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  1. He looked good and fitted right in with the other members of the team today at the Team Photo shoot. Well done to the FD.
  2. Don’t think a younger Robbie Flower would have helped us in 88 the Dawks were just to big to strong and to good plus well coached. It’s 1994 for me that was our time.
  3. Agree but even more important , I would like to see the FD getting someone from the Umpiring Department of the AFL down to training to teach our back men how they interpret the rules so we stop getting pinged for free kicks.
  4. So who are these company's that you know the club are missing out on. Sounds like you are are well connected person so lets see what you got. Also what the assets that the club are not over-commercialising? Your comments of me not knowing what you are privy to is just keyboard hero stuff. What I am saying as a fact is that in the current economic environment, Sh#t 2019, reduced free to air coverage, this current Partnership team "NOT PERT" is doing a very good job.
  5. Not a fan of this as a preseason promo. Its the old "Actions speak louder then words" for me so lets see how they come up after the the first three rounds.
  6. So you feel that there are a number of companies out there that are willing to part with 6 figures or higher to a club that finished seconded bottom? and what assets do you see that the club is holding back on? It looks easy when you are sitting behind a keyboard.
  7. Yes agree the Partnership Team is doing a great job given the on field performances and the negative social media some of our so called supporters post last season.
  8. Sorry he wouldn't qualify under "have to have coached at least 1 senior game with another VFL/AFL club before coming to Melbourne" There is only one coach that meets this , anyone want to guess who???
  9. Good point ProperDee, 99 solid games for the Dees. He was mentioned when this list was been formed but I think the red wine kicked in and he some how got left off. OP might need to review this one.
  10. Why do we as supporters and members keep talking about recent past players so much? Aren't they part of the problem that has added to the poor culture that we keep hearing about? Surely we need to look at the current players worth keeping and getting the right new ones into the club and start breading a successful culture into our footy department which they the players, coaches and support staff can say they did. I read with interest that the Tigers after their bad loses ( including to us) sat down as a group and had some real home truths aired. That is what We should be taking about and wanting not if MC or LJ will ever play for Melbourne or an another AFL Club.
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