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  1. Pfft. Confirmation bias. A bunch of us are having fun
  2. First point. That's why we aren't getting smashed at the moment. Second Point. It's the bombing in that's the problem. Third Point. If we have a man back and TMac is has two players playing on him..... we have a one on one if we don't do dumb crap. Garlett can't have two players loose if TMac has two defenders playing on him.
  3. Not particularly good viewing... But at least we're defending rather than trying to blast many many goals and lose by heaps. Might mean we win a few more games that we probably should until everyone is fit and firing.
  4. Not quite what I was trying to say. Cheers and apologies. Cheers.
  5. I err on the side of optimism and I think you said you wouldn't panic until we were 5-0, but this is not good mate. I've seen some Monty Python pics today, but if you can be optimistic after today.... I think there are some Black Knight pics coming your way
  6. Open the draft and trade board please.
  7. We're about three rounds too late with 6/6/6. Glad we locked on.
  8. How many times does a good forward get goals on us. How many times does a spud get goals on us. Might not be his best, but he was bloody good tonight and if there is positional coaching that allows him to be that player again... DO THAT!
  9. Probably missing comments (hopefully)... But Frost was very good tonight. When he wasn't playing zone he negated one of the best players of this era.
  10. AFL: *coughs quietly*: Might bring in some new roolz. Dees: *blink* Dees in trade season: Need some ruck, we like moar ruck. Very good, we will ruck. Roost the Preuss! Fans: WTF is this nonsense. Can’t play two Ruckz0rz. Preuss dum, will neva play! AFL: Haha yeah you silleh buggz, we like speed. Very ferarri, much wheel spinz! Dees: We woz gud! AFL: Look at the the 666 format. You are sillehs Dees: Oh sheet, da dood we got in to play with Gawnee didn’t actually play with Gawnee. An’ when he did we were gud. Preuss gr8. AFL: We still h8 u.
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