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  1. Simply hate watching footy televised from the SCG. So scrappy.
  2. I’ve said it before. Our team is full of dumb/plain footballers. Not ‘game smart’. Still loved the effort but there were so many opportunities tonight where we just needed to do simple ‘team’ things that we weren’t able to do. Not to mention bad kicking for goal.
  3. Why don’t they raise the main broadcast view camera (on center wing) higher so the game is easier to watch on TV? The perspective is just too flat - makes the game look even more congested than it really is.
  4. What is it with Jones and wanting to nail a player 45m away amongst other players by foot and kicking off one step?! He does at least 2 of them every match and turns it over. Stop doing it mate, it doesn’t work and it’s horrible that a supposed leader of our club continues to do it!
  5. How ironic that Scully is exactly the type of player we need.
  6. I swear we’re a team full of dumb footballers. Switch ON!
  7. My hate for Essendon runs deep, much much deeper than my hate for Collingwood – which is actually really deep itself so that shows you the situation I’m in with Essendon. Tear them apart Maggies.
  8. [censored] piece of [censored] I’m [censored] over this club. Clean out the whole [censored] joint. Team currently looks like [censored].
  9. Who the Freakin’ Hell is Max tapping it too? He’s bounce passing it off the deck to Swans players every EFFING time – work it out!!!
  10. We’re so reactive. WHERE ARE OUR LEADERS??
  11. Jones is finished. I’m sorry mate but if you can’t snap for goal on your left from 40 out and even get it to the goal square then it’s time to move on.
  12. Coach Goodwin has a lot to answer for with regards to the ease of all these goals. We’re making them look like world beaters. Just fix it up already!
  13. They keep kicking it on his head when he’s playing on Hurley. Kick it out in front of him and he’ll gobble up. Bad coaching.
  14. I’m shocked at how bad we are. Genuinely cant believe it.
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