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  1. If we get Dillon Stephens, I don't give a stuff! Watch his highlight package, fast, kicks great goals. Exactly what is needed
  2. Exactly. This is the best post I have read for some time
  3. Why go past Stephens if available.? Genuine pace, lovely disposal, kicks a very good goal. if he can be got at Number 3 I would be delighted
  4. These senior coaches don't teach skills do they? By the time a kid is recruited he must have the skills. Then teach tactics, game plans etc. why don't we accept that we haven't had a high draft pick for some years. The newbies we played this year were not exactly high-flyers. They were deficient in skills, otherwise they would have been higher in the draft. But they filled gaps left by senior players, and they were not up to it. Inevitably one or two will make it, look, eg, at Harmes. in 2020 we will have one ( at least) exciting new talent. More importantly, if each of TomMac, May, Lever, VDB, Hannan, Joel Smith are available following a decent preseason , if Viney and others who largely played this year but didn't have a preseason, then you will see an infinitely more skilful team
  5. I think this is the example which shows there was NO conflict of interest. It is well known that Jack and Ollie were great mates, yet the decision was to recruit Toumpas who was disappointing.
  6. I disagree. Pies needed to win by 10 goals. Considerable angst on their bench and coaching area
  7. If u r rating Lever today, u r not watching the bloody match. He is awful. Oscar is better!
  8. The players don't give a stuff? Really? You saw it tonight and thought that? I can't believe it. They were outclassed. Close to the weakest team on paper that I can ever remember. Guys like Baker and Kennedy Harris ( who didn't play well) nevertheless gave it a red hot go. Fritsch played well, Petty showed a lot, even Wagner had his moments. And at half time we trailed by 3 points. Cameron Ling's comments about Richmind in the wet are dead right, we weren't up to it but no-one wasn't trying
  9. And just to add to the above. That is why Fritsch had to play back for so many weeks. secondly, when our stars were all up and running last year, some ordinary players looked ok. Oscar played a number of good games, ANB was pretty good, even Spargo held a place in a prelim final team. Hannan was often excellent. when the stars are missing the second and third tier players look v different
  10. "Our backline is fully stocked" But 4 of them are half fit at best. They have barely played together all season . And some weeks none of May, Lever, Jetta and Hibberd were unavailable. Of course they have not yet meshed
  11. Another superb kick by ANB, gives us a goal in the third! Great pass to Fritsch
  12. Well you ignorant moron, he's made brilliant moves thus far in this game. Lewis v McGovern, did you foresee this? Has it worked?
  13. ANB had a very solid last 20 minutes
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