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  1. I was told that the person who posted the comment was a dark skinned male.
  2. I couldn’t see there being any issues, and if there is I’d just throw in the “I filled in the electronic form and hit send, bloody computers hey?”
  3. https://melbourne2.snapforms.com.au/form/2019-members-forum
  4. That’s essentially the old Academy/Father-Son bidding system. Now the AFL use a Draft Value Index which assigns a relative points value for each pick. Because Green is one of GWS’s Academy Players, they will get a discount so their pick 6 will beat our pick 3 and they’ll pick him up. If they trade 6 for 14 and 17, pick 14 alone wouldn’t be enough to trump our bid. I’m not sure on the value of each pick pick but 14 and 17 combined may not be enough to beat our bid.
  5. Racism aside, it’s an abhorrent comment to make towards a baby. I have a baby and toddler myself and would be devastated if someone made a comment like that directed at them.
  6. This is where I’m at Jr. I’ve said it before, we didn’t do the trade we did with North to secure pick 8 then on-trade it to another team for two later picks. We went for pick 8 because we want a certain player.
  7. Shish-Kebab, 29 pages. Imagine if the guy was actually a good player?!
  8. “I’m so disgusted at the club so I’m going to stay on in a coaching role”.
  9. Do you see him as a replacement for Hibberd when the time comes?
  10. I just don’t think we traded selections with North to get pick 8 to then (potentially) split it. IMO we’ll take it to the draft. I’m hoping for Young and Kemp at picks 3 and 8.
  11. Eagles players were running down hills today (it builds the hammy’s). Where will they finish?
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