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  1. [censored] piece of [censored] I’m [censored] over this club. Clean out the whole [censored] joint. Team currently looks like [censored].
  2. Who the Freakin’ Hell is Max tapping it too? He’s bounce passing it off the deck to Swans players every EFFING time – work it out!!!
  3. We’re so reactive. WHERE ARE OUR LEADERS??
  4. Jones is finished. I’m sorry mate but if you can’t snap for goal on your left from 40 out and even get it to the goal square then it’s time to move on.
  5. Coach Goodwin has a lot to answer for with regards to the ease of all these goals. We’re making them look like world beaters. Just fix it up already!
  6. They keep kicking it on his head when he’s playing on Hurley. Kick it out in front of him and he’ll gobble up. Bad coaching.
  7. I’m shocked at how bad we are. Genuinely cant believe it.
  8. Thought Geelong looked really quick last week against the Pies and I can’t see us getting anywhere near them tonight. Would love to be surprised and this team often does surprise us, whether that be good or bad, but just can’t see it tonight after the way we played last week. Hoping for big improvements from our most important players. Go Dees.
  9. Very impressive Magpies. So quick and skillful.
  10. Melbourne is now paying $1.17 and Port is out to $4.60. Feels a lot closer than that to me. Have they made the call to take Ryder out of the game maybe?
  11. Kids aren't necessarily at risk or in direct danger but is it okay for kids to see this sort of violence unfold in front of them? NO. Have you seen the video? The bloke went postal and started throwing huge punches. Absolutely appalling. Don't need to know any of the context. Violence displayed by this individual should see him banned.
  12. Pretty happy I can now access my membership barcode on the app, which means I won't need to worry about lining up and picking up a ticket tomorrow given my membership card hasn't arrived in the mail. Good work MFC and Ticketmaster.
  13. It finally clicked for Collingwood in the finals last year when rather than just bombing it in, they kicked it to a spot in front of Mason Cox which allowed him to run and jump at it. They took height off the kick and kind of just 'popped' it to him a bit lower and flat, allowing him to get a little separation from his man and if needed the ball was kicked on top of the head of an opponent which allowed Cox to jump all over them. With Weid's jump and reach we should be doing the same thing. So often it's just bombed and it comes down on top of him which is easy for the opposition to spoil and nudge him off just a little if needed. If we lay it up properly he either gets a good run at it and will crash the pack at the very least, and if he's blocked before he gets to the ball he gets a free kick. Pretty simple but it seems we're instructed to just get it in as quickly as possible.
  14. Something about this score line is reminding me of recent bad memories. This club is at least consistent across both teams.
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