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  1. Will this club ever get a break .. always the injury curse to any decent talented player
  2. It’s all about the Bio-chemistry & wiring eg Roger Federer 38 & still competes at the highest levels making semis in grand slams vs Kyrgios who just doesn’t have the same passion or drive .. no right or wrong
  3. Spot on ..losing his dad & getting a cancer scare would impact most people let alone having to play a professional sport ...
  4. Yep hawks moved on & build a successful profitable club & have won 4 flags... what has the mfc done no home base , financial losses, blown loads of early draft picks & played in 1 Gf in 24 years!
  5. Perts 1st year & records a 1.5mill loss.. PJ implement the pokies exit but not convinced on Pert Whats the long term plan for profitability? I can only imagine the pressure on Goody if we have the same season again! Followed the club for 50years & never a dull moment & always a financial issue. Unlike other bigger clubs eg tigers, hawks, pies when success comes their membership just goes up & sticks with them at the gate even in poor seasons. We are so fickle....
  6. Wish him every success... risky pick 3 for a ruckman & ex basketball player
  7. Not sure here nothing against the Lad hope is great but we have Preuss on a 4 year deal & need pace like Young & we pick another ruck?
  8. For all the great facilities Pies have won 1 flag in 20 years....Not always everything but very critical
  9. Not sure why we have given up pick 8 for 10 & 28 .. sure a pick in the 20s but are we toddling losing a gun at 8?
  10. We train @ a paddock ... whilst pies train on a purpose build ground .. I guess for all their $$ facilities it’s 1 flag in the last 20yrs so you need a lot of things to be right
  11. “It’s 97 per cent skill (in soccer) and the outcome of the game of soccer is determined by skill, very rarely by fitness. The fitness team is never going to win the competition” Perhaps afl clubs focussed too much on the running/fitness ...
  12. Call it Karma But he’s re injured his foot when playing against us! Hope he’s luck changes as he’s suffered a fair bit with the loss of his father & then his own cancer scare!
  13. Drop the bye & week off before the finals...
  14. Playing 24 games will actually increase revenue for all but more importantly will bring more fairer system... play each other once & if your in the 8 you play them either home or away again..so no free ride to the eight... understand that the fixture want be known until round 17 is complete but we have now is hopeless
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