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  1. I hate boats, can't swim. was trying to be friendly...
  2. Hey guys, it's a football match, no need to attack each other. Relax, take another valium, smile, be happy, we lost again, so fluckingwell what? Tomorrow the sun will come up, it'll be abnormally warm again and the rain they've forecast won't fall. There is nothing new under the sun, all is vanity and a striving after wind. So said the Preacher, Ecclesiastes.
  3. I'm 68, should I keep believing?
  4. Your daughter's faith in the easter Bunny kind of sums up Demon supporters...
  5. So Hard ask Hardtrack expects poor persecuted Israel to be totally faithful to his creed. Fair enough, old chap, he expects all others to obey the letter of his law.
  6. Most of our recruited defenders are injured...
  7. I simply feel Melbourne is a better side when he plays. His presence oozes confidence. His skills will improve with more game time but the strength he gives around the contest simply makes them more formidable. I really don't like all the talk about how he'll inevitable get suspended, he simply gives a strong and authentic contest. I love the guy already.
  8. I'm a fickle watcher. I also can't stand the sight of blood, I faint if I nick myself shaving. In the meantime, because of an accumulation of post 1964 trauma I can hardly bear to watch a game if it looks like we are back on the frittering away boat. My motto is, I watch the replays if they win, otherwise the pain is too great. Finished watching the replay and I have great admiration for a very gutsy and determined win. Everybody had a red hot go and, yes there were 'issues', but it proved that these lads have commitment and a will to win again. What stood out most for me though - and this isn't an example of seeing a half full cup half empty - was the way Melbourne won despite very rarely taking advantage of Gawn's dominant ruck work. It would seem to me the lads need to do a bit of radar connection therapy because mostly they were where Gawn's taps weren't. Great win, though it must be said, the Swans are not a top side at the moment.
  9. 6: Oliver 5:Jones 4: Salem 3: Gawn 2: Melksham 1:Petracca
  10. Please don't bring Beethoven - a human being whose life was dedicated to the betterment of the human condition - into this. We're talking about corruption and the powers of corrupt persuasion. We're talking about the corruption of the very judicial system we falsely believe is sacrosanct. As Dickens wrote in Bleak House, our judicial system is a joke.
  11. If you stacked them together they'd still be shorter than the mighty Brisbane Big O.
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