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  1. Last year was injuries. This year is Covid, and nobody is going to be the best they can be in these circumstances. But there are somethings that aren’t passing my sniff test - too clever by half and with no backup when the plan is rumbled. A style that often looks confused but might be genius in the making. Selections that baffle. A forward line that... well the less said the better. I don’t know. He frustrates and intrigues me. We have good players and should be better, so he wears the cross on that, but maybe he is Bomber in 2006 or Hardwick in 2017. I really don’t know. Maybe he is Neeld Mk2. Whatever it is, this is not the year to judge anything
  2. I agree bad kicking is bad football, but if they kicked straight we’d have gone down by four goals. The yips aren’t the reason the game was so close
  3. I have. One fell on my auntie and killed her
  4. For sure they do. They have had 5000 years of practice. But I never look for a conspiracy when it can be chalked up to ineptitude. But like hell China would bring the hermit kingdom into the fold. They aren’t friends. They are just a useful buffer. And China is well aware the NK is bat**** crazy, but as long as that crazy it aimed westward it’s bareable. If it turns east it will be squashed like a bug
  5. No they don’t. They have a BIG military and because of 60 plus years of preparing for war they have enough artillery hidden in tunnels so they could flatten Seoul in about an hour, but that is about it other than suicide pact nukes. I doubt they could control their airspace against South Korea, and forget what would happen if one of the big 3 got involved. The exist because it suits China to have them there, and since they got nukes the US has backed off because they suspect that the leadership is bat**** crazy enough to us them if pushed. As for China and her numbers (as dodgy as all hell), I suspect they have lost control over it and have decided that it’s better to lose a couple of million people than trash the economy. It’s not like it would be the first time that the CCP has made that call.
  6. Only if you believe anything that comes out of those places - which I don’t, and I wouldn’t exactly call North Korea 1st world.
  7. I can’t remember him doing anything to suggest he could play the game anyway without the other issues. Also I thought St Kilda said that they’d have a spot for him if he got things worked out? Or am I thinking of someone else?
  8. I hope there is no crowd noise
  9. I’m the last guy to go into bat for Fat Ed, but he was right. Tony was throwing ‘when are you did you stop beating your wife?’. There was never going to be a right answer. And yes Ed is Ed and attacks anyone that says Collingwood’s poo doesn’t smell, but that interview was bear baiting in a time when everyone is under enormous stress. It could have been handled better by both sides but Jones was the protagonist
  10. If they are smart (taking the devil’s advocate that this is something of substance) they wouldn’t have a draft this year. Nobody is going to see the kids play, the draft age can do with a lift, and it lets natural attrition trim the lists.
  11. Big fan, but has been badly misused. That is the clubs fault for having 3000 inside mids and nothing outside. His best is a grade, his worst doesn’t have him in the best 22 So what to do?
  12. There is always one. This is why we can’t have nice things
  13. That is a good point. Growing up wondering if some guy in the pentagon or the kremlin would press a button and end the world in a couple of hours, well this is small beer. Not that it isn’t something to be concerned about, but it’s just a new and different challenge that life throws up. I’ve never been to concerned about myself-to stupid maybe- but I will watch the show wondering just how the fall out from this (mostly economic and political) will change society, just as every upheaval has done
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