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  1. We really are just an amateur club in a professional organisation.
  2. You’re angry at Mahoney over a trade scenario that you made up in your head? That’s fantastic.
  3. Only if we can’t get an ex-backline player to come to us as forward coach then I’d consider Roughy.
  4. I think it was in the Langdon thread where I suggested a trade involving Brayshaw, Langdon and Fremantle’s first round pick was the suggestion. I’d happily retain Brayshaw however if he wanted to leave, I think that suggestion is fair for both parties. Thoughts?
  5. Bring in a coach that has decimated a football club. Nice one. No matter how many times you say ‘get it done’ no one is taking you seriously.
  6. What happens when he splits up with his missus, will he want to move back to WA?
  7. Update: Have been told that Worsfold is in the running for the Freo job. Worsfold v Scott, who will get the job? #NonstopbreakingAFLnews
  8. I’m hearing whispers that Brad Scott will be joining the Dockers. #Eartotheground #Howdoeshekeepdoingit?
  9. Bell might get that feather in his cap that he’s been wanting so badly.
  10. I purchase an annual subscription to this site every year and make the odd donation but have decided not to renew my families memberships next season(my kids aren’t old enough to disagree, if they were and wanted to sign up I would in a heartbeat). If I want to post on here I will. There’s also plenty of posters on here that aren’t members of the club, it’s their decision and I’d never suggest they don’t post on here. I dropped my MCC membership a few years after moving interstate, really wish I hadn’t.
  11. Reports this morning that the Dees are in the box seat to land Langdon, I believe this was already reported yesterday on Demonland. How does he do it? #ETdoesitagain #Numberonenewsbreaker #ETthetradebreaker
  12. Our first pick in the ‘super draft’ would have been pick 16. Calm ya farm.
  13. He’ll end up having played 319 games at an average of 21 games a season, it’s an amazing effort. I was super stoked when we got him and hope he stays on in a coaching capacity. Thanks for your service Jordan.
  14. I’m hearing whispers Ben King will seek a trade back to Victoria and if he doesn’t, he’ll be staying put. You heard it here first. #ETthetradebreaker #Ihearwhispers.
  15. Make no mistake, Langdon will be in Melbourne before the end of the year. #ETthetradebreaker.
  16. Is Nathan’s little brother on the move? Possibly. Do the Dee’s and Saints lead the race for his autograph? Maybe. You heard it here first. #ETthetradebreaker.
  17. I’d prefer we take Anderson and persevere with Weed for now.
  18. You’re probably right, but that has nothing to do with my post.
  19. Hawthorn vs Gold Coast was a bizarre game to watch, it had a ‘Legends Game’ feel about it. Roughy was playing the role of the lone female stuck in the forward line with the opposition making ridiculous mistakes so she can kick a goal. Then came the over the top fawning by the commentators. A truly weird spectacle.
  20. Yep that was basically how I came to that amount. Between 15-20% which is reflected in the poll.
  21. My estimate was that we’d lose about 10,000 members which is about 20%.
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