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  1. Trade Goodwin, he is the problem
  2. We won’t win this one
  3. Hard to be positive
  4. Goodwin should be safe if we improved in the back half of the year. Got some serious concerns that we have players back and haven’t improved since round one
  5. Gee Petraccas intensity was through the roof.. Liked the look of it!!
  6. No we can’t and no we do not deserve to be.. poor skills will continue to plague the list until we change personnel
  7. Recently watched the finals replay against North.. The 2018 version wouldn't have got within 8 goals of the 2000 version.. But yes it is almost 20 years.
  8. 2000 was a better list. Better skills and better forwardline
  9. His reading the ball in flight against Collingwood was terrible. His great strength last year has become his weakness.
  10. Think it is more about not appearing to be tanking
  11. He wasn’t, it was actually Salem for not taking possession and knocking the ball on.. thought May was good and Lever worked his way into it
  12. Not sure he is VFL standard either. Lockhart is a jet, would be a straight swap if Goodwin wasn’t the selector!!
  13. Becoming more unsure of him every week. Think he needs some really good assistants.
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