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  1. I work in the wine Business. I used to live in the parish of Boomanoomana just up the road from you on the NSW side towards Barooga. Look up Beechworth Wine Estates, the owner has an accountancy practice in Wang, and check out Baileys, Mayford, and never underestimate Brown Bros from your region. Also, Tahbilk and Mitchelton make good booze, and look out for anything from Coriole, order some Linke Shiraz through Nicks, just for starters....
  2. His AFl stats are very underwhelming, Binman. He sounds like a player who'll play a brilliant game and have many so so days.
  3. Have you got everything, Rufus? Haven't had any complaints yet..
  4. Love this man. He's the paradigm for a man on a mission to get the most out of his one crack at being the very best he can be.
  5. Plus two boiled eggs...make that three boiled eggs
  6. I'm looking forward to Burgess. I completely fail to understand all the Misson bashing. It's a symptom of the scapegoat mentality which gets nobody anywhere.
  7. Yours in Molar rack and ruin...Apologies if I sounded stern and moralistic...
  8. Hey, Rab, some of us lower classes have bad teeth, some of it is in our DNA. I was a regular dentist visitor in Germany when I was five, bin a regular customer ever since. I wouldn't hold a man's molar superstructure against him... Todd Viney was no dental beauty queen either, just for the record.
  9. The paradigm for any contemporary Demon supporter, questionable mental states.
  10. Those pies in the sky are storm clouds. Yes, we need the rain desperately but we don't need another injury-prone list dweller, I don't care how good he was in 2014...
  11. That's Santa Claus territory, yeah, Christmas is coming too...
  12. For the record, I wish Harvey Benell all the very best and if it came pass that he ends up at MFC I'd keep my fingers crossed for him. We all need as many cracks at it as we can get because in the end, life ain't that very fair.To be cursed by so much injury is in itself not fair.
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