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  1. It was more in response to someone saying Petty is better after one game against a Dogs side that I really don't think is that great....
  2. Forgetting Weids 3 goal game in an elimination final?
  3. This has been the year from hell, with a terrible pre-season, consistent injuries and extremely poor form resulting in the disaster we have right now. My silver lining: - Marty Hore looks a solid player - Oskar Baker could be a great wing option - Harry Petty looks to be a great key position prospect at just 19 - Hunt has got back in some good form - We will most likely have a pick between 2-4 - We will get an easier draw next season We better put any players with niggling injuries in for surgery early so we can actually get a full pre-season or I'll be [censored].....
  4. This side is so hard to watch atm. Just poor skills all over the ground.
  5. I don't want to McDonald bash.... but he just doesn't look like it at the moment. No confidence at all.
  6. I'm liking the look of Jordon. Very raw, but you can see as he starts to put on size and get an AFL body he could be a very good player.
  7. I'd be all for going for both and offering Stephen a 1 year deal given his injury history. I just think the media make up whatever they think could happen. I could sit there and think of scenarios all day haha
  8. Curely they just make this stuff up and are guessing getting Stephen Hill is a sweetner....
  9. Unrestricted free agent so we can just pick him up if he wants.
  10. If we end up with say pick 5 or 6, what would people think about trading it to Freo for Hill, Langdon and their 2nd round pick?
  11. I'd be moving on the following: Garlett, Lewis, Maynard, Stretch, J Wagner, Keilty, T Smith.
  12. People in the AFL have short memories, suggesting the players don't care and can't win big games. Were they watching last year when we won two massive games at the G?? It's soooo obvious that the poor pre-season and long injury list has killed us all year. Yes, Goodwin needs to refine our gameplan a little, but if we go and sack him it would be a terrible idea and set us back again. Get a grip people, we are having a poor season in a year where there are literally no easy games. Oh and btw check out the Lions injury list, they've got like two players out and have had that all year.
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