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  1. Ran into Brian Wilson at the MCG 3 years ago.I lived next door to him for about 12 months in the 1980s.Had the occasional chat over the fence.At the G he told me not to give up on the Dees- keep supporting them as he was.Great stuff Willow!
  2. Training starts again this Friday 10 Jan at Gosches.Havespokento club to confirm.
  3. Another way looking at it-which team(s) would drop out of the bottom half of this year’s 8 for Dees to sneak in?
  4. Great photos Saty!Love the one of Vanders.Not to mention “Tom” Petty !
  5. Match simulation training was pretty intensive.At one stage Hibberd jumped high up in the air to spoil a mark.He did but fell to the ground awkwardly and smashed his left shoulder It happened 5 metres in front of me.He took quite a while to get up before he got up.I thought he had busted his shoulder because he rally hit the ground hard.
  6. I spoke to an Essendon supporter on Sunday.She rates this bloke and is not happy that he was delisted.And a lot of other Dons supporters feel the same way.
  7. I was standing near CP5 when he left the ground.He was rubbing his arm but did not appear to be in much pain.He walked over to a lady who was sitting down watching training.She stood up and they hugged and sat down and talked.Trac looked ok to me.
  8. Thanks.My sons went to school with Max and his older-but shorter- brother Adam! Both level headed young men.So are Max’s parents.
  9. If l get Kayo are past games during the 2018 season able to watched again?
  10. This photo is one of the training routines-can somebody explain what it means?
  11. Love the name Harvey Timothy.
  12. I was at training .Petracca is in great condition.Built like the proverbial brick out house.
  13. Went to Friday training and Vanders looked great.Participated in all the drills.
  14. Coach Plapp said that each training session was taped and reviewed.Just sayin.
  15. I was there. A couple of observations:Steven May is a big unit.Mr Preuse is a tall unit.Same height as Max.The 2 big fellas were taking turns kicking for goal.Most of their kicks were accurate-about 35 metres out.Max led the running around the ground - he is one fit unit!So is Joel Smith.
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