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  1. Yep, frightening to think how Clarry would be at other clubs.
  2. Not surprising, often seen at our home games after a goal/free kick:
  3. Unfortunately the first thing I thought when he kicked it.
  4. Could be having a semi-retirement up at Surfers Paradise for a few years...
  5. Don't disagree, he's not the only one. Oliver kicked it out on the fall from a free kick with no pressure. And he's going to be on a hell of a lot more money than Lever in a year or two.
  6. I understand your opinion, here's mine: Kelly- going home Ryan- massive flight risk Petrucelle- bog average skills Stocker- hardly played, dury out
  7. Exactly what I was going to say, have a look up the field at the turnovers @binman
  8. Wasn't my point, I'd rather have lever than not, same as Oliver, not everyone is perfect...
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