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  1. The guy’s a jet and we’ve been ‘linked’ with him for a while. He’d be worth a first round pick- don’t know about a top five pick though...
  2. I’m sure we’d find something in the 2017 pre-season drink driving thread.
  3. Jakovich traded or delisted? Including free agents like Rivers? Andy Lovell was an underrated loss.
  4. Demonland does not have a good strike rate for predicting contract renewals. There wouldn’t be a single player on our list who hasn’t been a ‘delist’ or ‘trade for zero or nearest offer’
  5. Or the selection of an overweight country kid who couldn’t even get a guernsey for the Nationals Champs at pick 4.
  6. Always room for discussion, but I would think that the Melbourne and Carlton football clubs have conclusively put this question to rest.
  7. FWIW... that's literally exactly what he did (and many would say, continues to do 2000 years after his death)
  8. Saw him commenting on the Demonland instagram this morning - great to see a past player contributing.
  9. I assume Winmar was being a divisive, virtue-signalling, social justice warrior, provoking a crowd who were exercising their freedom of speech in the spirit of true blue fun and banter...
  10. Well outside 50... wonder if the team rule is to put it to the top of the square or to have a ping..?
  11. Being available for finals is outrageous. When I first read the headline I though it was the whole season, which is swift and appropriate action. Being available to play finals for a top 4 team is completely unjust and sends the wrong message.
  12. You provided the example - I'm asking for the context of your example. Godfrey retired 2007, so I'd suggest that your example has absolutely nothing to do with the booing that Goodes received in the last 18 months of his career.
  13. Simon Godfrey..? What year was this? Is that when you think the ‘booing’ started?
  14. Feeling much better with Rawlings back in the coaching group; I’d say we would have had to top-up his pay to get him to give up his senior coaching gig at Casey.
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