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  1. I was thinking it was numb because he'd been surfing, not because of re-injury. I've had a few dislocations and fractures in my fingers and they've reacted the same way for a long time after. Might be wrong though!
  2. Based on that highlight reel it would be a tragedy (in football terms) if he doesn’t get back to playing and reach his full potential. Fingers crossed and good luck to us all!
  3. He’s not super slow at all. Albeit I feel he lost a bit of pace this year like most of our team. Not sure there are (or have been) too many specialist taggers that have ever been super quick. If they were they wouldn’t be taggers. Cameron Ling was a great tagger – not quick – as one example.
  4. Needs to start eating properly again. Feel like he hasn’t played to his potential since we heard about the ‘fasting’ he does. Would also like to see him used purely as a tagger which would create a bit more variety in our centre square make-up. We’re a bit vanilla in there at the moment and a different approach from just one of the very similar type/style players would be worth looking at.
  5. Love him BUT needs to kick it further and not ALWAYS play the safest option. Bite off a bit more and he could be seriously damaging.
  6. Great interview, thanks for posting.
  7. Not many there. And sounds like just as many Eagles fans as there are Cats fans. Geelong fans feeling a bit burnt from last week and shying away I think.
  8. Awesome read, thank you. Best pure football article I’ve read in a long time.
  9. Prefer Lewis to play on instead of Jones at this point. He’s still a very very smart player – well ahead of any opponent he’s against. Just a bit slow in the legs nowadays.
  10. Well done to all those dedicated Demonlanders that are attending tonight. Given the sparse crowd I hope you aren’t stuck with a loud and annoying opposition supporter near by and can enjoy the game. Go Dees!
  11. If we were to play them tomorrow they'd win. Their list will only get better this post season as they shed some older players and likely trade in some more mid aged players. Plus more development into their young guns. It's taken a while but I think they'll shoot up the ladder pretty quick next year. Maybe not to the same heights of Brisbane this year but can see them beating the teams as high as 6th. Being so bad for so long might actually work out for them. I think we've fluffed our chance but we'll have to wait till next year to see if we can reset the list a little.
  12. Just jumped on the AFL app to have a read of the game preview. ‘17th Vs 6th’ – What a sick joke Melbourne. I’m addicted so I’ll still tune in but what a horrible horrible year. I don’t see how we turn this around for next year unless we start showing good signs in these last few games this year, recruit and draft smartly and get some luck with injuries over summer. Easier said than done.
  13. Umpiring is horrible. Hard to watch with the inconsistencies.
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