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  1. But why would we not? What do we get out of it? Is it a standoff? We play their bluff, bid on Green, they don't match and take Jackson at 4?
  2. I'll prepare the answers now: 1) Everyone was injured before and during the season.... 2) We struggled with the new positioning rules.... 3) We struggled with not having the runners on the field.... 4) Coaching staff re-structure mid-season threw everything out the window, we started again.... 5) it is the year of the Pig...?
  3. I don't necessarily disagree with you, just smelling the winds...
  4. This has got 'Oliver' vibes written all over it. i'd say we're 100% taking Jackson with pick 3. High Risk, high Reward, we haven't won a flag in 54 years, I say go for it...
  5. Every day will be Sunday... Sigh.
  6. Josh Walker has always intrigued me as a footballer. Still only 26
  7. So, in all likelihood we go in with picks 3 & 8. Who do we take? I've got a hunch we might be calling Dylan Stephens name out with our first pick. Then Ash, Flanders, Kemp might still be available at 8?
  8. Does this mean he could walk into the pre-season draft? Could we pick him up for nothing if of course, Gold Coast have no interest?
  9. Absolutely fine, we are taking 3 and 8 to the draft.
  10. At the end of the day, we are giving away pick 3, the third best young talent in the country. That's a lot for mine, we better be asking for plenty back in return.
  11. Oh I totally agree, thing is we can play hard ball, we're not here to do GWS any favours. If we want Green we'll bid for him. If GWS want that out of the equation, pay up!
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