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  1. Someone who can ruck cos dawes is poo and someone who can mark cos dawes is poo
  2. Am I alone in hoping clearance machine Riley comes in? Dont really know the more effective player out of Riley, Michie and Mckenzie
  3. Corr Davis Bugg Haynes Patful Shaw Thats the backline they started with last week.
  4. Bloody AFL live pass cut out yesterdays celebrations and even singing the song in the rooms! If anyone has video of the 5 minutes after the siren, I would be extremely greatful
  5. Dawes comes in, Frost becomes 3rd tall, Watts in the guts. JKH out if Kent and Garland are fine
  6. Haha come on picket, you know the rules, it has to be in the form of a riddle! Would love to see tulip get recognized
  7. So is Vandenberg playing seniors or Casey? Great reports, much appreciated fella's!
  8. Hahah the more I look at Jones/Fyfe, the funnier it gets.
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