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  1. Yeah, it's at the bottom of the latrines.
  2. I agree with your sessment. The other factor which has hardly been mentioned is we copped a much tougher draw as a reward for finishing so high last year. Add that to the the amount of players who began the season under-prepared due to injuries and operations, the subsequent injury toll, and most sides would have struggled. Remember too we've not had a 'settled' defence or On Ball combination, let alone our Forwards, all year.
  3. Considering the odds I thought Melbourne stood up. There were few weak links though perhaps Lockhart, Dunkley and Hannan weren't as effective. Had they kicked straight, had Hunt's disposal been more efficient it would have been an easier win. Still, well done.
  4. 6; T. Mac 5: Oliver 4: Fritsch 3: Jones 2:Frost 1: Petracca
  5. I can't see why we're arguing about this. All I've said is it took Moore, Daniher and Hawkins many games to deliver their potential. Moore's speed is irrelevant...
  6. Darcy Moore: hardly stunning figures, my boy, Statistics are correct to the end of the 2018 season[6] Legend G Goals B Behinds K Kicks H Handballs D Disposals M Marks T Tackles Season Team No. Games G B K H D M T G B K H D M T Totals Averages (per game) Career 54 61 36 333 183 516 260 93 1.1 0.7 6.2 3.4 9.6 4.8 1.7 2015 Collingwood 30 9 9 3 49 32 81 29 16 1.0 0.3 5.4 3.6 9.0 3.2 1.8 2016 Collingwood 30 17 24 14 95 59 154 77 29 1.4 0.8 5.6 3.5 9.1 4.5 1.7 2017 Collingwood 30 21 25 19 152 68 220 125 40 1.2 0.9 7.2 3.2 10.5 6.0 1.9 2018 Collingwood 30 7 3 0 37 24 61 29 8 0.4 0.0 5.3 3.4 8.7 4.1 1.1 References
  7. I'm not talking blind faith - look at his Finals games against Hawthorn and Geelong when he was playing in a confident and efficient side. Also, he looks pretty committed to the Melbourne Football Club by my reckoning. Who you gonna swap him for? Cam Macarthy????
  8. You hit the nail on the head: he started to come good in his fourth season. 43 goals in a side which was always there or nearabouts is hardly great numbers. Darcy Moore's athleticism saw him run around mostly of the early days in the VFL... As you say, it's a forum. I just like to keep things in perspective...
  9. I don't understand the negative focus on Weidemann. If I were a forward playing for Melbourne the way it's currently playing I'd spend most of my time cursing the way the ball has come in. You don't reap silk from cows' ears... The other thing I find interesting is why 'supporters' need to spend so much time denigrating a young player who is obviously dedicated to becoming a good player for the Melbourne Footy club. I still recall how long it took Tom Hawkins to come good. Ditto Darcy Moore, ditto the latest Daniher at Essendon. Some of you may have read or heard he gets pretty low after becoming acquainted with the negativity displayed by some 'fans'. Fer crissake, get a grip and stop being so pessimistic and negative.
  10. People with short memories want to forget Melbourne was literally the spent and walking wounded when they played the Prelim last year.
  11. You haven't mentioned Hannan and Vandenberg either. Good post.
  12. God, just read the Doomsday prophets from Hell pontificating from the depths of their armchairs... Sometimes this site makes me laugh out loud. It's full of wise after the event holier than thou know-alls who just dwell on a the half empty site.
  13. Yes there a lot of dud and spud sayers on this topic. Love to see any of them get a kick against Oscar.
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