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  1. Can we reduce administrators influence on the rules of our game? there should be a list of core values/ rules that cannot change. Gil and Hocking can manage aflX and leave us the [censored] alone!!
  2. Weed would be copping it on here if he put a one mark game like Pruess did under the roof. Maybe we are seeing why Pruess hasn’t been selected earlier. A work in progress.
  3. Lewis and Clarry dominating the clearances with 6 each. Petracca looks angry and playing very well dogs fans are a disgrace lever reading the play well at the back
  4. Who would have thought Hunt would lead our goal kicking for the year
  5. Dogs are in decent form but are nothing to be scared of. They lost to Carlton and the suns this year and have 7 wins to our 5. Our defence and midfield could get on top if we are switched on. Close tagging of the Bont is crucial including a plan when he goes fwd. It will be low scoring. frustrating game to watch unless we lower our eyes and hit up the mid sized fwds. bugger it, I reckon we will win.
  6. I agree regarding Ablett. He could have gone down as the greatest player ever and won 2 more flags at the Cats potentially. He started amazingly but those last 2-3 years at GC he was as soft as butter, kept his body right for the return to Geelong and still retained the captaincy. He would surely regret leaving the cats. at his peak he would have been on close to a mil/per year at cats after their stars retired. not enough Gaz? Tarnished his reputation for sure GC have almost no chance of ever being a decent side.
  7. Far out Cameron, the 18yo brother of Charlie was picked at 39 as part of the WC academy. how the hell did he not go first round, did no one bid on him? seems like a top 5 talent to me. We are so far behind WC's fwd line it is not funny. I agree Pennent, we need to work on a NT academy.
  8. I think Bartlett is correct. the external review will be announced around round 9 next year Relax guys
  9. In the years to comes I expect this will change. I would treat the first couple of concussions for a young player very conservatively and not wait for subsequent ones, even if symptoms resolved. Shaun smith thinks it’s insane any player would play the week after a concussion
  10. Surely concussions that are bad enough to not play out the game mean you have zero chance of playing the following week.
  11. if we win all games we could technically make it in on 12 wins. haha either way, there will be bog ordinary teams in the 8 this year. oh to be one of them
  12. I heard Harley Bennell had a coffee with Misson 5 years ago too the man's effect cannot be underestimated!
  13. Gawny running freely on Tuesday? you beauty! should be fine to come back in unless he doesnt pull up well tomorrow thanks KM!
  14. you mean while a group of supporters have been jumping up and down whinging saying Goody has no idea, there has been a specific plan in place to benefit Preuss and the team all along?!? you dont say! Preuss looked so much better on sunday then he did in NAB and early days.
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