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  1. Beautiful and deeply moving speech and video. Very keen to see Baker do well.
  2. I'm an optimist and will never go into a match thinking that we can't win, but realistically, finals aren't going to happen this year. With that said, I am very optimistic about next year in a similar vain to Geelong 2006/07 and Richmond 2016/17. Our best football is very good and our best 22 is outstanding; this year has proven that neither of those things are a 'given' and are far easier said than done. Plenty to keep me interested in the next two-thirds of the season though. Liking the look of Lockhart, Hore, Baker and Petty, and am very happy to see Hunt back in the team and playing with confidence. Excited by the hopeful return of Lever, Hannan Kolodjashnij and May. AVB is a favourite of mine and we were a much better team with him in it last year; praying for a miracle for his foot/ankle/leg/lower-body. If we can get a few continuous games into our best 22 before then end of the year, that should be a good springboard into 2020.
  3. Completely unrecognisable from the kid that got towelled-up against stkilda last year. Played with aggression and confidence. A very exciting prospect.
  4. Good debut and showed a lot of the traits that we’ve been wanting to bring into the team. He’ll hopefully pick up the pace and awareness with a bit more experience at senior level; his brain was definitely on VFL pace on a few occasions. I liked his instincts to run, carry and attack- we need more of that.
  5. In his interview he said wing/half forward.
  6. Much harder to mark cleanly too.
  7. Was just looking this up to post here as well. The torp is a thing of beauty when it works... which is maybe 15% of the time.
  8. That’s huge news about Lever! Great if he can have a run around in the VFL.
  9. That may be in reference to fitness to play senior football. By the way Goodwin describes it, sounds like he’ll just be making a cameo at Casey this weekend.
  10. Ankle injuries in his U18 year and some more since.
  11. It's incredible. 1 against us in 2014 and the other against Collingwood at the start of last year. Horrid record.
  12. Was excellent in the finals last year, which I think has brought him to the attention of a lot of the football media and public. Has gone to the next level this year, but I don't think it's come at a huge surprise to any MFC fans as it's always felt like a matter of time for Salem to bring it all together. Looks fit, healthy and confident.
  13. 3 x Best and Fairest and 6 seasons as captain puts him as a champion of the club. It is phenomenal to look back and see what was asked of him every week before Vince, Cross and Tyson were brought into the club. Have really liked seeing him spending time in the forward line this year. Gets the ball in tight, can find the goals and makes some big tackles. Definitely not a defender or a wingman, but there may be an ongoing spot for him as a forward.
  14. An enjoyable 49 seconds! (also the name of my sex-tape)
  15. Open microwave door. Remove membership. Put card back in wallet.
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