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  1. There will be money up for grabs in the next six months for organisations that have projects ready to go. Following the GFC we saw that schools and community groups that already had plans in place were the ones immediately given stimulus funding. This of course meant that the money for projects was not necessarily awarded according to 'need', but rather who could get their projects started the quickest to get people working. I was working at a school at the time that didn't have a pressing need for a new science lab, but they had just so happened to have drawn up renovations specs as part of their ten year plan. That lab was almost immediately funded and built. So, I think there will be an opportunity.
  2. It is becoming more and more common in the AFL for clubs to move away from cities and 'spiritual homes' in order to find space. Six months ago, I didn't love the idea of Casey, but, as we all know, a lot can change in six months. GFC taught us that governments will put money into projects that are ready to go and get people on the tools as quickly as possible... Perhaps instead of viewing diving into a Casey Fields development as a rushed decision, we see it as an opportunity to grab stimulus funding for a growth corridor amongst marginal seats. (whilst also throwing our weight behind the Cranbourne bypass) It is a colossal amount of space with virtually identical dimensions to the MCG, neighbouring running track, swimming pool across the road, plenty of additional ovals...
  3. I think it looks good - one of the few people who can pull that look off. If anything, the long beard and shaved head was probably more showy than this. Max has already proven himself to be a champion player and strong leader. Nothing in these pictures is out of character or would lower the high esteem that he is held in.
  4. 94, 98 and 18 we peaked at the right time of the year after just squeaking into the finals. I think we tend to underrate our 2000 side. A team that finished top 3 on the table and had a huge run of form leading into the finals that year. We were very good, but as others have said, Essendon were not likely to lose to anyone that year. 98 was probably our best chance to win a flag, but maybe not our best team.
  5. I noticed that (Jake Lever I think). It's pretty telling that one of the leaders of our backline identified this as a significant shortcoming of Gosch's and a particular strength of Casey. You could couple that however with him saying 50 minute drive about 17 times... Casey Fields could be a realistic long-term option if they can build a Cranbourne bypass. At the moment, the traffic is a nightmare and is the kind of thing that would turn players/recruits off.
  6. Agree with most of this. At the start of 2010 I went to the club intra-match at Casey and saw Gysberts towelling up our established mids and even overshadowing Scully and Trengove. Was in and under all day, extracting and playing well above his size and experience. I thought we had a star on our hands when I left that day and 26 on debut against Geelong in Geelong and 27 the following week against Carlton (who played finals that year) cemented this belief. 2 rising star nominations over 2 years and a couple of Brownlow votes in a 30 possession performance against Essendon, he had the makings of an inspired draft choice. Then... fell of the face of the earth after 2011. Whether it was Bailey leaving, Neeld arriving, or just a lack of passion or will to play at the top level? I don't know. But the kid definitely had the talent to play.
  7. Yes... it was unbelievable.
  8. Isn't it incredible, almost completely unbelievable, that Collingwood made the inspired decision to move Howe into defense... genius. That is why Paul Roos is in inferior coach to Nathan Buckley.
  9. I'm going to sit this one out as I am too young to have seen either in any meaningful way. Would be curious to know, from those who saw him play, what kind of a player RDB was? Is there a current or recent player that you'd compare him to? From what I've read... perhaps a bit of Michael Voss..?
  10. I still don't really understand how all of this works... I suppose we still don't have the full story. I would have thought that if the players had issues with Schwab, then they should have been jumping for joy that afternoon. The seconds got smashed as well if memory serves correctly...
  11. That's very generous to Neeld and his approach to development, communication and people management. Each to their own, but tactical footballing nous is just a small element of coaching and you don't 'toughen up' young people by neglecting to nurture and support them. If a player has a positive relationship with their coach, they will run through brick walls for them. You don't hear many stories of Sheedy, Matthews and Malthouse being cold to their players - they were more akin to father-figures. The club was at its lowest point in its long history when Neeld left. He, and the regime that he was working under, completely gutted the club.
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