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  1. He’s clearly an elite player. Maybe he had some adjustment to moving thousands of kilometers and so did his relationship. Who wouldn’t? He’ll be great next year.
  2. 3.5 years ago they were about to sack the coach and looked at odds with each other on and off field, especially Riewoldt. On field success breeds cohesion, confidence and coach retention.
  3. Oliver was great this season at handpassing to the ground or to a player about to be tackled.
  4. You mean who bears the most blame. Bare means naked or to expose, such as a bare bum or to bare one’s bum.
  5. Yes this was the doggies game plan a few years back. Kicking to space and players running onto it works well for fast runners. Most of our guys are too slow.
  6. Some goal-kicking practice wouldn’t go astray. Might be better than wrecking your feet with stress fractures by doing too much running. Perhaps Jack Watts could teach them to kick straight?
  7. And Oskar Baker two year contract. A whole bunch of B graders, except perhaps Baker.
  8. The following players are VFL level or below VFL level: Jay Kennedy-Harris Both Wagners Baker Bedford Bradtke Chandler Jordon Keilty Kolodjashnij Nietschke Preuss Sparrow Spargo Stretch Walker Sparrow The MFC will not win a premiership until it recruits and develops elite players like those of Richmond, Geelong, Collingwood, West Coast. We have chosen poorly in the past year and developed some potential elite players poorly. Max Gawn was just about our only elite player this year based on performance. The catastrophic drop to the bottom of the ladder had a reason. We just don’t have the cattle.
  9. What’s at stake? The reputation of our weak, pathetic club? It’s already at rock bottom. Yet another coach’s job? Goodwin being sacked will hardly be a surprise and based on this year he wouldn’t be a huge loss. There was potentially more at stake this year: we could have been playing finals again with this list that played finals last year, and all those forward 50 entries. The players in the forward line were not up to it. The midfielders feeding the ball to them weren’t either.
  10. Delist: Both Wagners, ANB, Spargo, Lockhart, JKH, Bedford, Chandler, Baker, Bradtke, Kolodjashnij, Jordon, Keilty, Nietschke, Oscar Macdonald, Stretch, Vandenberg, Walker. All VFL level or lower level, except Vandenberg who is eternally injured. GET SOME ELITE PLAYERS into the team!!!!
  11. Lockhart useless Bedford useless Spargo useless Chandler useless Delist all four. Get some real players in.
  12. When did MFC become the underdog and an irrelevant club? Was it when Norm Smith was sacked and Ron Barassi went to Carlton? When did we lose the right to train on the MCG? When did we lose the home ground? Why did we lose the home ground? How did the MCG, HOME OF the GREAT DEMONS become home of scum like Richmond, Collingwood, etc etc. We were the kings of the 1950s-1964. What has happened to this great football club that invented the game? When can we get it all back? Respect. Winning. Self respect. Forget the rest. This year has been an absolute disgrace and the coaches and players should hang their heads in shame. Absolute shame shame shame. Get back to winning or get lost.
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