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  1. Surprised you tipsters are not including Lockhart as the small forward. I though that considering his absence of a preseason this year he was very promising.
  2. I think we should be assured by the 4 out of 12 list managers from other clubs who would have picked Jackson at 3. Sure, 6 would have picked Young, and 2 chose Green. But of the 4 who would have opted for Jackson, a couple absolutely raved about him" we would have taken him in a flash" and they highlighted how well he had developed in such a short time. Unbelievable potential was another comment. He just might be unbelievably good! Young offers a lot immediately but Jackson might ultimately be very special
  3. I'm not arguing about player development. For example, we destroyed Trengove and Grimes by making them captain far too early. I also think that in other hands early on the Jack Watts history would have been very different.
  4. Do you suggest Scully was a bad pick? Starred in Y1, from recollection about 20 disposals in the final quarter v Footscray. Then taken from us by the biggest bid ever from Suns, after year 2. Was becoming a seriously good player with them when he smashed his leg quite horribly and Trengove was a great first year player, and his career was ruined by his foot injury. But in any event, more recently, I believe the drafting of Oliver, Viney, Petracca, Salem, Gawn ,Tom McD, Fritsch, Hannan, on top of recruitment of Vince, Lewis, Hibberd and Melksham, lay the foundation for the next few successful years
  5. I suggest you revise your opinion. The draft failures are largely a thing of the past. Since Taylor has been there we have drafted well. Amazing successes from low draft pick choices
  6. Well if Stephens is available to us and we don't pick him I will be disappointed. Look at all the forward line players on our list. Those who could expect to be in the team are devoid of pace. I just think Stephens us better than Pickett so, Jackson or Young , followed by Stephens
  7. Just a reminder. We are v weak in key defence positions. May and Lever quite unreliable, unlikely to play, say, 20 games between them per season. Much as it hurts to say it, we need pitential key defenders
  8. If we get Dillon Stephens, I don't give a stuff! Watch his highlight package, fast, kicks great goals. Exactly what is needed
  9. Why go past Stephens if available.? Genuine pace, lovely disposal, kicks a very good goal. if he can be got at Number 3 I would be delighted
  10. These senior coaches don't teach skills do they? By the time a kid is recruited he must have the skills. Then teach tactics, game plans etc. why don't we accept that we haven't had a high draft pick for some years. The newbies we played this year were not exactly high-flyers. They were deficient in skills, otherwise they would have been higher in the draft. But they filled gaps left by senior players, and they were not up to it. Inevitably one or two will make it, look, eg, at Harmes. in 2020 we will have one ( at least) exciting new talent. More importantly, if each of TomMac, May, Lever, VDB, Hannan, Joel Smith are available following a decent preseason , if Viney and others who largely played this year but didn't have a preseason, then you will see an infinitely more skilful team
  11. I think this is the example which shows there was NO conflict of interest. It is well known that Jack and Ollie were great mates, yet the decision was to recruit Toumpas who was disappointing.
  12. I disagree. Pies needed to win by 10 goals. Considerable angst on their bench and coaching area
  13. If u r rating Lever today, u r not watching the bloody match. He is awful. Oscar is better!
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