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  1. He still has the potential to be a very good footballer. He has struggled for for continuity in recent years, which can make any player look average.
  2. Agreed - there is definitely something NQR about the place at the moment. I have never seen so many very good, good and capable players so desperately out of form and confidence at the same time. There will definitely be an end of season review and, in my opinion anyway, I hope it's led by someone from outside of the club. When these reviews take place, there's rarely mass sackings as the outcome, but it usually comes down to communication and role definitions within the club as a whole. Last year was not a one-off or a fluke as some have been spruiking; it was the gradual progression that has been building since 2014. We have gone from: 2014: 4 wins 2015: 7 wins 2016: 10 wins 2017: 12 wins 2018: 14 wins (+ 2 finals) To then go 1 and 5 says that something significant has occurred behind the scenes that we haven't got wind of yet.
  3. You mean where Essendon found All Australian Michael Hibberd, before taking him in the pre-season draft..?
  4. Tomlinson is a free agent this year. Versatile with excellent disposal. Would play Fritsch’s current role much better and would only cost us cap space.
  5. That’s been the standout for me tonight. There have been countless times where a Melbourne player has worked to primes position only to be spoilt by a teammate crashing the pack at the last second.
  6. If I’d been offered 8 points down at half time 90 minutes ago, I would have taken it in a heartbeat. We’re starting to play a more familiar style of football and applying pressure that has been absent so far this year. We’re in the game. Now gotta win the game.
  7. Without being a killjoy, I’d say with the ten thousand things the umpires are looking for on the field, some blood on jumper was probably accidentally missed. In fact, as was the case with Gawn last year, it often takes opposition players to point it out to the umpire so that player has to leave the ground. As they are both important players to their team, perhaps no one wanted to draw the umpires attention to it.
  8. Anyone know how the draft order for the mid-season draft is set?
  9. We drafted Oliver that year. He is significantly better than all three of those players.
  10. How did he break Mitch Clark’s navicular and give him depression? If anything, Clark returned to football after his foot injury, it was his mental health that led to his retirement.
  11. Just out of curiosity... who are the 'multiple players careers' he has wrecked? Is there a club in the AFL that has not had players retire due to injury? What should the players do when they turn up to training on Monday..? Should everyone who is planning on leaving the end of a year (Roos, Jackson, etc.) resign immediately? (people are really struggling with who to blame now that Oscar has been dropped)
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