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  1. Let’s be fair, we have 12 guys who shouldn’t be praying seniors out there today
  2. Have we got 9 players to come straight in
  3. Brayshaw VFL please, not chasing and tackling.. non negotiables
  4. We have a spot for both of them. Both still poor one on one.. Frost is quick and keeps body contact, Hore reads it well in flight and kicks well.
  5. Would like him as an assistant at Melbourne. He loves his players, is tactically sound, has done okay with some really poor lists.
  6. If Salem doesn't play I will spew up.
  7. He is good mates with Billy Stretch and probably just helped him keep his spot..
  8. His form in the preseason game (I think against Brisbane) was poor. He didn't deserve a game.
  9. Are we in 'no change' territory this week?
  10. I like the new injury update format on the website.
  11. No to Lever.. have we not learnt anything...
  12. Appears limited as a footballer.. on another note, he can dunk and has a killer cross over dribble!
  13. We have too many playing out of position IMO, some through necessity, some not too sure why..
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