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  1. I think he is tracking nicely. His stats put him right up there and are getting better each year, he creates things out of nothing, scares the crap out of defenders... He is a very good player that has (possibly his own fault) been over hyped to be the next Jesus
  2. Harmes... Now imagine him with whiter teeth. He would be able to get 400 possessions and kick 20 goals a game as the opp lies on the ground crying My eyes! My eyes! It burns!' Just a thought..
  3. They are paying Grundy for 7 so they can keep him for the 5 when he is top of his game. Yes, a risk, but one worth taking IMO. That said it will be interesting if it causes apples to shake from the tree
  4. I think the point he was making flew over your head
  5. Edit - well it used to work until the pointy heads and their powerpoints took over
  6. Novel idea... and hear me out on this - LEAVE THE [censored] GAME ALONE! Its worked for 150 plus years with out you Gilfish. It will work long after your bones are dust.
  7. Sheeds (and I know him) is complex. He is a bit of a lighthouse- a blinding light of brilliance followed by periods of WTF! darkness. But he is a good bloke that is both more and less what you'd expect.
  8. What I was thinking, but we did seem to go from interested to not at all in a hurry. Anyway, no big loss. Other teams were not kicking down his door either.
  9. We were horrible for 5 years of that. Not close to AFL standard. Those days are over.
  10. I wonder why we went cold on him. Better available or if there was something about him that made us step back
  11. I'm on auto renew, so I don't really watch that stuff. I've never understood how people only want to jump on when a team is flying. Doesn't it feel better to watch them get to that point? Thick and thin. I really don't get it. I hope the club enjoys the cash the bandwagoners bring, but I'm not sure what else people like that add to the club, and I'm damn sure I don't like them dancing around after 15 minutes of support as if they just kicked 5 goals in the last q to win the game.
  12. Got a kid at my work that is going of to join the police force. He is a baby. In 3 years time he will probably be tasering me when I tell the barman when I've had enough. But I guess I brought it up just to remind us that they are babies, and we do put a hell of a lot on their shoulders (although maybe the elastic nature of youth helps here), and also to enjoy the journey. They are, in a sense, our kids as well. And it is nice to watch them grow up.
  13. A bit of a random topic, but as I get older I really like this time of year. You see these kids, just out of school, and all elbows and knee caps, suddenly thrust into the limelight, cameras thrust in their faces, and they ummm and uhhh as they are asked a million and one questions (and you can see them thinking 'Can't I just say "I like footy?'). Fast forward ten years from now and those teenagers are now hardened warriors. They are used to playing in front of thousands of people. They are big and strong, and have mixed it with the toughest the game has to offer. And interviews... they take it in their stride as if having a news crew following you into work is what happens to everyone. It's fun to sometimes remind myself that the tough guy just won a big game off his own boot was, not that long ago, a nervous teenager that had no idea what life had in store for him.
  14. We went in with a plan, and got what we wanted. That's an A. How these kids turn out is anyone's guess, but we've targeted what we think we need to go the next step (drafting and trading), and are backing ourselves to be up there next year. I like it. Big ballsy moves aren't the thing I really associate us with. Now if only the footy gods smile on us.
  15. How about this - we make the 8 then you apologise and delete your account. We don't then I'll do the same for mine... Deal?
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