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  1. I'd really like to see the Demons be innovative with New Era and come out with some new designs as opposed to the traditional emblems. In the US they have so many great hat designs for the different sporting teams and I think we can be a trend setter in Oz.
  2. I like this. New Balance and New Era are now massive brands, especially with the youth of today. Would love to see some specialized hats, similar to what they do in the USA.
  3. Surely Byron Pickett gets a gig?
  4. Just having a joke Saty! Appreciate all your reports and photos! Btw what's your early thoughts on Rivers? He's a good mate of my brother so I am following him fairly closely. Got to have a chat with him the Saturday after he was drafted and seems like a great kid.
  5. I give you a compliment for having clear photos and then you do this.... haha
  6. @Satyriconhome did you get a new phone or something? Your photo quality has improved out of sight!
  7. I think someone needs to tell Jackson he's no longer in Perth..... could miss the season with Pneumonia
  8. Dees to finish top 4 regular season and make a prelim Fritsch to kick 40+ goals Petracca to have a breakout year and average 100+ supercoach points Pickett to take a mark of the year contender
  9. Yeah I think so. I was also told Rivers will wear 24 (by the man himself).
  10. So Jackson was the 4th best player in ranking points at the champs behind Rowell, Serong & Mahony.... so not much of a reach really. Pickett seems to be the biggest reach, but was still only 0.6 rating points behind Liam Henry so not a huge difference.
  11. Have you been pretty impressed with the new Nieta? How's his skill level?
  12. He was at Bullcreek-Leeming until I think u14s or 15s (won a flag with my bro). Then there were some issues and that's when he moved, along with Jackson I believe. For what it's worth my brother called him last night and he is absolutely pumped to be picked up by Melbourne. He thought he would be going to one of Brisbane or Gold Coast, so it was a big surprise.
  13. It really depends on the type of kicks they are attempting. You can chip 25m kicks to a free player and go at 100%, but never get the ball going anywhere. He's very much a 40-55m kick type of player off half-back.
  14. Yessssssss. My brothers mate! We are all pumped about this. Not super quick but apparently runs all day and an elite kick. Edit: apparently our media team think he's quick so maybe I'm wrong haha
  15. I think Jackson could very easily slot in alongside McDonald and Weideman and play 70-80% forward and 10-20% ruck. This will allow us to play McDonald as the 3rd tall/roaming player that he is perfect for. Weid and Jackson can then rotate deep forward, keeping in mind both are very mobile also (Jackson obviously a lot more than Weid). I think Petty could potentially lock down a spot in the backline if Oscar is struggling again also and I like the fact he is 197cm but also fairly mobile for his size.
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