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  1. Been pretty silent so far this season... Should they make some sort of statement or comment on the state of affairs? Or is there nothing to see here... Are people in these positions best not seen nor heard?
  2. No I didn't realize, thats a bummer Anyway play the kids, instead of moving the deckchairs...
  3. Hey, Hey, Hey now, lets not say things we can't take back...
  4. In: Bedford, Jordan, Chandler, Sparrow, Dunkley Out: Doesn't matter
  5. I can top that. Saw a guy in one of the bars in the MCC walk out wearing a GWS beanie and a Gold Coast scarf. And we sit here wondering how a Liberal/National party was returned to office...
  6. We're about as aggressive as our coach's post-match press conferences...
  7. Really should win this one...that's all I've got...
  8. Radical thinking here, Oscar up forward?
  9. I know he is such a threat forward but is it worth persevering with JM in the midfield? After last weeks effort I really think he is the bigger, hardened body we need at the moment and at 27 I think he could very well revel there.
  10. Congrats mate, all the best to Dec, yourself and the family.
  11. We average 56 inside 50s a game and 10 goals per game. So that's one goal per 6 entries... remarkable...
  12. All is not well in the State of Denmark...
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