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  1. Good luck to anyone trying to tackle Tracca next year. The man is a beast!! massive 2020 coming up!!
  2. I’d be interested in how tall and heavy Sparrow and Jordon are now. Jordon was 6’1 when drafted so he could have easily added a few cms and kgs making it harder to look ripped as he still developing.
  3. I reckon you’d want someone who can kick with pick 3
  4. So if one of us played at afl level it is ok to make derogatory comments about players? I would consider that just as bad
  5. 50 goals and mark if the year in 2020 put yer house on it. A gun
  6. Most clubs made a mistake passing on Grundy and letting him slip to 18. But this bloke is no Grundy. 100% do not take a chance on a tall ruck fwd unless they are a athletic freak and gun
  7. Can only assume we have a spare spot on the list and Casey need a forward
  8. So if green is rated as good as the top two why don’t GC consider him?
  9. He might come good in a few years but he shouldn’t be playing if Max is fit
  10. Our sponsors have more faith in the MFC that some supporters do it seems
  11. KDunk lookin ripped but still doesn’t excuse socks and sandals!
  12. We haven’t had a fitness bloke with this sort of hype since Misson.
  13. I really could have done without watching that video. I feel dumber. Which is concerning if you know me
  14. Can’t believe the afl hasn’t matured from the go home factor. Professional footballers wanting to go home. Getting paid half a mill a year and you miss your mates and mum? Grow up!
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