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  1. Thanks for the reports. Did we still manage to lose?
  2. #WhatdoesETknow? #Notjustbreakingtradesdown. #Theselectionwhisperer. #Ihearwhispers. #Bennel2raisehell.
  3. Daniher will make a miraculous recovery when we gets away from Essendon. Being an RFA, it’s a yes from me.
  4. Absolutely. And round 1 this year, he certainly didn’t learn anything over the off and pre-seasons. Let’s hope Richo is right.
  5. What is Richo’s official role? He’d make a good fluffer.
  6. Can @Lord Nev’s thread, which is here to celebrate Jetta, his milestone and all his hard work to get there, not be turned into a political [censored] measuring contest?
  7. Peter Wright is a [censored] crab, he’s a six year old boy in a mans body. Give it rest.
  8. Well, I’m glad Richardson is impressed. That makes one. Game-style and selection will be telling, has the monotone robot lost the ego?
  9. Haven’t heard anything about Jordon, I thought he’d be a good replacement for Hibberd when the timing were right. Has Rivers overtaken him?
  10. And I’ll make one with Feta in it and call it the “Feta 4 Jetta special”.
  11. I’m going to make toasted sandwiches on game day and call it a “Breville 4 Neville”.
  12. TMac from the set shot. Melksham from on the run.
  13. Considering it’s less than a week before a game and it’s coming in to cold/flu season, I’d prefer it if we sent a Wagner down the slide into the ice water.
  14. Brad Green occasionally wore skins/compression leggings albeit they were from the knee down and mostly covered by socks.
  15. Nothing. Except for it being reiterated that GNF was full of crap.
  16. No [censored] Sherlock. No riddle this time? I think it’s been established that’s he’s well and truly in the mix.
  17. Nat Fyfe wears an arm sleeve, can’t see what the difference is with wearing them on your leg/legs.
  18. I bought a few extra memberships to support the club so I have eight scarves on the way. A few will end up stuck to cars displaying West Coast bumper stickers.
  19. Part of what makes our game great is the endurance it takes. 90 minute quarters? Might as well make it non-contact and call it Soccer.
  20. I’m the same with Joel Smith, seems like a one trick pony.
  21. http://www.roymorgan.com/findings/8088-afl-supporter-ladder-june-2019-201908160718
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