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  1. Can’t imagine anything aside from Lewis for ANB. Salem plays more wing/mid
  2. Cold and Wet on Sunday, should suit Viney and co to the ground. show us your fancy skills now Kelly/Whitfield etc. gonna be a scrap
  3. that'll do Hirdy. enough coffee for you!
  4. True. The lost at Selection folks were at it this time last week, but we would have been poorer if Pruess played against WC imo. Cameron is saying GWS are considering an additional ruck but probably mind games
  5. Zac Williams is out though. he is a big out off back back. Whitfield might have to play HB
  6. The response to this video by all but especially non-MFC fans has been amazing. I might sound crazy, but he has the look of a young Acker about him. Not saying he has that immense talent but he has some. and a bit of swagger. critical to give him a couple of games now he should feel comfortable to show what he can do. debut in perth against WC as premiers is the toughest debut you can get
  7. what do you mean cruetly? since he has been interested in the Demons, we have not ever missed finals!! 😀
  8. Just seen the footage on 360. Was weird. Looked like he was overwhelmed and his voice started to go a few times. Hope it is just stress or low BP and nothing serious. Rest up Goody.
  9. So after next week our injury could be down to: melksham jetta smith AVB and Hibbo a week away
  10. even our coach can't get through a presser! don'y give your cold to the players Goody!! I wonder who takes over the box if Goody cactus?
  11. Go DEES!! I'm up and about after seeing us play some good footy for the first time this season hopefully 9 day break is enough for the 3 concussed guys, especially Salem. GWS's midfield is probably the best in the comp and is on form. we will need to pressure and tackle and swarm them all day. and our fwd's need to stand up and kick straight! I'm taking my son for his first game on sunday. he is pumped. auskick in the morning and then off the the G 🙂
  12. relax guys, its just the herald sun writing rubbish like usual. MFC website states Lever, Hannan, JKH all playing at Casey this weekend https://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/2019-05-21/training-wrap-with-mitch-hannan we might have a few guys back for QB!! Hannan and Lever is exactly what we desperately need
  13. Lovely video. Oscar has a beautiful family. Do it for your mum mate. She would already be proud.
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