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  1. Most of the players mentioned in this post are barely VFL standard except for Harmes, Lever and Clarry.
  2. Imagine if Collingwood or Richmond or Hawthorn players did the same? The other guys in the team wouldn’t put up with it.
  3. Each quarter is 20 minutes plus time on. Until the AFL makes each quarter 17 minutes or 5 minutes or whatever!
  4. Let’s have five a side, 20 on the bench, 10 minute quarters, 30 minute breaks for advertising betting and fattening take away foods, no access on free to air tv, so much noise each break due to advertising and general nonsense that the coaches can’t be heard, excessive running training so that all players have stress fractures in their feet, a ban on any fun at all for players: no sex, no alcohol for fifty million years, no jokes, No going out at night ever. Also no contact at all ever. That’s what the AFL wants. Let’s give it to them. Oh and five games a year maximum. No fans will attend. Then we can all go and watch the soccer or rugby league and forget this RUINED game.
  5. Nonsense. Great facilities and the oval is also excellent.
  6. No for an AFL club. Much better than Gosch’s $hithole. Have you ever been there? It could easily be further developed too!
  7. Casey has very good facilities now.
  8. I stand by my opinion. We’re likely to lose. However will be happy if we suddenly change our game plan and ability to hit targets in the forward fifty and to run back and man up in defence and WIN!
  9. Room for a bigger crowd then. Oh maybe not...
  10. Let’s see who wins before we count our fowls. They’ve got a lot of other new and improved players.
  11. It was just so disappointing to see the same mistakes as last year and the same game plan.
  12. Lol! Don’t get me started on the subject of the great Cale.
  13. Plus I bet they’ve all got soft in the time off.
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