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  1. Great players! Loved the flash, who invented "forward pressure" There is some vision of flash sidestepping a few players in a forward pocket. They were mesmerized! Wheels was tough and none can forget that hit on hird!. Congratulations and well deserved!
  2. Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit amphetamines!
  3. Love the 7 early games at the G. Great for us country folks!
  4. Have the best people in our medical/conditioning department now. I would be concerned for him if they decline.
  5. Difficult for GC. Carlton in the box seat unless GC select him in the PSD.
  6. Ok. So he is not a restricted free agent?
  7. Isn't he a contracted GC player? If there is no trade he needs to wait another year? If they let him through to carlton they get nothing. If they take him in the PSD then they get compo for him and get something. It seems that they need to take a stand as a club
  8. I am thinking that Melksham and Hibberd fit will make a huge difference to the team
  9. If we are down for just this year, we need it to count.
  10. We have leverage with pick 3. We should look to get a good deal and a good player that suits our needs.
  11. SEN reporting that Tom Papley wants to come back to Melbourne and that he doesnt care who he plays for. Surely we should be looking at him with pick 3?
  12. Without knowing what the rationale for recruiting Tomlinson is I suspect that he is a solid citizen who can release other players to play in other positions. May playing marking Wing/forward. I suspect that we will be developing a number of forwards from within which should include OMac and Petty
  13. This is the point. We could have any number of picks and concessions but still screw it up. Not unhappy that GC is getting help, p!ssed off that we can't manage our club properly. Better start in 2020
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