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  1. The whole world is taking massive hits everywhere and will continue to do so. Don't think draft order is high on the priorities at present. If we do have to give up pick 2 to North then so be it. Nobody will hold that against Mahoney or the club. Maybe poita.
  2. I watched the game heavily under the influence of red wine by the end so my views may not be in line with everyone else’s. A shame about Vanders, but I feel like he is almost in the same boat as Bennell... any games this year from him will be a bonus. Impressed with Jackson. He had 12 hit outs in a half of footy. For comparison‘s sake - Gawn had 14 in a half. He has a dip too and just oozes class when he gets it. No exposed form as a viable option anywhere else but in the ruck, so I’m prepared for him NOT to play Round 1. But I really like what I see. May and Lever showed why we paid three first round picks and a big wad of cash to get them. Neither were outstanding individually but collectively our defence conceded 6 goals for the entire game. May in particular makes everyone walk taller and is usually a great kick. Now, we just need them to stay fit. I didn’t notice Spargo that much last night, but people quickly forget how effective he was in his first year. He’s an excellent decision maker And his game stood up in September that year. He definitely plays ahead of Kosi for now. Agree with the Hibberd haste - just not sure what happened to the AA guy we got at the beginning. Very one-sided and rushed again last night. He gets a game Round 1 but Rivers will edge him out very quickly I predict. Oh man how could I forget, Tomlinson and Langdon you beauty! The latter is meant to be a [censored] kick but hasn’t missed a target in two games. Just goes to show that bargain basement, lower profile Paul Roos-style recruits can sometimes be just as valuable as the big names.
  3. I went to Arden Street today. It’s not the best viewing ground with no elevation to speak of, and they inexplicably didn’t sell any food or beverages despite a healthy crowd in on a Friday afternoon. Oh well, North’s $$$ they lost out on. Overall it was a nice outing and we were clearly the better side. Not often do I pay attention to the quality of opposition in a pre season game, but North were noticeably awful. We went really hard at the ball and had some really good overlap happening, particularly in the first three quarters. Goal kicking was abysmal but let’s get that out of the way in a game that doesn’t matter. Rivers, twice in the space of 5 minutes in the third quarter, executed risky kicks down the corridor from the back 50 that both paid off and both resulted in Melbourne scores. I really liked the boldness and skill of that. He’s a dark horse to play early in the season. Hibberd better watch out if he brings his 2019 form. Mitch Brown, 0.5 I think, but he is the next Pederson for sure. Really like what he brings. For those who might be wondering - KOSI didn’t play at all in the last quarter. He was very impressive in the preceding three.
  4. Someone coincidentally asked the same thing on the North board over at BigFooty. Nobody knows for sure but it sounds more unlikely than likely that there'll be food and drink.
  5. I'll probably go to this on Friday. What are the chances of there being a sausage sizzle, canteen and/or canned drinks being sold? Can anyone remember from the Pies game last year?
  6. I can make out 'TSON' and you can see that the heights of all the players are listed too. Looks like maybe 185 next to the #5 name, which is pretty close to Robertson's height (I found 184 on Google). It certainly isn't 191 which is Anderson's listed height. I don't know about you guys, but I find it super interesting that we didn't rate Anderson in the Top 5. I literally spent months worrying if Gold Coast would pip us to the post with that selection and it turns out it didn't matter at all that whole time. Jackson was our man all along.
  7. They are our overall rankings. What I would like to know is if that is Deven Robertson's name at #5 then why didn't we take him, or even consider him, at pick 12 on draft night? Referring to the other video released by the club too.
  8. First post in a while. I'll be honest and say, I was never into Jackson at 3, in fact I was hoping all the way up until tonight that we wouldn't call his name. A WA ruckman at 3? Surely not! But alas it was, and now is time to take the glass half full approach. The updated highlights video was extremely well timed. He ain't no dinosaur ruckman. The guy looks like an incredible prospect really, a modern-day prototype. 200cm tall and incredibly nimble. Can mark overhead and he doesn't look like a complete unco when he kicks. How many rucks can kick off their left peg? I can't recall any. I'm confident that Jackson can be a very good AFL player, just hope he can hang around in Victoria longer than Hogan and the Wiz did.
  9. Wait a minute, Max Gawn saying May is... 1. On the long term injury list 2. 6-7 weeks away from returning 3. Not even running yet Either Gawn is telling porkies or Misson is. Which is it?
  10. If May escapes suspension then it's pretty much a dream prognosis for the walking wounded. JKH looked liked an ACL or broken tibia live - just bone bruising. Harmes has gone from 6+ weeks out (Demonland prognosis at the time) to a certain starter for Round 1. I'd happily trade a 7 point loss for the form Joel Smith showed today but the ease in which Brisbane moved the ball worried me a fair bit.
  11. I know he's a big talent but I feel like Carlton are pinning all their hopes on Sam Walsh. Reminds me of when Scully and Trengove started out. Let him be!
  12. [censored] me some people will be able to complain about anything the club does. It probably took some time for the scans to confirm it to be an ACL. Just like Jake Lever, whose prognosis was in limbo for a good day or two after he did his. Yes, Jake Lever, one of our highest paid players who did it in A REAL GAME. Let's be honest if they'd confirmed the news yesterday you'd be whinging about the club detracting attention away from the AFLW game. Had they done it straight away on Friday and it proved not to be an ACL then you'd be criticizing them for jumping the gun! As for the young fella, shocking luck! But he'll be like a new recruit in 2020. Best wishes to him!
  13. I remember when the original 4 year contract was considered excessive.
  14. I'm based in Shanghai at the moment. I think it's better than living in Melbourne sometimes for two reasons. 1. The games start two hours earlier than Melbourne time. Not as much time waiting around nervous. 2. You can get as immersed or as a distanced as you want during the season. Can always go to the Sports Bar and have drunken yarns to other diehards if you want a good atmosphere, but after a loss, it's easy to move on, because nobody outside of the small expat bubble GAF about footy. The 24/7 AFL media in Melbourne is good to avoid after a loss! Having said that, nothing beats going to a game live at the G.
  15. WOW! Weeds is a big boy now. He's not a fast guy or a manic endurance athlete so he needs to rely on his excellent pack marking and strength in 1-on-1 contests. We saw a glimpse of that in September, with an extra few KGs and newfound confidence, and no Hogan, look out! Makes a mockery of those who wrote him off early. ME INCLUDED!
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