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  1. Reports we could now be getting picks 8 & 16, as Brisbane trading 5 to Adelaide for 8 & 16 (Crows want Izak Rankine who'll be gone by 8 as port now have pick 6), then on trading those to Freo for Neale, Freo than on trading those to MFC. (MFC has demanded two 1st round picks and those are first round picks). Hope MFC demand 8 & 11 and not allow Freo to have the cake (Hogan, Lobb and pick 11) and eat it too.
  2. Pick 39 from saints is for Hannebery, Kent will be for a pick 50+ Gold Coast will demand Pick 5, if May leaves next year as a FA they'll get a first round compo which would be pick 2 if they finish last. Pick 5 is fair for May and KK.
  3. Can't disagree with you, I loved Goody early. However, all year I've felt off. Today just made we feel like if we had Clarko, Dimma or even Lyon we'd be well in the eight. I look at the hawks team and I can't justify them being above us on talent. I'm not against Goody but I reckon the questions need to be asked. Hope we fire next two but if we don't. Next year is make or break for me.
  4. I'll start this post with the claimer that this is just my opinion & would love opposing feedback. In any case, after 21 rounds I've finally felt the justification to post this. I'm a big believer in energy and I believe that our current coaching staff, in particular Simon Goodwin, feeds/installs negative nervous energy into our players. Big far fetched statement for sure, and I'm sure many eyes will roll but here is my justification: Simon Goodwin's jittery and nervous interview before Collingwood round 23 last year was the first sign. As a supporter I was beyond confident going into the game, people talked of a danger game & I laughed in my head believing in a 10 goal win against an injury ravaged pies (Pendlebury etc... out), but my confidence plummeted once I heard the pre interview from Goodwin game day, after hearing from him I went from confident to nervous. This was a genuine feeling as a supporter hearing him speak. He spoke nervously, he voice was shaking, he repeatedly mentioned what a big game it was. Thinking back I couldn't imagine Clarkson speaking in the same manner. In any case at the time I let it fly. 10 years ago I would've laughed at the argument that a coaches pre game interview could have any impact on his players but that changed after hearing from the tigers and Hardwick last year. It's been on record that once Hardwick started being more relaxed with the players they started winning important football matches and as we know eventually the 2017 premiership. Remember when the Tiges would choke in finals? Hardwick admitted that he was too intense built the games up too much, much like I felt like Goodwin has. I remember the tiges being like us, paralysed in important games, missing shot not playing their real game that had made them successful. As history shows post 2016, Hardwick changed his coaching demeanour, he became more relaxed, & open, this year that mantra is demonstrated by first year player Jack Higgins sharing a joke with the players at 3/4 time, heck Hardwick and the team even laughed at the crows 'power stance' post the anthem in the 2017 grand final. Lets be honest we have the players that are in the top eight sides of the comp, currently we don't have the mentality to win the big games win they matter, and for me that come down to the coach and his energy on game day. I heard an interview with Petracca a few weeks back on SEN and he said he was nervous in the last few mins against Adelaide when Betts hit the post in the goal square. My thoughts immediately went to Dusty Martin thinking would he be nervous or would he be thinking about finishing the game off. Harsh but my thoughts. IMO in big games we play nervous, we miss shots on goal, we don't play our natural game and we loose from unlosable positions (Geelong twice near siren, Port, etc.). All this reminds me of the tiges before last year. Goodwin must change his intense (contested ball focused) nervous demeanour he projects on our players to be our next premiership coach. If he he doesn't IMO we'll be nothing but a first week losing finalist like the tigers of old.
  5. Tyson has ability IMO. He is just currently poor in the contest due to his slow decision making and kicking technique. The coaching staff have seen this and put him on the wing. Unfortunately for Dom this position doesn't suit him as he is slow and doesn't read the outside game and his kicking isn't elite. Dom still has potential but needs to strengthen his core to withstand the tackle and needs to give the first option. His height is his biggest asset meaning his best position is as an inside mid not a winger.
  6. Goes back with the flight, gets unfairly crunched in the back by Sam Day. 50 metre penalty. Kicks the goal. This is after multiple concussions in previous seasons. Tough and Classy. Not saying you but I feel seem watchers don't believe he's tough because he is a beautiful left foot kick. Remember Jase Taylor saying on draft night that we got him due to his excellent skills and tough as nails attitude. In Clarry, Viney and Hibbo's league in regards toughness.
  7. IMO a poor comment, leading goal kicker last year and lead us to one of our two victories against Brisbane. There are others that deserve more criticism than Jeff. Easy Target.
  8. We haven't been poor. In fact if we played like this against the Hawks at half time we'd be in front by a bit. It;s painful for me to say this but they're just really good. Only way we win is if they continue to miss goals from the goal square. This game feels like Queens Birthday 2010. They're better but we can compete.
  9. And that's what could cost us the game. Footy is a game of momentum more than ever before. If you don't capitalise when you're dominant you tend to loose the close ones against even teams. You won't keep getting chances to miss, eventually Hawthorn will have their time in the sun. We've won the inside 50s both quarters and are behind. Extremely concerned.
  10. Before the game, I thought to myself the only way Hawthorn would win would be if we fluffed our chances and they nailed theirs. Not feeling good at the moment.
  11. Missing kicks, fumbling, dropping marks, running over the ball, it's been a horrible start. To add insult we spend so much time trying to get him free poor Hibbo has lost the role that made him All Australian.
  12. Three times this quarter Bugg has stuffed up our best attacking opportunities. Gives his all but not up to standard.
  13. True, on a bright note though Brayshaw looks a number 3 pick again!
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