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  1. He was more than 'just reliable'. He and Roet and Leahy formed the best half back line in the competition. I recall a game against Geelong at Kardinia Park. The votes went 3,2 and 1 to those lads.
  2. Hardly elie, old boy, hardly elite at all....He was, like Luke Beveridge and Tom Hafey, just a player...
  3. He was a great man, Jim Stynes. Keep in mind that till not that long ago every indigenous player was racially abused by opposition players, supporters, a kind of reflection on how they had been treated since Mr Cook and Co brought on Philips' voyage.
  4. MIchael Pickering, ex Richmond, some handy games 1992 and 1993.
  5. Shane Grambeau, Alan Davis, both played good games for Melbourne, especially Davis in 1976 and 1977. BOth ex St KIlda..
  6. Steven Pitt. 5 games. Another 'gift' from the E Coli Wobblers...
  7. 1: Farmer 2: Whelan, Davey. 3: Lovell, Garlett, Jetta. 4: Jurrah, Charles. 5: Wonamieri, H.Bennell, Pickett. 6: Graham. 7: Bamblett, Kennedy Harris,. 8: Chisholm, Motlop, Barry. Francis. Unknown: May, Pickett, Bedford. I loved them all. I recall their highlights, really basked in the achievements of all of them. Hats off...
  8. Gary Byers played two games, as I remember, both against Carlton. IN the last game of the season he gave John Nicholls a bath, they met again during a Semi Final the next week and Nicholls reversed the tables. Carlton won, Tunbridge dropped a mark twenty yards out, game over....
  9. George Lakes. The first version of Jimmy Toumpas...
  10. He was one of my favourite players: he had dash and courage and skill. One of THE great half back lines in the game's history: Anderson, Roet, Leahy.
  11. I played in a social cricket match against Owen Zinko in 1972. I was at Victoria Park for his first game when he was smashed by Mr Weidemann. He told me it totally knocked the bejaysus out of him, that he never recovered. He was of Ukrainian stock, it takes a lot to knock the stuffing out of a Ukrainian...
  12. Add Phil Egan's one and only game... Phil carman, John Gallus, Craig Ellis, Craig Turley, Nathan Bassett
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