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  1. Not sure if the recording is available somewhere but on SEN last night Mahoney said pick 7 was a surprise and did not expect it to happen at all, thought we were finished at pick 10.
  2. I don't see how we could get that done. Looking at the phantom form guide, it looks like (after all the academy players are bid on and taken) that Curnow, Weideman and Francis will all be gone. Would be rapt if it did though!
  3. I'd rather do: MFC IN: Bugg and 26 (729 points - received from Pies for Treloar... eventually) MFC OUT: 43 (378), 46 (331), 50 (273), 64 (101). Therefore Bugg = 354 points (pick 45).
  4. 6 (1,751), 29, (653), 46, (331), 64 (101) & 2016 3rd rounder (483 if wooden spoon to 220 if premier) = 3319 *assuming wooden spoon 7 (1,644), 8 (1,551), Bugg = 3195 points. Doubt it is enough points to make them do it, probably needs to be 2016 2nd round.
  5. Why not add 43 to that and go for pick 7 (traded to GWS for Treloar)?
  6. I think the proposed trade between Gold Coast and Melbourne was as follows: Melbourne In: Pick 3 (2,234 points), Pick 35 (522 points) Gold Coast In: Pick 6 (1,751 points), Howe That makes Howe worth 1005 points, perfectly in line with Mahoney saying Howe is worth a late first round / early second round pick e.g. pick 17 (1,025 points) or 18 (985 points). Therefore I think we will go to Collingwood and say we want 1000 points worth of picks. Not sure how it will happen if they spend them on Aish and Treloar....
  7. Unless I am blind I can't see anything in this link saying Melbourne is interested in Melksham? "AFL.com.au revealed on Tuesday that Essendon has offered Jake Melksham a new two-year deal, but the 24-year-old is weighing up his future amid interest from clubs including St Kilda and Carlton."
  8. Shocking, more turnovers than Grimes! Big no from me. Just watch the Melb v GWS game if you want to see why.
  9. Being discussed at length on the Match Preview forum and figured it deserved its own thread. Why has Jack been dropped? Is a unforeseen trade coming with a year to go on his contract? What would we get in return? Keep or trade? I have no idea why to be honest but I definitely felt he had done enough to keep it. Post your theories.
  10. I'll never understand this... Grimes was one of the BOG last weekend, equal high in disposals and kicked a goal yet named sub? He played better than most of the team last weekend and the club is treating him like s**t. For his sake, I hope he finds a new club who respects him because Roo's clearly wants him out.
  11. No, no and no. Went to school with him and is the biggest D***head I've ever met. Attitude is shocking, expects everything given to him on a sliver platter. Wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole!
  12. Link to the report. http://www.9jumpin.com.au/show/aflfootyshow/videos/4386649583001/
  13. Agree! I would even include (assuming best form) Vandenberg, Grimes and Trengrove at the expense of Cross (goal should be to that he is forced out of the side by younger players demanding his spot), Toumpas (not quite there yet but improving) and JKH (also not quite there but improving). So 8 of my best 22 out!
  14. http://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/2015-06-12/nealbullen-among-five-inclusions Best changes I've seen Melbourne make in a long time
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