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  1. What’s the deal? Corrupt Councillors? Faeces being posted to council members?
  2. Georgiou said this after being delisted at the conclusion of the 2014 season: “I’m obviously disappointed I didn’t do enough to secure a second season in the top league, but in terms of playing seven AFL games off a rookie list, and even to make it on a list, are things I never thought I was going to achieve.” (Apologies, I lost the link to where he said this). He took a decent pay-cut to come to us and after being delisted returned to Norwood for the following season. Seems like a bright lad and appears to be doing very well for himself.
  3. The only poster beating their chest around here is yourself, chill pill bruh.
  4. Surely the AFL, players and fans can just donate to the cause without having to hold a watered down state of origin game.
  5. Rance has cancelled his retirement and is heading to Dream Team HQ.
  6. (Insert Old El Paso - “Why can’t we have both” gif here).
  7. I’ve spoken to them and can confirm they’re all on track for round 1.
  8. Soooooo training next week should be pretty good.
  9. I don’t think we’ll see Luke Jackson this season, I think he’ll have a massive development year building his tank and body.
  10. http://www.pistolclothing.com.au/shop/AirJurrah/ Was where you could originally purchase them.
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