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  1. I think most of us have been more than patient Febes. We had the chance to step up in 2019 and be taken seriously. We’ve royally [censored] that chance and have gone back to being the joke of the AFL. Why would anyone continue to follow this club?
  2. Not disappointed because I saw this coming. All I feel for this club now is disdain and contempt. Like me, the club should just give up.
  3. I’m not sure when the game is but unfortunately I’m busy that weekend.
  4. Three memberships cancelled, officially done. fin. finito. fertig. terminado. acabado.
  5. Yep assumed Slobbo and pictured a fat, bald eagle.
  6. Such a shame, we only have ourselves to blame. Could have been huge.
  7. Lucky he kicked a few because he burnt his teammates a couple of times who were in a better position than himself. Seems like a selfish turd who could do with a good haircut and a bath.
  8. Essendon are playing two rucks, I think we should bench one of the Wagners and unleash Punky Preuster.
  9. Given the timing it’s almost as if Robinson goes for Essendon and he’s attempting to take the heat off them.
  10. Got through the second half of last weeks game in 19 seconds.
  11. With the time delay it’s on at 4.50 here which is too early to settle down and watch the game so I’ll have it on record. At least I’ll be able to fast forward the bad parts. If we lose this game I’ll be prepping the microwave and putting on my Spider-Man costume.
  12. Play Oliver for 50% of the game out of the goalsquare.
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