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  1. Fair enough.... I doubt I'd do 20 x 400's....
  2. Does Fawkner park have a big hill? I thought it was fairly flat
  3. Yep 100%. Plus the Eagles two less weeks. Would much rather play the top teams early
  4. Gee Young's kicking is a thing of beauty. Will be one of the best quarter-back style defenders in the comp
  5. Young and Weightman for me. Young adds a bit of leg speed and elite disposal. Weightman adds leg speed and x-factor.
  6. I agree it's unlikely, but you never know. I highly doubt the Suns will re-draft him now.
  7. I personally think that's pretty fair. That 2nd round pick will probably end up around 30. That would value Martin around pick 18. Even if the 2nd round pick is 25, it still values Martin around pick 15.
  8. True. But surely when it becomes obvious that deal is dead in the water you get something done.
  9. I don't understand how the Blues would not accept Martin and pick 15 for pick 9? Especially when you've gone down the route of offering a deal and telling Martin you want him at your club. If I was Jack Martin I would be seriously pi**ed. Say what you want about Mahoney, at least when we chase players we make sure to get the deals done, even if people feel we pay slight overs. I really hope we can use Carlton's ineptitude against them and lure Martin to the Dees.
  10. Would love if we somehow added him in the pre season draft! Play him forward and wing to add some silk.
  11. I think having Tomlinson provides flexibility, as he can easily play as a tall forward and can take a grab. Still think we are a bit light on for talls with the following: Gawn - 208cm Bradtke - 204cm Preuss - 203cm Petty - 197cm O McDonald - 196cm Weideman - 195cm Lever - 195cm T McDonald - 194cm Tomlinson - 194cm May - 193cm I guess it depends how Petty, Weideman & too a lesser extent O McDonald come on next season. If we can get more input from all 3 then we may be ok.
  12. Very surprised the Giants couldn't get a deal done for pick 3. I find it hard to see them satisfying us with the picks they have, so not sure what the point of trading up to 6 was about. Disappointed we didn't pick up a key forward, but I'd be interested to see what list spots we will have available post the draft, perhaps there's a delisted free agent or rookie we are looking at.
  13. Dockers massive winners from that in my mind. Much happier with what we had to give up for Ed Langdon who's output is very similar to Hill.
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