also think is overrated.
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