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  1. Go and find the most electric small forward we can please.
  2. We can't stay out of the news at the moment...... it was a very strange decision to keep playing him in a praccy match and I think Mahoney needs to do some explaining.
  3. I have a theory that early season games favour the quicker sides, but this advantage drops considerably as the season goes on. The reason for this is that the player's bodies become more fatigued from continuous games and the toll it takes on the body. Hence why we had a fairly good run come finals as we were well built with the inside game. The aim is to get a fairly even mixture however, as not enough quicker, more skilled players means it is harder to get easier wins earlier in the season.
  4. Pickett looks a likely type. Could be someone we look at in the draft as we are crying out for a fast, skillful small forward. Anyone know much about him? The commentators said he is Byron Pickett's nephew... which I also like.
  5. Garlett to come back in? We still need outside class badly.
  6. I think it works and we should continue with it. Just means we dominate the majority of hit outs and also have a big tall either back or forward. They showed the heat map and Gawn sat back for a large portion of the game. That is exactly what we want, he can out mark any forward or bring the ball to ground for our backs to mop up. To think our backline had no May, Lever, Jetta or Lewis there......
  7. Please MFC go get this guy.... we are crying out for some speed and X Factor to complement our ball winners.
  8. We will take Brayden Sier instead and add him to our list of inside mids....
  9. I'm still confident about our side long-term. We are just going through a very poor patch. We have a great core of players in Brayshaw, Oliver, Harmes, Petracca, Lever, Viney etc. We just need to keep adding to our side. Let's not forget that Geelong lost a prelim in 05, missed the finals in 06 and then the rest is history. We just need these young guys to keep developing. Trac: he needs to back himself. He had a chance in the third quarter to kick a goal from 50. Instead he chips a kick to a 50/50 contest. Take it upon yourself young man. Brayshaw: gun at finding the footy and just needs to clean up disposal. Oliver: I love him so nothing bad to say. Just get back to your best. We will be ok.
  10. I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt coming of a long lay off. His second season with GC was one of the best for a second year player.
  11. Our FIT starting 22 next year must look something like this: B: Jetta May Lever HB: KK New CHB Hibberd C : New outside mid Oliver Salem HF: Vanders Weid Hannan F: New Small forward TMac Melk R: Gawn Brayshaw Viney Int: Preuss Petracca Hunt Fritsch Emg: Jones OMac New Backup Ruck Some new player with heart
  12. I agree. But Jones is cooked. If he's not playing inside mid he's useless. We need another quality outside runner and a quality small forward.
  13. Yeah he's fast but did you see his 4 runs last weekend that ended in a turnover? He is DUMB
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