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  1. He was on over 500k a season when he was at Port and could demand the same from us. If he’s been let go from Arsenal and wants to return home, it’s not a bad wicket.
  2. It would depend on the player we’d be bringing in as part of the deal. Whitfield, Cripps etc then yes. Purely for draft picks to use in the draft, no.
  3. Perhaps he was influenced by his surroundings?
  4. Jump onto the AFL’s official betting partner’s website, Sportsbet, you can bet on how many games he’ll be suspended for.
  5. I would be willing to dress up as an Essendon supporter and abuse the [censored] out of the umpires.
  6. Gil has succeeded then. He’s turning the game into a reality TV show.
  7. Just call him Mumford ffs, ‘Big Mummy’ is gross.
  8. Fremantle are playing the sort of football that will kill us. Next week will be the final hit on the nail to fully seal the coffin. We’re done, finito, gotov, acabado, hotovoy, klaar, 完成的, færdig med, skończony
  9. Reality TV is all about the drama these days, see My Kitchen Rules (it’s got nothing to do with food but who’s got the most Botox and biggest duck face). Unfortunately the AFL isn’t immune, people love (contrived) drama.
  10. Be careful, someone might take offence to that on behalf of someone else who may take offence.
  11. The Gilstapo conducting their patrols during last nights game:
  12. There’s nothing more Melbourne than making a Prelim one season then ‘winning’ the spoon the following season. We should probably think about changing our name.
  13. I’m with you ‘DeeZee’ and agree with everything you’ve said. From the rule changes to the commentary to Gil, the game has lost something. Even before our disappointing round 1 game I just didn’t have that same feeling of ‘footballs back’ excitement.
  14. I don’t think prisons grant day release to attend weddings, unless of course if you’ve committed ‘white collar’ crime.
  15. I’m not sure if it’s been reported elsewhere but I heard on the radio this morning that Gil is now placing officials dressed as supporters within the crowd to report (what he deems to be) anti-social behaviour. Gil’s Undercover Gestapo, he’s another step closer to the Fourth Reich.
  16. How’s the bruises on Fantasia’s arm from Stratton pinching him? Bizarre from Stratton.
  17. His last three games have been good, apart from that he’s been mostly average. Still has a while to go to catch Oliver. He’s definitely come a long way though, much more composed.
  18. Lol, does Ray Chamberlain have shares in Hawthorn? Horrible free.
  19. Bruce: “Jakie, Jakie, Jakiiiiiieeeeee...(splat)”
  20. I’m not really looking forward to anything Demons related. If I had to choose something it would be the progression of Baker. Non-Demons related, I’m looking forward to Essendon not making the finals again.
  21. Yelling out at the football is all part of the theatrics, people have to learn to not take things so personally or be offended on behalf of someone else.
  22. Greg Williams had 3121 kicks to 3600 handballs. Chris McDermott had 1355 kicks to 1523 handballs. Matt Crouch has 1181 kicks to 1606 handballs.
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