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  1. Always preferred him back. Seems to play his best football when it’s all payed out in front of him and he can take it on. Never looked comfortable as a forward.
  2. That is a phenomenal hit! Would have to be one of the all-time draft bolters if he went top 10.
  3. It's surprising how little time he's spent playing as a forward at senior level. We've seemed to be determined to transform him into a wing or half-back for the first two years of his career. Looks so natural and comfortable up forward.
  4. The promising thing is that he appears to have filled out his frame and has bulked up; rather than looking ‘cut’ or ‘ripped’. I agree, often we get carried away with the bulging muscles and veins we see in these preseason clips; but Weid’s starting to look like a man now. Fingers crossed.
  5. I’d say white tape. Angle of photo + six-pack makes it look 3D.
  6. Unfortunately, I just can imagine why GWS wouldn't match the bid. Even if it means having to match pick three, they get to claim the third best player in the draft two months after playing off in the Grand Final.
  7. According to my sources (wikipedia) there has only been one pre-season draft since 2014, and in that draft, only one pick was used. Only 3 players have been selected through the PSD since 2012 and Melbourne last used a pick in 2010 for Joel MacDonald. With all the other trade, free agency, delisted free agency, supplementary selection, mid-season draft and mainly the Rookie Draft - the PSD is obsolete.
  8. Yet to see any realistic hypothetical that would make me want to trade either top 10 pick. If we were going to trade, I would have done it during trade week for a player + pick. Cant see any club with the currency to make it worth our while.
  9. Going by most reports, he's close to a certainly to be there at 8. He's ours to lose.
  10. Gallery's up. Looks like a good turnout. https://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/2019-11-08/training-gallery-november-8
  11. Even if he was 'just a half-back flanker' - an elite half back is an absolutely essential element in a premiership team. Kid's a gun.
  12. Exactly- I’d say it was an ‘overwhelming success’ when they can move up the ladder higher than 16th. SOS has made very dubious decisions at both GWS and Carlton.
  13. "Despite his overwhelming success"... would love the good people at the Herald Sun to conduct my workplace appraisal. 18th, 14th, 16th, 18th, 16th.
  14. Jeff Garlett had excellent seasons with us in 15 and 17, kicking 82 goals and making the All Australian squad in '17. Historically, small forwards are very hard to predict and good ones rarely go top ten unless they are a standout talent. Since 2009 there has been one All Australian small forward that has been taken in the top 10 and only three in the first round. There is great value in small forwards in the draft if you pick wisely, not burning pick 8 on a player that has shown fairly little. Wingard (6) Rioli (12), Greene (11) Ballantyne (21) Chapman (31) Davis (34) LeCras (37) Walters (53) Gray (55) Cameron (7 Rookie), Milne (23 Rookie) Breust (47 Rookie), Betts (3 preseason)
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