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  1. Hannan, Spargo and ANB played as our smalls in the 2018 finals... none are options here. Of the list, Pickett looks promising, but I think we’re forgetting how valuable a fully fit Hannan is.
  2. Looks like a beautiful Hong Kong morning to me...
  3. I guess that term means something different where you're from... Funny player Georgiou; massively undersized key defender, average skills, but somehow quite a good stopper. His last game was our great win at the Adelaide oval.
  4. I think people who have been wanting a return of ‘State of Origin’ will be disappointed. This will be a fundraising exhibition match and will almost be in bad taste for the players to take it too seriously. Hopefully raises a lot of much needed funds, but don’t expect there to be much action on field.
  5. I can't see how the logistics of this would work. They'd raise much more money if they dedicated Round 1 to bushfire relief. The places devastated by fire are going to need money and support for months, if not years to come. There's no need to rush an event of this scale.
  6. One of my favourite dees and so important to the team. Remember the home and away game we won against against West Coast in ‘18; he brutalised them in the first quarter and had them looking over their shoulders.
  7. Was undoubtedly an excellent player and one of the top defenders of the decade. The current media meltdown however feels a little disproportionate. He has always been a media darling and I for the life of me can’t understand why... Funnily enough, he doesn’t have a good record against the Dees at all. Second lowest average possessions and 1 of only 5 teams he hasn’t had a Brownlow vote against.
  8. Yep. Mcdonald turns 28 next year and after he and Weideman, the tall forward stocks are all but non-existent. Brown is very short term insurance and Georgiades wouldn’t be ready to play KPF for a few years.
  9. The 90s. When kicking a bag of 8 goals was so common, you don't even get the 3 votes.
  10. Reads the flight of the ball unbelievably well - just an incredible talent.
  11. Thanks for the reports! Any word on when the final training session for the year will be..? (fingers crossed they could put it on a Saturday)
  12. Love this off-season stuff! Moore. Andrews. Laird. Sicily. McGovern. Saad. Swallow. Cripps. Bontempelli. Dangerfield. Cameron. Martin. Gray. Franklyn. Billings. Gawn. Fyfe. Cunnington.
  13. Also not shocking to take the boots off before going on the bike.
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