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  1. C'mon... Harmsey eating an apple would look exactly like a horses mouth
  2. He is a gun and will only get better. And if he doesn't get 25 plus touches a game then I won't care, because most of what he does other footballers wouldn't even think of doing. He is very, very good at the 1% stuff.
  3. 3 and 8 at the draft. No trades. Bid on Green if we rate him as worth 3, otherwise take Young and let Adel / Syd make GWS dance. Best ball winning talent at 8. No sorta ruckmen / sorta forwards. No 'might kick 2 goals in five minutes and then pick daisies' midgets. Best ball winner. 25 touches a game when they mature. If that is Kemp then take him. We can wait a year for the next 12 he will offer.
  4. Don't mind it. At worst he is depth. At best he gives us another target. And won't cost much.
  5. How many times have you come back early from your holidays? FFS
  6. Yeah, I think he was a bit older than that when he said that.
  7. From a seventeen year old future football star I'd be happy if they could grunt the words 'I like football and girls'. The rest we can work on over the years.
  8. You just have to have faith that the admin and leaders don't allow those dead hooker moments to happen. Or if it does they smash it down ASAP. It's a balancing act. If we bring a kid to the club that has the ball on a string, but is an out and out moron, what do you do? Cut him loose and watch him win flags for other teams or back yourself to get the best from him without it screwing the rest of the team? And look I don't really know but I'd go with the later. Good teams can do that. Bad teams can't. I'd like to think that despite last year, we are actually a good team.
  9. Talent always beats the DH policy. In any club. If you are a Buddy type you can get caught with a dead hooker in the boot of the car and the club will try to cover it up, but if you are # 36 on a list and smoke a joint then out you go. If Murray joins us and sneezes the wrong way he will be booted. If Bennell joins us and shows he can play then he will be allowed to sneeze many times before we boot him. If Gawn or Clarry were found with dead hookers we'd hire lawyers for them. The way it is, always has been, and always will be, right or wrong.
  10. Flash is... well Flash. Changed the game. Well deserved. Wheels was very underrated outside the MFC. One of the best small defenders I've seen in my almost 50 years of watching the game. Well deserved too, and I'm glad he has been given that recognition.
  11. It's a great time of the year. We haven't lost a game in months, and I can't see us losing one for at least another 4 more
  12. I think we stuffed Cale. He looked the goods in his first 40-50 games. then he got hurt and the club turned toxic... so bye bye Cale. I don't look at it as a bad pick, rather a waste of good talent.
  13. Why would we give up so much for 8 to then downgrade it? 3 I can see us maybe doing something with 3 if the offer is good enough, but we payed overs for 8 for a reason.
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