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  1. Could Jonesy potentially edge out Viney Senior for an interchange spot? Career averages Career totals
  2. Our game is going ahead to ensure Rd 1 is completed - Via AFL App
  3. Interesting. The players still know that there’s a million people watching and that every innocuous little piece of play will be analyzed. They just won’t have the instant feedback from the crowd – it will all be on their own shoulders. In similar circumstances (jokes) I played touch/social footy not that long ago and I couldn’t temper my competitive streak, didn’t matter that no one was watching – I just had to beat my opponent and was willing to go above and beyond to do it. Footy players are ultra competitive so I think it will be high intensity – question is whether that translates for the viewers without crowd involvement / feedback. Could be a bit like watching a sitcom without the ‘laugh track’ - a bit soulless unless the true quality of the content is prominent.
  4. A few words from Harley’s old coach Ross Lyon: ”But Lyon had caught up in Melbourne with another recruit and (now ex) Docker that struggled to get on the field in Harley Bennell, who has been listed by Melbourne. He said Bennell was sprinting in a way that he had never managed as a Docker. Lyon said Bennell, who had a succession of calf injuries at Fremantle, was "going really well" in Melbourne, having had successful surgery to his calf. "He's excited. He's sprinting. He's sprinting at levels he never was able to achieve at Fremantle. Up on his toes sprinting," Lyon said. Source: https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/recruiting-jesse-hogan-a-whole-club-not-just-coach-call-lyon-20200309-p548cl.html
  5. The game must get pretty tiresome if you live in it with that amount of detail as shown with so many coaches and reviews and meetings and rules about where you should be once the ball is turned over at point A, etc. As much as I love it I think that would ruin it for me.
  6. Can’t recall ever having them so might need to give them a shot.
  7. I loved coming home from school in winter and pouring hot milk over a bowl of Weet-Bix, make them all mushy and throw on some sugar or honey. TV on, kick back. Simpler times.
  8. Why are so many expecting North Melbourne to make the 8? Am I missing something?
  9. They’re amazing highlights. Fingers crossed he can get back to that level this year.
  10. Weid is reminding me a lot of Gawn prior to his break out game against Geelong. Reads the ball, gets to the rights spot, beats his man... does all of the hard stuff... drops the ball. In the space of one match, Gawn changed that and hasn’t looked back. - I feel this so much that I’m just letting your words repeat themselves again. Carry on.
  11. Our kicking skills need some work
  12. I’m probably getting a bit too excited for just a practice game, but I can’t bloody wait. Might have also had too much coffee. Is it beer O’clock yet?
  13. That was sensational. I could watch hours and hours of that. Such a fantastic insight into the personality and characters of the players, coaches and the club in general. Its amazing really how simplistic it all is. For some reason a big part of me thinks that the club operates like a big corporate and would speak that way but it’s really just a footy club with players and admin that attend and operate 7 days a week.
  14. Must be something in the Gatorade over at Tullamarine.
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