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  1. Wow Stratton is rightly looking a fool. Pinching and stomping? Is he 12 years old? embarressing. Respect to Fantasia for how he handled it
  2. I reckon we’ll get our game together and win 6-7 more games. So I’m looking forward to watching some wins, seeing a game plan come together and watching our new backline start to gel together.
  3. What could possibly go wrong with tanking???
  4. It is almost impossible to know the answer to this as it all happens behind closed doors. Roos seemed like the most boring bloke ever when he was coach but he clearly had a lot of good ideas and could lead and motivate end results prove IQ. So Clarkson on top by a straight. I like Simon's drive and intensity. he clearly has some qualities that Roos/PJ identified and he took us to a prelim last year. let's see how he goes over the next few years and hopefully longer
  5. Baker has something. I reckon he will blossom and become very good. next good game he plays he will get a rising star nom last weekend some bloke got a nomination for 12 touches?? must not be much young talent this year...
  6. Goody is higher than Hinkley? give me a break. Ken has has years with a very talented list and been average. prelim last year, 4 year contract. pressure on Goody's job this year very little.
  7. I think Misson has done fine. the first couple of years we had ~30% turn over each year so barely any continuity. Aside from this year our general fitness and injury levels have been okay/good and a lot better than other teams (Pies/GWS etc) the role and level of influence of these high performance guys is overrated imo
  8. I still back him. Would you have sacked or backed Buckley after 4 bad years missing finals and getting worse each year with a previously premiership side? i would have sacked Bucks but I would have been wrong. it can take a long time for a coach to find his feet
  9. yeah I get the theory my point was - what is the link in this case. for our CEO type leadership to get so bad (from excellent) in 6 months for it to be affecting skill level seems unlikely.
  10. It is time for K Dunk. we picked him up during mid season as he is fit and in form so let's not wait around Our fwd line is a disgrace. he can try out the Melky role. he will go hard and put his body on the line unlike Jeff regardless
  11. but what is the link between lack of high level leadership and skill level? i would think if there were issues at the top, many dominos would fall before skills on the field. eg, player discontent, coaches leaving, arguments within the club
  12. I know, same here. but I'm talking over the past 5 years are you OK with how the club have done things? There is a small part of me that thinks we will screw this up like always and implode somehow but I trust the club, coach and management
  13. Stability is most important when things aren't going your way. Hopefully the club have the strength to stick the course (and make some changes as they go obviously) and not panic
  14. One of the main issues of the past 15 years is a lack of stability. That is why Roos and Goody signed up and why Goody is extended. he has the quality to be a great coach (at least we hope) but we need to support him. If we sack him, get a new one, sack him in 2 years the bottom will fall out of our club once again and players will starts leaving. I'm backing Goody, he took us to a prelim last year, now screwed over by injuries. he would be learning a whole lot about himself and the coaches and players this year and I have no doubt we will bounce back next year. to think our improvement would continue to be linear with such a young core group is crazy. We had 4 years of continuous improvement and this is our blip. in 4-5 weeks when our returning players have some match fitness and touch, we will look a lot better and suddenly our tactics and gameplan might look ok coz we have the senior, skilled players carrying it out.
  15. T Mac must go back to casey - for his sake and the team's sake Garlett must not play for the 1s again. don't care who comes in
  16. This has to be BS unless we trade o Mac and frost for him, no deal
  17. T Mac needs to go Casey for his own good. Something is not right. May looks very good. Gawn and Salem very good.
  18. Wow we should be down by 10 goals. Skills and awareness deplorable.
  19. Break out game for Trac is here. Get ready. 30 touches, 2goals 5 behinds we lose by 3 points.
  20. Tim out for Josh. So just the 5 defenders coming in then???
  21. Look on the bright side guys, if we lose and blues win again next week we’ll be a Good chance to be last! 😬
  22. I can see the headlines now: big Cox fails to stand up in front of big crowd
  23. Pies won 7 on the trot before their loss to freo. We have been inconsistent and horrible in front of goal. But overall our intensity has improved. We are not without a chance but it will be tough. But you can never tell what will happen on these big days. The rain is meant to clear and the sun come out which is great. Playing Cox is a mistake in my opinion. He is not a natural footballer and needed to get some touch after 6 weeks out.
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