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  1. Demonland is a very good fan site IMO. The mods do a great job. I find there are many views both positive, negative and neutral that are for the most part people engaging in a way that makes me want to come back and see what people are saying whether I agree with them or not. And chime in from time to time The training reports are great. The insights from people in the know are worth coming here to check out. The game day posts from people having a vent or enjoying our wins adds a lot for me being a Dees supporter in Tasmania. I would far prefer this than watching a game on my own. What I'm trying to say is my post is an example of why I don't think the OP (especially in the thread subject line) is correct.
  2. I'm loving all the decisions and announcements this off-season. At least we don't die wondering!
  3. Happy with this. Best 15 easily so an upgrade on a few other blokes and he can play multiple roles. Makes the team better immediately.
  4. Never forget! * * Can't find it with Titanic theme anymore
  5. Crazy idea but let's wait to see who is captain/co captain next year? I doubt Jones will be one, but I think it's a bit rank to put him in the same subject line as Tex. Tex is one of the biggest sooks going around, look what he said about Lever, made sure he wasn't invited to the B&F, slagged him off for not wanting "success". Yuck. Now he cracks the sads and is a shining light? More yuck. Tex is a [censored].
  6. That ending was as obvious as a Mills and Boon book. [censored]!
  7. As frustrating as it might be, no it's not.* The key question(s), is our list decent and how do we make it work. If it isn't and can't, then we ask another question(s). *It still might be part of the important stuff however.
  8. Sigil

    Gary Pert?

    Not quite sure PJ left him with anything. From my understanding he had nothing to do with the decision about Pert.
  9. I'm a Tasmanian and all for supporting sport down here, but Blundstone is a horrible place to play and watch football, swirly, cold and in the middle of the burbs. Not much better for cricket either.
  10. For the connoisseurs of music in this thread, to fit the theme of our year... Funeralopolis - Electric Wizard* * If you don't know this song don't listen to it.
  11. What a cluster French Connection U.K. Thought I had changed my tip after the selection announcement in my tipping comp, didn't. [censored]!!!!
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