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  1. Planning to listen to the game on the AFL app. Hopefully I can stay awake...nearly midnight here.
  2. I’m sure you would do it if you were in Melbourne, Ethan.
  3. Say, anybody heard from Uncle Bitter recently? Or has he gone into hiding after his recent adventures in SE Asia?
  4. Biffen's entourge was just knocking down the value of the place so he could buy it on the cheap, I'm sure. Future business hub, Biffen?
  5. Neitz was on the panel last week, apparently, but not this week. Can't remember who, but one of the tribunal members was also on Houli's panel.
  6. Not you getting into memes too, Moonie!
  7. The dartboard would have a max of 6 weeks, a range of fines, no case to answer....and cash prizes.
  8. After Essendon, that phrase should be banned in footy circles.
  9. Get rid of the MRP and replace it with a dartboard. Would be just as consistent.
  10. Norf defeated. That is a nice mood setter before the Dees game. I'm happy.
  11. Well, Chandler Bing did punch Justin in the face when they were kids...
  12. I really hate James Brayshaw for saying that. While covering the Olympics....in Canada.
  13. Haven't seen that called in ages. Last one I really remember was the one that broke Jeff White's jaw.
  14. Predict Selwood to end the game with a bandage wrapped around his melon.
  15. Thanks, Moonie. Someone has to try to bring some common sense to the conversation.
  16. I thought Biffen was permanently banned from Romsey Manor. Are you thinking of revising this, Uncle Bitter?
  17. Surely by now, DC, you should know that Biffen's various business enterprises are, shall we say, on the fringe of civility.
  18. Be sure to have a quality red on standby
  19. What about that dubious merchandise racket you were advising on in seasons past? Surely you could take that over...
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