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  1. Severely lacking: - clean hands - QUALITY players - bloody teamwork - work for each other! - goal kicking So frustrating and tiresome to watch week in week out. AFL is ruining our game with the inconsistency of the umpires. That combined with our performances really puts me off the whole thing something shocking.
  2. Never head so much whinging from a crowd. People in the west must feel so hard done by.
  3. Nah I loved the smashing last year. I hate that they closed the gap and came back. Much prefer we bury them early and see the supporters get angry at their own club and players (typical of Carlton).
  4. WEEEEEEEEEEDDDD. Kid is good and still just a ‘kid’. On track as far as I’m concerned. Could he show more at this point in his career? Definitely. Has he finished developing into his body and developing as a footballer? Definitely not – long way to go. He’ll prove a few people wrong in another year or two.
  5. How are we routinely held at center clearances, game after game, and never given free kicks?
  6. Our Midfield is being trounced in the center clearances. Hard to watch.
  7. Good point, might have to wait and see.
  8. 100% I appreciate that. As stated, this particular brew 'Raises funds for the Melbourne Football Club'. (I've already donated lots of money to the club. And all I've got for it is a drinking problem – least they could do is knock some froth off the top if you know what I mean)
  9. $99 for a slab, plus delivery. OUCH.
  10. Not sure Salem should be playing, doesn’t look right at all. Wouldn’t surprise me given the actions of our medical staff at the start of the year with Joel Smith.
  11. Cripps is having an absolute blinder. Makes everyone else look second rate. Love to see a Dees player take a game by the scruff of the neck like he does.
  12. Jones needs to learn that he is now an older footballer and has limitations. Play within them and kick to a team mate rather than always kicking to a contest.
  13. Simply hate watching footy televised from the SCG. So scrappy.
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