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  1. What changed with Hardwick, when he was going down the gurgler? Try that.
  2. They have made a change with Jonesey and I hope it keeps going well for the team. 24 disposals today and some really good kicks (and more kicks than handballs).
  3. Sigil

    Sam Weideman

    The Weed is still going to take time, but it's a bit of a worry. Would everyone be so worried tho if we didn't kick the ball over his [censored] head all the time and he was averaging another goal a game this year?
  4. There is still something to work with here. We played much better tempo footy today and honestly should have been nearly ten goals up at one stage. But there is still a messaging and confidence problem, always looking to pass off what should be easy kicks and then shanking them when we do finally take a decent shot and you can almost feel the terror emanating from the player. Look at Trac, when it's instinct, he's great. The instant he thinks, blurgh.
  5. Odd that TMac is leaning left with his kicking today
  6. Not a small forward but Colin Garland kicked eight for the North Hobart Demons yesterday
  7. He was fine on the weekend. Don't put him on the wing, he's still a reasonable kick and wasn't as bad as about 2/3 of our side. We can't get rid of everyone in the off-season and in the right role still offers something. He'll be playing next year.
  8. The idea that it was Freo's injuries wot won it strikes me as odd. If it wasn't for our terrible disposal out of the defensive fifty that gave them goals on a platter we would have been ahead all day.
  9. This bloke pushes the game to the limits, but FMD he's got some skills to go with it.
  10. Other than May and obviously Salem our defenders should be told they are never ever allowed to do anything than kick the ball as far as they absolutely [censored] can. We should have been ahead all day, dumb turnovers cost us and let the stagers cry to the umpires and keep them in the game.
  11. Dumb by Jones, but what was the fifty for?
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