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  1. Played out of position last season, loss of confidence, one foot out the door...could be a number of things. Only the inner-sanctum would know.
  2. To be fair, after the 2018 finals we probably thought Weideman was the next King brother.
  3. Eddie: “We’re proud of him.”
  4. Can be that or the victim didn’t originally provide a statement or she withdrew it.
  5. Walked out the wrong door according to Eddie.
  6. Look at the wee little angry man go, you’re on a roll. Is this a Saty burner account?
  7. I don’t like the idea of bonus points at all, how about first to 120 wins?
  8. Wouldn’t you need a plan A before you get to a plan B? I think if we get beaten easily on Sunday the media will start putting some heat on Goody.
  9. How much influence can you have when you get six touches and lay one tackle? Must have been one hell of a corralling game for Smith.
  10. We have too many romantics who were fans of Smith Snr and just like to see his young fella playing in the red and blue. No doubt Joel is an athletic guy but he’s not an AFL Footballer. Bring in OMac. https://www.footywire.com/afl/footy/ft_player_compare?playerStatus1=A&tid1=12&pid1=4160&fid1=C&playerStatus2=A&tid2=12&pid2=4024&fid2=C&type=A
  11. I still say get him to the club, he did manage to string two decent games together recently.
  12. I haven’t even received my membership packs let alone an email with the New Balance discount offer.
  13. I don’t mind the inclusion of Spargo, we need some more bad boys in the team.
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