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  1. It's back!!!! I have had a couple of discussions with the club today and members will be getting an email in the next few days outlining a Debt Demolition style campaign similar to the one that Jim Stynes implemented more than 10 years ago. As was the case back then, donations will be tax deductible. It's been touted as a possibility by a few posters and they have been proven correct. Bring it on I say - I want every person as well as my club to survive this scurge of a virus!
  2. The important thing is all of us appreciate that ours and every AFL club is going to be affected financially like they never have before. Would I talk about a need to raise funds for my football club on a general coronavirus forum? No.....but this is Demonland - MFC supporters who love the club, surely it is the appropriate place. Of course we shouldn't be top of the list, my point is we are not even on a list! We are ALL affected, directly and indirectly by this horrible virus. Who, how and when we help in our way is purely our choice and no judgement should be made either way. But currently there is no organised option for those of us that would like to help the club now, hence my suggestion of a GoFundMe page. The good news is that something is happening. I have had a couple of discussions with the club today and members will be getting an email in the next few days outlining a Debt Demolition style campaign similar to the one that Jim Stynes implemented more than 10 years ago. As was the case back then, donations will be tax deductible. This was always the preferred option for me with every cent raised going to the club with no time lag. Whilst on the phone I also bought a ticket in the Demon Draw which has a $30k first prize. At $200 it ain't cheap, but there aren't thousands of tickets sold and I see it as a donation anyway.
  3. So sorry to hear Demonland. Hope you and your family are OK.
  4. Thanks ‘Chell’. I believe there would be a lot of people out there thinking the way we do. I have no fundraising experience but have been giving myself a crash course in GoFundMe this last hour or so to see if that would be a viable option. It seems around 98% goes directly to the cause with almost all the fee being credit card costs, which seems reasonable. Frankly, if there is someone here with the time and expertise to get something going I would prefer that. Failing this, I am willing to take it on. I want to make sure it is absolutely safe for mine and everyone else’s money first and that it goes to the club. Of course the MFC may organise something themselves which is the preferred option. I will be attempting to contact them tomorrow and ask the question and to see if they are comfortable for me to start something if they have no plans. As a 41 year member and former office volunteer they have my details. I am also willing to give these to Demonland moderators. Rjay is absolutely correct when he says people are suffering. The Government is and will continue to assist financially and through a variety of other means to minimise the pain. Personally, I have lost $40k of my moderate superannuation and yesterday was my last day of work in my daily part-time time until further notice – whenever that is. I am now totally reliant on my aged pension. But where rjay is wrong is in believing saving a football club is down the list for so many of us. This club has been the one constant in mine and many others lives. What price do you put on that? It will take time, but this virus will be controlled. My super will rebound. The scars will remain for the rest of our life perhaps but on top of all this, I don’t want 2020 to be the last entry on our clubs headstone.
  5. I hear you, but it's a matter of choice. I'm not saying at the expense of other worthy causes but I'd like to think many of us would like to save the club and staff jobs before it gets too dire. Believe me, that's not fear mongering or too far away if wait 'until the time is right'.
  6. Forgive me if this has been mentioned or even began, but is there a Go Fund Me or some organised fund raising effort under way somewhere to ensure our club stays solvent? I'm a pensioner but willing to contribute $500 for starters. If a quarter of our members did the same that is $5 million. I want my club to survive!
  7. Just thought I would bump this from Crystal Dees from 2018. After 18 months the clan is still going strong and many Melbourne supporters are part of it. We all have a bit of fun playing and a enjoy bit of banter including Dees talk in the chatroom. The clan was created for Melbourne supporters so if you play the game join our clan. If you don't, then check it out in Play Store or Apple equivalent and have a hit and giggle. It's free.
  8. Yep - you're right. VERY happy to be wrong with this. The missus reckons I'm going deaf, she may be right too 😔
  9. VERY embarrassing if you listen to this on the Melbourne fc app. It starts with "Bomber Radio is brought to you by Zurich Insurance...." C'mon fellas..... Geez!
  10. He could be the 3rd tall and help in the ruck whilst developing. Obviously as a tall he won't peak for a while but I'd be confident he won't take as long as most talls to have significant impact.
  11. I saw all the televised u18 carnival games and he looks a VERY special talent. The Brodie Grundy comparison is spot on. Far from a lumbering type he offers more versatility than the typical ruck prodigy. I certainly wouldn't be adverse to selecting him with pick 8. Best available theory.
  12. Indefensibley wrong by the AFL! Take out the last 40 seconds of our round 8 match and we finish equal last. Incredible assistance that just keeps on going year after year. More players, more high level picks, no cost 'Academy' kids. Our great work in the NT being diluted. Yes, give them a hand but all this overkill in the extreme. I'm guessing we'll just roll over and accept it as a club like always.
  13. Oh OK, but the fact remains he could leave then and from a GWS perspective they can get a guaranteed 2/3 pick and salary cap relief now. Of course we have to convince Lachie but....
  14. Coniglio has just re-signed on massive $. GWS have to be stretched to the limit of their salary cap now. Whitfield is a restricted free agent end of next year. They wont get anywhere near pick 2/3 as compensation if he left. We will never be in a better position to have a real go at the exact requirement of our team. We have to explore this possibility to the hilt.
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