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  1. thanks for the info! maybe he just seems small as he is so agile? at almost 2 metres surely he cant be small for a ruckman??
  2. they're all posting on Demonland!! 🙂
  3. Too early to send out the Finals 2020 information to members?? *includes 20ml of bathwater for your enjoyment
  4. If Bennell is playing a game for Casey by June he will have done very well indeed. Chronic calf issues and virtually no footy in 4 years. don't expect much from Bennell this year, hopefully he can get his body right and prove he can play a few games in a row
  5. everyone relax! it is January and he just missed a session oh the veil of negativity is still here! 😂
  6. gonna be hot on Friday. 9:45 will probably be more like 8:30am in reality. thanks in advance to anyone that posts their summaries or comments on here. I'm hanging for any MFC info!!
  7. Merry Christmas all. I really enjoy this site and the banter amongst the posters. Thanks to the mods.
  8. We made the prelim last year and now have a better and more mature list. We have the talent we need a fit list, a solid game plan, fully committed players and mental toughness though the squad
  9. If Grimes gets injured the Tigers are in some trouble
  10. anyone manage to sneak into the 'closed' session today???
  11. I figured his ego wouldn't have liked seeing the Tigers win the flag without him last year. very good defender but not in the greatest ever debate for me
  12. righto just ignore the evidence that doesn't back your argument then as soon as he got in the team in 2018 he played a great season. So you don't rate the brownlow medal? you think you can fluke a 3rd placing? even if he was 10th in the brownlow it is still bloody good. once he got up and running in round 4 of 2018 he hasnt been dropped he was underdone and played poor last year like most of the team. he needs to lift from 2019 but there is plenty of 'evidence' that points to a big bounce back from Gus
  13. bit glass half empty there Nev. you missed the evidence of him playing a great 2018 and coming 3rd in the brownlow. you don't do that running one way. some of his pressure and tackling was amazing in 2018. he has shown great talent and good application over the years when he has done a preseason hardly hopeful speculation
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