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  1. In- Team Defence Mark's inside 50 Out- Vacant defensive 50 everyone going for the same ball/contest. I would move track to the centre square and let fritsch do his thing forward.
  2. We seem to play the game between the 50m arcs? There is no one at either end of the ground when we attack or we defend. How can you play as a unit with positioning like that??
  3. I suspect that 4 changes would be too many. I think Kielty would have offered more than Frost. He will get his chance. But not this week.
  4. I went today expecting to see "the Melbourne way". I think i must have missed the briefing? I thought that the Melbourne way was contested possessions, pressure and work rate? I realise that it was hot and the wind was a bit swirly but there was no intensity or work rate. I think that it's very simple to blame the defenders when there was little team defence around the ground. Today we seem to have had a complete mare across the board. I'm really concerned about next week against the cats.
  5. This is the way it looks to me. Berry does not see he is about to run into May. It was a stupid decision by May that was made worse by Berry's complete lack of awareness. Deserves to be fined
  6. Last time I was there Brad Miller played his best game for the club on Hall and Cam Bruce slotted the winning goal. Great to catch up with the cheer squad at Bass Hill caravan park too!
  7. Will have a look at the game when I get home. Richmond had more clean possession and spread well after 1/4 time. Hunt must have a death wish. Goes for everything. Richmond clogged our space after 1/4 time. Thank God they didnt kick straight! Two things I saw were RAnce sticking a knee in the back of a Melbourne player when getting up and stretch throwing a errant foot out at a richmond player when he broke the tackle. Clarry is a star
  8. Garletts shoulder was right near me. Rance's arm came down on his shoulder. Not good. Garlett showed courage to contest against the odds
  9. I had a feeling that the rotations through the midfield were biting us. Richmond were doing their flood dump kick attack that quarter. Weeds seemed to get caught under the ball a few times. We need that tall option to take the contested marks
  10. Richmond winning in the air and on the ground. Who is 38 for them? Killing us in the air. Is number 34 for us Hore? He has done ok INHO. Poor disposal from gus, nibbler, JKH and stretch hurt us. RIchmond spread brilliantly and opened us up. I have not seen Dusty up close before. I now see why he is so hard to stop!
  11. A lot to like. Defence working well together. Attack looking potent. Only a couple of the kick ins have been changers. A good performance. No injuries.
  12. See you there Ding! I'll be making the trek from Wang
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