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  1. Snot in a jar would do a better job at coaching Carlton than Bolton.
  2. Hawthorn supporters must be the biggest bunch of fair weather, band-wagoners going around. They didn’t turn up last week either.
  3. [censored] [censored] [censored] [censored], [censored] [censored] banana.
  4. Margetts is 100% a West Coast supporter. He and Daglish openly support West Coast and were ‘unofficially’ banned from umpiring the derby a couple of years ago due to their perceived bias towards the Eagles.
  5. My thoughts as well after I saw his first couple of touches. Got caught a few times but that’s going to happen in your first game. A couple were from dodgy hand passes anyway.
  6. Once Baker adjusts to the speed of the game he’s going to be a very good player.
  7. That’s probably more like it. Oh well, I’ve already had my win for tonight seeing that.
  8. Just witnessed a middle-aged man in a west coast jumper slip over whilst walking over the bridge to the stadium. He landed on his guts as if he was about to go down a slip and slide. It’s a sign.
  9. High and tight is the only acceptable haircut on a man if you ask me.
  10. Fit looking fella, which is a good thing being a professional athlete I suppose.
  11. I think this sums him up well. When watching Stretch I’ve often thought he plays quite robotically, as if he’s attempting really hard to stick to a system, a little hard to explain I suppose. It makes him seem overtly rigid and not playing freely enough. I’d also like to see him play with more instinct and take the game on.
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