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  1. Please go back to whatever team you really support.
  2. Never been 100% sold on Goodwin's ability to change things up on gameday when things aren't working, but I've put that down to him still learning the ropes. Sure this year has been a [censored] mess, but at what point have we had a settled side, or even one game where we had our best 22 / 25 on the park? There are bigger problems at the club than the coach. Mission going is a start, but I also think a shakeup of the assistants is needed. And if some players are whining about his style (dunno if this is true or not), then trade them out. The tail wagging the dog has been a cancer at this club for far too long. I'll judge him on next year when he has a regular team, and changes are made on form and not necessity.
  3. Chief sports writer at the Hun, if the current one is anything to go by
  4. Not going to be too harsh on the umps. Frost threw it in the last seconds. If they were paying attention we lose. Oh well. Sucks to be Scullthorn
  5. $650K? Will be lucky not to get shown the door. Runs under it, fumbles, spoils his own. And that 5 meter kick to Jones.... FMD. What a way to kill a teams momentum.
  6. 65 pints! That's heroic! I usually pass out after 15.
  7. Has future coach written all over him. If he lead, I'd follow.
  8. Hmmm. I like this whiner less and less each day. I'm in the camp of 'leave the effin game alone', but his words are just stupid. I really hope he was taken out of context. [censored] teams will get smashed - um yeah. That is what happens to [censored] teams. Always has, always will. But it will make it easier to make a comeback - um yeah. Not even sure what to say after point A. Just go away. Get sacked. [censored] off. You are that annoying kid at school that was always dobbing the rest of us in for having a smoke or copping a feel behind the shelter sheds.
  9. Interesting times ahead. I'm not going to try and re-write history and say that Jesse wasn't a great gun for us, but I do think that our mids looked for Jesse when there were better options about. We did seem to play a little more unpredictable when he wasn't in the team, to the detriment of whoever we were playing. So where does that leave Weed? One swallow does not a summer make, but he has the tools to be a very good player. Good hands, good kick, and, like his grandfather, loves the tough stuff. And he is still a kid. I think that in 4 years time he will be a handful for even the best defenders. But of course nothing is set in stone, but I do like what I see from him so far.
  10. Not enough time. Oh why oh why aren't we in a leap year?
  11. Aha! That explains why I only get ads for porn sites.
  12. It fits for anyone with a first name starting with a J and Goody pushes out the door
  13. I don't care what those pinheads are thinking. It's a love song FFS. Why would you pick that as a theme? Like any more of them need to breed. It's as bad as 'You'll never walk alone'. Much rather be part of 90K rocking as we kick a goal than go through that. That was as bad as the bugler (albeit MH was a little more talented and pulled a better class of chick until his final days) Edit - just thought of something funny. If we ever meet them at the G in a final we should sing to them 'We'll put you back under tarps' Jack Viney was running You were there Two worlds collided And we put you right back under those tarps. I'll be here all week. Try the veal, and don't forget to tip your waitress
  14. Quoted because that needs more love
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