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  1. Thought Smith was ok in a tough position until he was killed in the last quarter
  2. Barassi always used a torp kicking for goal. It is not hard to kick. If u r kicking for goal u r not hoping someone will mark the ball except the kids 15 rows back
  3. Tas Johnson is your man!
  4. Absolutely right! But if Fritsch or Hunt have a shot from 50m , why not give it a go? Apart from anything else it prompts defenders to play further up the field, in case someone kicks goals from 55 m
  5. In today's Age Malcolm Blight extols the virtues of the torpedo punt, as well he might because he used it magnificently. i want to tell all Demon supporters that we have an equally great exponent. Last year, 90 minutes before the first final v Geelong, Harmes and Fritsch amused themselves by having dozens of shots at goal from out on the old cricket pitch area. Harmes landed a few decent long shots. But Bayley Fritsch was a revelation. He kicked an amazing number of goals using a torp from 60m plus, and they were going through half way up the posts, with unerring accuracy. I've never seen anything like it! In my view Bayley should always play in the forward line. Things are pretty hopeless aren't they? .Lets have a bit of fun. Put Fritsch on the forward line and tell him to go for it
  6. I What the hell is wrong? The last phase was typical. We scored despite our best attempts not to! Why are we fumbling this year and not last year? Is everyone so down in confidence? Lack of fitness probably explained it originally but that should not be the case now
  7. Isn't Kielty normally a defender? Hard on him to play him CH forward. I would play Oscar, Kielty and Sparrow. Viney out. Play Tom forward. Drop Weideman, Smith at FF, have to drop someone else, perhaps Lewis.
  8. You guys are pathetic. Viney no great loss? You have to be kidding. And Jones was B o G three weeks ago
  9. Well I think it was poor management! Could not believe we allowed Hogan to go in exchange for a very ordinary, thuggish defender. Bloody hell! Hogan had survived a serious back injury, testicular cancer and the death of his dad, and we simply waved him goodby .i calculated last year that his goals per match ratio was higher than that of Josh Kennedy after the same number of games. sure, he had some problems. What sort of character was Jack Riewoldt three or more years ago? To those who were happy to rely on Weideman instead of Hogan, I hope you are enjoying the Weid's sparkling start to the season!
  10. Farmer


    So scared that the commentators picked him as Best for the Hawks!
  11. I agree. I wouldn't plat Frost in ruck. But the two are playing because they are decent players who played together in a number of our good wins last year
  12. Well there has been a match between Geelong and Melbourne, since our loss down there last year. For those with no memory it was a Final at the MCG , we played both Frost and Omac and we beat them very well. Don't make such disparaging comments after one match ( this is not directed just to you Rusty but to all the other morons with no memory!
  13. Looked anything but slow! And up against class opposition he did v well
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