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  1. He had hip surgery at the end of the last season. Could have a lot to do with it.
  2. It has become apparent to me that there are many churches in Demonland. Yet they all pray to the same god. Go figure.
  3. This is 188 pages of drivel, the same drivel that was written about Buckley, Hardwick, Clarkson and the Drug Baron Thompson and it will be written about every coach who doesn't deliver immediate satisfaction to supporters who seem to have nothing else to do but dissect coach after coach after coach.
  4. Saint James. Beware though, it contains much other total bulldust.
  5. Possibly a Tertiary, non gender positive case then????
  6. I shudder to think what I might find there: we have a 19 month old swiss white shepherd puppy! By the way, I always enjoy your comments. They are positive and constructive.
  7. The normal Doomer and Gloomers Brigade Of D/Land have come out and banged on and on about Goodwin, the game plan, the selectors, the selections, ANB,, O.Mc, T.Mc, May, Lever, Smith, Brayshaw, on and on it goes, I.E. the usual culprits as seen by the WiseMen and Wisewomen of D/Land. In the meantime, there is one aspect of round two which many here seem to either overlooked or disregarded. To my knowledge, four of the games involved teams coming out like the fury of hell and banging on goal after goal after goal before their opponents woke up. Adelaide got slaughtered , the E Coli Wobblers hung on for a draw, Essendon won by a kick, as did Melbourne. I wonder if - apart from Adelaide - their supporters have banged on and on and on and on about the woeful uselessness of most of their players, a feature we see quite regularly on this site. Am I missing something?
  8. Oi Weh. What is the point of all this post hoc ergo propter hoc vindictive nostalgia? The calls were made, some by the players, some by the powers that will always be. It's like saying if Australians had any sense they wouldn't have gone to Vietnam or Iraq, or, indeed to Gallipoli....Fact is, they did. It's history. deal with it.
  9. Yes, only watched highlights, glad I have a dog which needs regular dog park frolics, because otherwise I'd have been on the roller coast ride from heaven and back. The highlights of the second half show the same old bulldust of three Melbourne players flying for marks, no-one at the bottom to mop up. I ask myself, why does this keep happening????It's like checking your Tattslotto ticket every Saturday night and finding your numbers are bulldust. The same with our back line.
  10. Nah, the greatest Melbourne player of all time.
  11. If you' struggle to understand those ...Um, er, am I allowed to ask what level did you reach at school, DC? Methinks you struggle with a lot of basic things, but that's just my opinion. Also, has it ever occurred to you that the basic job of a journalist is to call out lies and bulldust. The so-called Coalition has been running this country - spell ruining - since 2013. If you believe in democracy, which I assume you do, you would expect journalists to not just be a mouthpiece for government policies, you might well consider it is their job to call out the rorts and scandals that governments try to get away with. Murdoch's puppets don't and won't: that so called bastion of democracy simply hires right wing lunatics to espouse even more crap that any conservative government will ever try to get away with. BUT, when ABC journalists have the guts to call bulldust and lies for what it is, self righteous men of the so-called centre call them left wing biased as bad as commies. Give me a break, baby Daisy, give me a friggin break.
  12. Yes, it's quite amazing that so many derogatory things are said and told about a player who had sublime talent, who, when you watch the replays of the games we won, was always on the front line. Um, 174 games, says it all. I wish he was still playing for Melbourne.
  13. In the video of Goodwin announcing the first gamers, I noticed Oscar M on his left. I also noticed that when everybody else was cheering and clapping, he didn't join in. Not happy, Oscar M.
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