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  1. U are dead right! He is a genuine forward. As soon as he gets it he thinks " goal". Others such as ANB do not, they instinctively think " who will I give it to" Baker disappointed me once yesterday, had the ball 40m out, slight angle, I was screaming at him to kick it, but he tried an impossible pass. Team play is to be commended but if the chance presents itself---/
  2. Players lazy. Don't give a stuff? You have to be joking. You , Picket Fence and other haters go and watch some other sport.. the absurd aspect is that if Weideman's kick had been a goal none of you knockers would have bern writing the crap you now are. every player tried his guts out, every player was bitterly hurt. When Melbourne was easily the best ream in 1955, they kicked 5.15 then 6.16 then 8.18. Surprisingly enough they lost all three matches. It happens to every team from time to time.
  3. J Wagner and Fritsch are decent AFL players. Fritsch is a genuine forward having to play back because of injuries
  4. How many games has Petty played? Three? Yet you dills give up on him. What did Tom McD look like after 3? its the same really with Kielty. Has hardly played. You give guys like this a decent go before you write them off. Don't You?
  5. Goodwin had another shocker at selection! Problem with this statement is that when they picked the team it was forecast to be wet. Cold and showers. Preuss would have been useless if so.
  6. If u think this team isn't trying, u r not watching
  7. Well he was better than OK I thought, but he MUST develop his kicking on the R foot. Every time he turns back onto the left he either falls over or is caught.
  8. Well surely you can see the problem. Last year, most of the time he was playing alongside Hogan. Weideman hasn't made it, so Tom McD is the only tall forward we have. He attracts the best defender each week. And yes, he is not in great form. He tried bloody hard as he always does
  9. Well, bugger it! It's boring to set this out but some of you need to read it. Add the following to the team and what does it look like? Hibberd, Jetta, Salem, May, Lever, Hannan, , Vandenberg, Koladjasni , Joel Smith,
  10. What is he eexpected to do or say? I can't recall such a weak list available. Thirteen out, then we learn that Salem was gone also. I predicted a ten goal loss. We've found a couple of players in Hore and Baker
  11. Very hard on Viney, Josh Wagner and Harmes. I also thought Smith gave it his best shot, crashed the packs, competed in the ruck
  12. Thought Smith was ok in a tough position until he was killed in the last quarter
  13. Barassi always used a torp kicking for goal. It is not hard to kick. If u r kicking for goal u r not hoping someone will mark the ball except the kids 15 rows back
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