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  1. Perspective in life...well done by the club but even more so by the Baker family in sharing this!
  2. Injury curse continues even our coach is cursed!
  3. When will this club get the footy Gods to shine on them 3 concussions in a game, surely this would have impacted in the last qtr. Umpiring pathetic.
  4. We kicked ourselves to a loss! umpires crucified us! 3 concussions just continues the injury curse & surely didn’t help!
  5. Umpiring a disgrace, Tim Smith incident & the throw in the goal square etc etc Our kicking for goal a disgrace, inside 50s 15 more time & more marks for a poor return!
  6. Convinced club is cursed
  7. When will this club ever find a way to rid itself of pathetic performances!
  8. Poor decision making...eg Stretch defending kicks the ball back into the centre of our defensive 50 FFS.
  9. Players coming back underdone, 17 post season surgeries, Misson resigned mmmmmmmmm
  10. No brainer ... he presented poorly at preseason & now in rehab missing most of first 1/2 of the season .. as a former captain & leader would you not want to prepare & be 100%?? FYI shouldn’t be drinking whilst in rehab .. appears has poor behaviours & we gave up a lot for him. His actions show poor respect for his teammates & the club along with their supporters.
  11. He hasn’t achieved anything or earned any respect for the club .. come back in poor shape, would you not think as a former captain he would be doing everything to be 100% fit???
  12. What an utter disgrace by a former captain .. he’s teammates busted their [censored] winning a game & this [censored] has played one game & come back to preseason unfit!
  13. Great win..... Not sure why our players continue to want to go through the middle of the ground & turnover the ball so poorly, Gawn classic example late in the game up by 10 points play the % & go down the boundary FFS!
  14. Was one training session they should have missed?? Cut to the chase & numbers don’t lie, preseason was a disaster vs 2018 with far fewer completed & by fewer players. This was highlighted by Misson ... https://www.facebook.com/468598989986151/posts/1155711641274879?s=1306114307&v=i&sfns=mo
  15. Hard to know all the facts but you wouldn’t treat the most successful coach of the clubs era in this way ... you back your team mates & this is how u build culture!
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