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  1. Ridiculous! They are 75 points from 20 inside fifties in the last Q. Has to be a record
  2. Umps have been told to pay frees for holding the ball more to keep the game flowing. Hence these BS frees
  3. AVB couldn’t find T Mac inside 50 under no pressure. Mac on his own by 20 metres. fritsch looks on. Love how he plays on. trac is our best player. Not just today but in general
  4. Mobile fwd line might help us in the wet. there I thought of something positive to say! 😋
  5. Can see you kicking 5 goals for the game. It’ll be a horrible game and tigers pull away late in the 3rd but I’ll still be watching on the off chance we decide to implement a game plan
  6. I hear you and everybody else. but a couple of years ago we had O Mac and frost. We all pretty much agreed we needed to trade for a defender didn’t we? if we had a crystal ball I’m sure we would have kept the pick for king
  7. I can’t see us winning. Tigers always beat very comfortably even if out of form
  8. Don’t you love how Bruce gives BT positive feedback on his commentating? in what other sport do commentators compliment themselves?! Ridiculous!
  9. No changes? Why mess with perfection!?
  10. I would be in the minority but I can see where Derm is coming from here. Unless you have a reason such as caring for a loved one. I think you are obligated to join the hub as an AFL player. the Vic players are escaping the virus zones by leaving so it should be safer for them.
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