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  1. You weren't spearheading the charge to merge back in 96' were you? Tried to get into Dallas Brookes Hall that night to vote but wouldn't be let in.
  2. Respect your right to have an opinion, but mergers won't work in Victoria, teams are either in or out in their current guise.
  3. Gill's a Saints supporter, as long as he's there they're going nowhere...
  4. Have we had to give up the name Melbourne? So we're now the Red Bull Demons? Or Melbourne Red Bulls?
  5. NBA style lottery, bottom 10 on the ladder, then a separate lottery for 11-18 for the top 8
  6. I think the fact that they haven't hidden the extent of the injuries has driven the current narrative. If I recall correctly, it was some time before we knew the full extent of the number of injuries/surgeries we had last year that had much to do with our performance. Further, a few close observers who post on this site mused that everything at the time was going ok and we were ready to go at the advent of last years premiership season, when clearly we weren't...
  7. Breaking the zone is fine, its what happens after that which is a problem
  8. Their reasoning is sound, frees Sicily up.
  9. Yep! Fritschy is the next cab of the rank, he's one of the key's to our season up forward, think he can take to an extra level this year.
  10. Transition from defence is perhaps the most important part of the game, look at Richmond's back 6 last year: B: Astbury Broad Grimes HB Houli Vlastuin Short None are really 'Key Defenders', but they all kick extremely well and are superb decision makers.
  11. Stiff he didn't get on the bench
  12. Boy o Boy, wowee...has the temperature been turned up or what for this season? All over the papers today, main topic of discussion on Whateley on SEN this morning, pressure's on big time...
  13. 'Melbourne Football Club pre-season is in danger of becoming stale, so we're going to take it to strange new places...' As long as there is no more of this then I'm sure he'll go well.
  14. He's going to revolutionise the way the game is played.
  15. As always there a few parts of the fixture this year that are a worry: -Rounds 1 & 2 - WC away and GWS home, with only a six day break between the two, quite possibly could be 0-2 with a poor percentage - Rounds 5 & 6 - GC away then 6 day turnaround for ANZAC Day eve against Richmond - Round 8 against Adelaide in NT - should be a home game in Melbourne - Round 15 -20 - Have Brisbane, Fremantle, Adelaide all interstate and Geelong at Kardinia in ostensibly a period of 6 weeks - Round 23 - last game i Hobart against North (again...) Slightly more changeling than I though at first.
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