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  1. It's hard to be an object of pity, ('bad luck mate good try") My wife ("It's only a game dear"). Even before it started Richmond players were laughing and joking, confident of an easy win. After sixty odd years of supporting the club, sadly it seems we have truly become irrelevant. `
  2. Need was a disaster but Denis Jones would have given him a run for his money as one of our worst coaches.
  3. I was at the Punt Road oval when Roger Dean dived. All of us in the crowd were trying to work out what happened....no replay on a screen to to enlighten us. Today Dean would probably only have been fined for staging.
  4. If I remember rightly Melbourne beat Geelong in an exhibition match in the early sixties in L A. I don't think it ever led to any follow up interest.
  5. As we only seem to be able to play for three quarters all concerned should receive three quarter payment......not that It would make much difference.
  6. There does seem a lot to look forward to.Petty has also progressed well since his less than ideal debut, If he keeps improving he should become a regular member of our backline in the future.
  7. I also remember that game. I was out on the railway line wing...think Frank Davis was captain Barry Bourke played some good football when he moved to the backline. They were difficult times, always hoping we'd recapture the glory days.
  8. I think Dennis Jones was up there (or down there) as one of the least successful coaches.
  9. Black and White Night was over on Grand Final.....Blue and Red night hasn't reached midnight yet (I'm hoping)
  10. After Sunday's effort I fear the season is is in serious danger becoming a train wreck and the only light at the end of the tunnel is a freight train bringing another missed opportunity of finals footy. Sadly it looks like another repeat of last year's fade. Not enough respect was paid to a team that had won only two games and some puzzling selections contributed to a very disappointing effort. As a long time supporter I left the ground thinking what's the point of wasting time being subjected to this frustrating torture. I think the unhappy fact is we are still not good enough. No doubt I'll get over it but at he moment the future doesn't seem to offer much hope!
  11. Great VFL GRAND FINAL preview with "Matty" talking footy with "Plappy" !
  12. I remember that day clearly. I managed to get a ten shilling standing room ticket from a scalper .Got there early to get a good view in the Southern Stand behind the goals at the Jolimont end. Saw the the under nineteens win the premiership...can't remember who played in the seconds . By the time the main game began a north wind had sprung up which made conditions a little difficult. In front of a huge crowd I was hoping for an easy win after our second semi demolition of the Maggies. It was a tight struggle and my three hour ordeal looked like heading for disaster after Gabelich kicked "that goal". Somehow Crompton managed to seal it...what a relief being surrounded by Collingwood supporters who thought they had it. I had to ask someone who kicked the goal as there was no such thing as a replay screen.and I could barely see over the fence. Dixon and Adams were the stars I remember, Barassi had a frustrating day and my John Lord kicked two goals. That's my recollection of our last Premiership. at the time there was a real feeling we had got out of jail rather than elation.
  13. Curiously he was slotting goals with ease off a few steps during the pre game warm up.
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