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  1. 'Melbourne Football Club pre-season is in danger of becoming stale, so we're going to take it to strange new places...' As long as there is no more of this then I'm sure he'll go well.
  2. He's going to revolutionise the way the game is played.
  3. As always there a few parts of the fixture this year that are a worry: -Rounds 1 & 2 - WC away and GWS home, with only a six day break between the two, quite possibly could be 0-2 with a poor percentage - Rounds 5 & 6 - GC away then 6 day turnaround for ANZAC Day eve against Richmond - Round 8 against Adelaide in NT - should be a home game in Melbourne - Round 15 -20 - Have Brisbane, Fremantle, Adelaide all interstate and Geelong at Kardinia in ostensibly a period of 6 weeks - Round 23 - last game i Hobart against North (again...) Slightly more changeling than I though at first.
  4. I expect Fritsch and Petrecca to garner significant interest from other clubs. Will have to trade, but no doubt the monetary offers will be significant, Fritsch in particular if he kicks 30-40 goals. Third most important player behind Oliver and Gawn.
  5. As if any of you guys know anything? You all post on a football interwebs forum...
  6. You have to wonder how many blokes were injured going into the WC game...
  7. Thanks for the updates @DeeSpencer Coliver update?
  8. But why would we not? What do we get out of it? Is it a standoff? We play their bluff, bid on Green, they don't match and take Jackson at 4?
  9. I'll prepare the answers now: 1) Everyone was injured before and during the season.... 2) We struggled with the new positioning rules.... 3) We struggled with not having the runners on the field.... 4) Coaching staff re-structure mid-season threw everything out the window, we started again.... 5) it is the year of the Pig...?
  10. I don't necessarily disagree with you, just smelling the winds...
  11. This has got 'Oliver' vibes written all over it. i'd say we're 100% taking Jackson with pick 3. High Risk, high Reward, we haven't won a flag in 54 years, I say go for it...
  12. Every day will be Sunday... Sigh.
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