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  1. Cheers Ernie. You sound a bit like Andy Dufresne if you mind me sayin
  2. Just play Man on Man FFS. our "gameplan" does not work. at least man on man will give us a chance and I won't be screaming as Frost etc run off their man constantly Footy isn't that hard is it??? we win it in the middle and can't do jack [censored] else?
  3. I always think we are a chance on game day. what the actual [censored] is wrong with me?!? we got pantsed by St kilda and the bombers. will be 8 goals to 1 at QT. But still...... we are a chance!
  4. 28 yo Bull from FernTree Gully - don't mess with him. He'll be told to throw his weight around. I wonder if Weed will be 2nd ruck and Smiddy sticks to the fiddy?
  5. what is this run and spread you speak of? surely it is better for us all to run towards and the ball and try to get it?? uh oh, they got out the back again. re-start - let's try again!
  6. I cannot see us losing tonight so I’m going to leave at 3/4 time
  7. Frost on Lynch T Mac on Riewoldt can't see Hibbo or Hore taking Jack
  8. completely understand people feeling gutted and not attending. I would encourage you to still go however as I think Viney and Co have been putting in the effort. Our system is broke and there is (small) chance it may be fixed tomorrow night. Or we might just get lucky and it be a close game. I reckon bring in Garlett, Lockhart for Spargo and Jetta T Mac to play defence if Reiwolt plays. Lewis to play half back to cover Jetta Maybe bring in Keilty for T Mac if not in defence GO DEES!!
  9. Why haven’t we drafted in much pace over the past 4 years? Can’t play with 15 inside mids
  10. Lost at selection again! How Sake and Brandy were left out I’ll never know!!
  11. In all seriousness, I reckon it’s time for an honesty session. Circle up!
  12. Alright I’ll go. Don’t hurt me 6 Salem 5 Brayshaw 4 Harmes 3 pruess 2 Hore 1 viney
  13. It would be nice to support a team that can identify obvious tactical issues that occur - the Same ones against the saints for years - and do something about it!
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