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  1. Wow... but that doesn't support the theories that we paid overs for Lever and he sucks....
  2. Don't disagree with you. I agree with reducing interchange caps. Should be 10 -15 max a quarter in my view.
  3. I understand your view regarding teams making finals with less wins. But really at the moment our season isn't fair anyway. We have some teams playing top 4 teams twice and some playing bottom 4 teams twice more. The other thing to consider is if the change was made, the best teams would likely be the highest scorers anyway, so they would usually win more games (not always but the majority of the time). I just think it's a great way to force a change without actually changing the in game rules, which just confuses everyone.
  4. I tried to post something yesterday but for some reason it didn't get approved? https://www.sen.com.au/news/2020/07/02/afl-analyst-debunks-state-of-the-game-backwards-kicking-myth/ This analyst discusses his thoughts and the data behind potential rule changes. His recommended changes are: 1. Remove the ruck nomination rule and ball up quickly - absolute no brainer and ever since this rule was brought in it was a disaster. 2. Include a bonus point for sides that score 100 points in a game (would reduce to 80 this season in line with 20% less game time) - I really like this idea as it provides an incentive to coaches to have a gameplan that's focused on scoring rather than defending). The AFL rules committee really need to consult with analysts who can review the trends of the game and numbers to come up with logical and well thought up rule changers rather than knee jerk reactions.
  5. So does this put the onus on the players or Goodwin? Or both? If we are training players to execute a certain way, then surely if they can't do it regularly they should be dropped? And if Gawn and Viney are two of the main culprits, then they need to have a hard look at themselves and their leadership credentials.
  6. https://www.sen.com.au/news/2020/07/02/afl-analyst-debunks-state-of-the-game-backwards-kicking-myth/ Saw this on the SEN website and it's good to see someone use hard facts when discussing the current game. As always with the AFL they've made aknee jerk reaction to on weekend of football, likely off the back of Clarkson's comments who seems to own the AFL. This in itself is an issue as no coach should have any sway over the rules or what the AFL do, but that's a whole other topic. The two key things this analyst advocates are: 1. Remove the ruck nomination rule and ball up quicker - the AFL really stuffed this one up and it's been a terrible rule that's caused increased congestion. Own up to the mistake and change it ASAP lease AFL rules committee! 2. Bonus point for scoring over 100 - I've mentioned this on here before and I think this is a great idea. Give an incentive to score more and the coaches will put together gamestyles based on scoring rather than defending. Given the games are 20% less this season I'd use 80 but then back to 100 when the games are the full minutes. I honestly believe these two small changes would drastically improve the standard of our games and the excitement factor.
  7. Eddie is an embarrassment. Sidebottom F'ed up big time. Own it and move on instead of whinging like a child.
  8. I purchased a jersey because I want to get behind the club. Do I agree with all the decisions at the moment? absolutely not. Do I love the club? Absolutely, otherwise I wouldn't be on a forum posting.... The better our financial position, the better we should be able to perform long term.
  9. I understand it, just not really the type of supporters I like to associate with.
  10. Not saying I am happy at the moment, just saying we played a side who made a prelim last year and lost by 3. Most teams are struggling, give the boys some time. The one thing I am unhappy about is the number of weekly changes we are currently swinging. How can the side build any form of continuity if we are switch 5-6 players each week?
  11. We've played one game since it started and lost by 3 points.
  12. 100% agree with this, though I wouldn't bring Jones back mainly because I think we are making too many changes week to week. Oscar should have one role, lock down the oppositions best key tall. This week it will be Tom Lynch. This then allows May to take Reiwoldt and Lever to be the sweeper and intercept marker. I would drop Smith for him, but no slight on Smith it is just better for team balance. Weideman to come in for Melksham who is way out of form atm. TMac to roam more up on the wings and CHF, Weid to play out of the goal square and 2nd ruck. I'd give Vanders and Hannan another week, but depending on form obviously Bennell and Jones are possibilities to come in.
  13. With Astbury out this now leaves the Tigers light on for tall defenders. I think we need to try and exploit this and play two key forwards this week. Personally I want to see the Weid given a go, but really take your pick of Jackson, Brown or Weid.
  14. I'd like to see us do a Richmond and keep Goody for stability and change assistants. We need to invest in the best forward line coach we can find!
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