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  1. Video was in poor taste... not because it was offensive or anything.. it was just.. in.. poor.. taste.
  2. Is he a Dee yet? What number do I need to get on my jumper? And what nickname do I call him? Also.. is he likely to play?
  3. Interesting.. not sure where he wants to be, but is clear it is not Melbourne. Oh what a feeling!
  4. Or after some reflection he could stay at the Pies cause we are a basket case club..
  5. SPC

    Lewis Taylor

    As a Terang boy, I would have to agree 👍
  6. SPC

    Lewis Taylor

    On the move back to Mortlake
  7. Very comfortable letting Frosty go..
  8. We need fresh eyes. If not the coach then others around should make way for new ideas. I do like Jade and wish him the best!
  9. Gil got his wish cause he influenced the decision. I am sure there is another $4m undeclared on the AFL books.
  10. Is this year the latest "Super Draft".. That seems to happen every second year.. 😒
  11. Here is a thought.. why don't they get their priority pick ahead of the 8 clubs that made finals, so not to impact those trying to move up the biased ladder... I don't know just a bit of logic!
  12. Not many players experienced contact this year to need surgery
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