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  1. The complete dees puzzle when we had the win against weagles in 2017 for the first time in 10 years included a 3rd tall called Pederson- big moments a rampaging J Viney - and Vince and Lewis. Capitalising on our contested work .Brown and a fitter Pruess can help us with this . Finding the smarts / speed of ball movement and skill from the back half is yet to be seen May and Lever are different players although Kennedy didnt play that day
  2. X factor is what we crave - if this works out he could set the G alight ! dare to dream but If This helps us to convince Jack Martin - 10 games out of Bennell Im booking leave for September.
  3. We should have either Pruess or Gawn stationed deep forward to bring it to ground all day . Our bigs and mids will do well . Hopefully we can manufacture enough goals . May will curb kennedy somthing we never have . we are a chance .
  4. 6. N Jones 5. J Viney 4. M Gawn 3. J Hunt 2 . C Petracca 1 C Oliver
  5. We are usually shocking in the wet - Vineys 100th and 2 first gamers will generate some energy. Expecting a 10-12 goal game demons win .
  6. Good luck Mr Hird its time to put the saga to rest . Never forget but move on champ.
  7. Not sure where the goals are coming from this week , No Garlett Hogan has gone melkshem unlikely no Hannan . Captains underdone and doubtful. .
  8. She was incredible in Black swan and is an A lister for a reason . Two worlds collide I reckon the boys would have been puffing their chests out .
  9. He said Hogan would be a huge loss but bringing May in is a good get , so as long as we replace quality with quality . Lewis is the next one Id be focused on a replacement for - incredibley valuable imo . Jetts and Hibbo are here for 4-5 years .
  10. I select is s dud product .the vic gov site is better if choosing gas and electricity. I went through all of my bills/ deals with Iselect and they couldnt better any if the deals id found myself , why? Because they only have certain companies they want to sign you up with , not a genuine ‘choice’ site But thanks for the sponsorship!!
  11. A friend chatted to Paul Roos at the airport , the great man reckoned we dont need to add young talent perhaps a few more experienced players and will win one in 4-5 years , Patience required.
  12. This is a tragedy he was just getting started in life !! Col it was a pleasure to watch you play , your heart beats true , condolences to your friends and family . RIP .
  13. Put him through some training , if he cant tackle due to his knee injuries no way . If he can and wants it Id take him he is more talented than most of our backups. we needs some x factor
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