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  1. Please don't get me wrong: it was in relation to some correspondence between Binann and Lord Nev. But, it has been my experience that there are posters on this site who kept calling him soft, etc etc, and I wasn't just referring to this 'Training Session' thread. He was never 'soft'. He played his way, the way Eddie and Rioli play and played their way. There are people on this site who didn't understand that. That's all I want to say.
  2. Also, I can't help it, but I detected a subliminal antipathy towards Garlett from some of his critics on this site. I may be wrong....
  3. I believe this is absolute rubbish. He had family issues in 2018, badly injured his shoulder twice in 2019, none of his injuries involved appetite or shirking.
  4. Ok, Vardy, Clark, Owen,Templeton, Mitch Clarke, Crosswell, that's over 40 years. Who else?
  5. T'would seem to me that we may not see much of Hannan, Kolodjashnij or Bennell this year. All three will be missed. However, good teams find a way. Last year at this time the infirmary housed as many as the Gym. In Ireland, dey wood be saying, Tings are lookin up.
  6. Clarkson was a very ordinary footballer.
  7. Oh boy, I've raised a hornet's nest from the dead. His ears are burning. Sorry I raised it. Truly. Let us forget about Heretier Lumumba. Onwards, forward, 2020 looms, don't look back...
  8. Being weird, kinky and a pervert does have its downsides! The poor chambermaids of Romsey, I'll wager a flagon of Kaiser Stuhl Rose, have abandoned you and you are plumbing the depths of Gisborne South, Clarkefield, probably as far awide as Sunbury. Yes, there are advantages of being an ordinary Joe from the suburbs.
  9. I believe I inferred that. harry confirmed, hence his impassioned speech before he defected to the Demons.
  10. We're not talkin riff raff supporters, Harry and I are aiming for the cream at the top...
  11. Where I'm at is top secret. Asio is looking for me and Harry as we speak....Apparently Eddie thinks we're mounting a coup against him, or something. Eddie believes we're mounting a REAL lumpen Proletariat revolution at Collingwood....🤷‍♀️👀🎂
  12. No, Phil Carman takes that prize.
  13. Look on the bright side: there was the occasional gem: Peter Moore, Wayne Gordon, Henry Coles...
  14. One man's airhead, another man's guru. There but for the grace of whatever god... Why waste time and energy bagging players?
  15. That should be 'hoofed' animals...
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