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  1. "The AFL is examining the issue of excessive tackling, with football boss Steve Hocking saying the AFL wants to reduce the amount of tackling in the game." Hocking said that tackling had become ‘‘a feature’’ of the game and that the AFL wanted to see the number of tackles reduced, although he did not specify the desired number. ‘‘I have a very strong view on that. It has become a feature of our game and all the stuff that we’re analysing is how to get a balance back in that so that it’s not a feature of the game." Until Gil is gone I think I’m pretty much done with the AFL, is it even Aussie Rules anymore? https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/afl-racing-to-build-new-review-centre-for-finals-20190717-p5284z.html#comments
  2. Masterstroke by Goodwin putting Petty forward. Master.Stroke.
  3. So just his age has changed since his playing days.
  4. We’d get fined for tanking but not tanking if we were to ‘rest’ Brayshaw now.
  5. Trac’s getting better every week, including his set shots. He was one of our best players and managed to break through Bulldogs players on numerous occasions. Instead of blaming him for the loss, praise him for assisting with keeping us in the game.
  6. We are dumb. Constantly bombing it in to a pack that’s 25m out. At least kick it over the pack, they’re smashing us in the contested marking.
  7. Overrated apparently. Pressure and tackles win games. No way we can win this if we continue playing how we are.
  8. How many times does an opposition player get around a ANB and slip past him? Lay, or even attempt to lay, a tackle son.
  9. Are the umpires attempting to break the free kick record? Our skills are just horrible. Petracca has done a couple of nice things, building in confidence.
  10. Far too quick and much cleaner than us. Laying a tackle or two wouldn’t kill us either.
  11. Same Height as Petracca at 186cm. I’d hardly call him a ‘small’ forward. He doesn’t play as one either.
  12. On-field results for the first few gamesmanship next season.
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