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  1. Will be playin again this year.. although had a shocker last year and got well and truly thumped in my league! Coach: Micah Team: TeamoSupremo
  2. My guess is GC were set and eager to deal with us after Hogan stuff went through. Freo stuffing us around in turn stuffs GC around too. This "offer" is GC's way to help us pressure freo
  3. TeamoSupremo is ready as always to talk the talk... and fail miserably!
  4. Viney alluded to some kind of "similar foot injury" in his latest video interview on MFC site... although he kinda threw the blanket over the whole rehab group... "Spent a lot of time with Aaron Vandenberg, Tim Smith, Sam Weideman. We've all got kinda similar foot problems and in similar positions in rehab" He did then go on to say how impressive Sammy has been and increase in size... so hope its all good :S
  5. Does anyone know for sure how Geelong are impacted by the whole 'must use 2 first round draft picks in a rolling 4 year period' situation? Nakia Cockatoo was their last first round selection in 2014 draft, and without first rounder to use in this years 2017 draft surely they are required to keep/use first rounder picks for next years 2018 draft? - perhaps even required to trade in a first round pick ontop of that to get their 2 first rounders in 4 years? Most I've found about it is random Herald Sun article basically saying the AFL are only planning to loosely follow that rule until 2019 when it will become much stricter.
  6. Although finals is a different level completely, I have a huge concern regarding the 17-5 set up in that it will ultimately dull down finals. Entering this system mean that we will already have had these top 6 teams play off against each other just before the finals. Therefore, although not under 'finals' type pressure, we still possibly see the same teams over and over Looking at some current day traditional rivals, eg Hawthorn Geelong for example, this game ends up usually being a great spectacle and exciting close contest. However this system will inevitably end up with a year/s where we could have Hawks v Geelong in round 16, then again once in the final 5 rounds, then again in the early finals, and again in a grand final. That would be 4 meetings of the same two teams over virtually 8 weeks or so. Though that is an extreme example, I still worry that the top 6 being the 'best' of the year playing each other in the lead up to finals would diminish the excitement of finals when we just repeat similar contests
  7. Unsure if this approach is still allowed, correct me if I'm wrong but GWS can no longer load up on picks for points. They can only go to the draft with as many picks as they have positions on the list? Also on topic, wish Dunn all the best and hope to see him get some valuable time in the seniors in the future even if it's for Collingwood. He's been great for the club and even more so in his role at Casey marshalling the troops.
  8. Have no idea what was actually said, so this is likely COMPLETELY wrong but is there a chance that it is us that would delay the Hibberd trade? Knowing that we are virtually giving up our only semi decent pick leaving us pretty much done at the trade table this year, perhaps we have asked to wait and see if we can work some magic in order to gather other picks etc? Use our pick 26 elsewhere but ultimately we end up with a similar pick after trades and only then use the new similar pick for Hibberd?
  9. I have a feeling that this "some chick" is once again Dr Turfs daughter... which MAY slightly raise her credibility.... However i seem to recall she was the same person claiming Jack Watts was gone at the end of last season....
  10. That SEN segment was a joke. They were saying hogan was restricted free agent next year among a few other questionable points. If the other posters above didn't already discredit it enough, be very mindful how uneducated some of these reporters are
  11. Pretty sure that same vision included Melksham returning to train with that same banned group? Unless they merged the two stories to make it seem that way. Butttt if it's the first then not entirely sure that hurley training is enough to say he is a bomber next year
  12. Although probably over analysing it might even be the whole "posh vs bogan" difference, plant / plarnt dance / darnce etc, no right or wrong, just based on speech preference
  13. Couldn't find the more recent video of him saying it, but Christian actually does say a more 'Petrahca" style pronunciation in the opening moments of this old video. Have heard him say it this way every single time
  14. As above, haven't joined the leagues in the past so would be happy to start at the bottom. Team name was RIPpetraccaACL, going with TeamoSupremo this year. Don't want to jinx him but keeping it.. Not sure how to check my rank from the past year but tend to average in that 2000-2100 bracket
  15. "Reigning best and fairest winner Bernie Vince has suffered a minor setback after breaking his little finger at training last week. Vince was spotted with a splint on his finger at the club's training base at AAMI Park on Friday morning. "Unfortunately he had an incident last week. He'd actually just made it back into the main group and then busted his little finger," Jones said. "He's got a little pin in there. It's pretty standard, most boys at this time of year might suffer something minor like that, but that's not going to affect him in terms of weights and running. "A little bit of (an interruption) with ball work for a few weeks, but he'll be sweet."
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