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  1. Saints & Demons continue to have turmoil, sacking of coaches & both hold longest premiership droughts 64&66! Will we ever learn?
  2. Just stating the obvious ... not asking for his lynching ... but need to question everything about this footy club of ours & how easy we have unraveled again...reality is 1 finals appearance in 13 seasons...another false dawn? We have seen plenty of them. We have a softness in that footy club which they can’t rid themselves of!
  3. Goodwin asks supporters to stick by them... I’ve been hearing that line since the 70s... Injuries aside which top teams have had eg tigers are still winning games... our list dissent bat deep enough, vfl base players, game plan exposed & not sure of our leadership as both jones & Viney have hardly set the world on fire!
  4. Sick off hearing good effort ... we are poor footy club with a suspect game plan or players just can execute it!
  5. So after yet another rebuild started by Roos in 2014 & 6 seasons later we are sitting bottom 4. Players like Petracca & Brayshaw have gone backwards, we can't take a mark inside 50 or even contest & the ball just rebounds back. Fed up with the excuses & understand injuries have been tough but good teams find a way. Who will be held accountable for yet another disastrous season & yet the club expects its suffering members to hang in there & watch another rebuild unravel. Its number 3 since 2008 & who knows how many since 64!
  6. Bottom line we have VFL based players who can't kick along with Petracca who's head is over inflated & needs a reality check.
  7. 99.999% of my family & friends have seen a flag in their life! Myself & the my Saints mate will never see one!
  8. Don't Have Forwards who can take marks or hold the ball in, thats why ball coming back at so quickly. How many marks have dogs defenders taken? Forwards not leading well hence our mids are kicking too poor areas.
  9. Players watch & learn how strong leadership helps to win games Coaches watch how playing both ways is done we are bunch of down hill skiers
  10. Whilst great to get behind their teammates after a win, but to talk it up as if they are playing great footy perhaps sums up we’re we are at.
  11. We are poor football club that continues to be so fragile with a lack of mental toughness when it’s needed, driven by poor leadership & culture. Down hill skiers & only want to play one way. Goodwin has unwound defence what Roos instilled. We had 15 goals kicked against a bottom team & have been leaking goals all season. Understand injuries but enough of the excuses as the top sides are faced with injuries & yet find a way! If Macca has done a knee... I reckon the club needs a priest to bless the club & perform an exorcism as we must be cursed with all these injuries
  12. Not sure been asking this question since the 70s...but whats another decade of misery when 5 have already gone....
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