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  1. Roos comments on players coming back into pre season who didn’t have operations were underdone is very concerning if true . The culture needs to be questioned that making a prelim was enough for them .. I back Roos as I’m sure he has strong contacts with players & no doubt are talking!
  2. Goodwin needs to respond to this as the culture of this club is been questioned along with the leaders & coaching staff
  3. So sad if the culture of the club hasn't changed!
  4. All these comments on the teams fitness/conditioning are you guys working with Mission to know this???
  5. So its the clubs fault that 17 players needed surgery?? Don't disagree on questioning the fitness & conditioning from Mission who FYI is leaving, but I dare say he would have warned the coaches to expect an impact on their readiness for the season.
  6. Hawthorn to send its own 2017 second-round pick to Gold Coast, along with pick No.10 for Jaeger O'Meara. Scully was pick 53
  7. Hogan didn't want to stay & wanted the trade done...dont disagree not looking great now but if a player wants to leave...
  8. Its a lottery @ times....hawks gave up a bit & are taking risks with Omera & Scully & who both come to the club with severe injuries.
  9. Tragic History of disaster continues at the MFC!
  10. Agree with Roos, were has working both ways gone??? Hogan wanted to go back home so not a club decision. Watts he continues to frustrate Port in the same ways & turning up underdone.
  11. Were is David Mission in all this as it appears we have major fitness issues.....
  12. Hogan wanted to go back so his decision Watts well enough said he's struggling at Port Howe been gone now 3 years Kent I agree
  13. They were ok last year in finals bar one game
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